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19 March 2019 Damaris Lewis vs Gemma Atkinson

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Posted by daveknowles on Mar 20, 2019 at 1:31am


And so the girls will meet for a third time, after which the loser will pay homage, and admit the other girl is the better woman.

Who will win? The girl who cannot face defeat!

They arrive in the ring from either side, Gemma in a flimsy pink lace one-piece outfit, Damaris in a white leather bodice and panties, and they are staring into each other’s eyes as the referee gives them their instructions, both silent, neither interested in tapping gloves

Round 1

The atmosphere is charged as the opening bell rings, and both girls go to work immediately, swapping banging head punches straight away, each having their head splashed sideways – and Gemma’s hurt! The blonde took a peach of a right hook, and she’s in trouble already, just like in their last fight, but this time she doesn’t go down, but clinches and hangs on, Damaris banging punches into her body from short range, Gemma recovering though, so that when the referee breaks the girls, she’s able to stab out her left jab into the younger girl’s face, directing it neatly onto her left cheek and eyesocket, Damaris showing that she’s really still a rookie, because she’s not defending at all, just trying to counter punch, confident that she’s stronger, and more powerful than the former champion, who keeps coming forwards, boxing well, on her toes, punishing the model, and it’s Damaris who gets backed into a neutral corner in the closing seconds, Gemma ending the opening round on top, grinning broadly.

Round 2

Gemma shies away from trading punches in the opening seconds, leaving Damaris irritated, and the former champion takes advantage of that, then swatting her with a couple of decent punches, n dipping out of range, covering, then landin g again, boxing well, keeping Damaris guessing, and simply unable to land any of her big punches, Gemma on top again in the second round, not letting the model send any of those cruel hooks into her body to weaken her like she did last time, and she gets through Damaris’s guard with a good right, comes closer to press her backwards, but Damaris is ready for her, and hits her ribs, banging the punches in with her left and her right, and Gemma’s hurt again, gets pegged backwards, then turned, Damaris swinging the blonde to the side and into the ropes, where she lifts her head up with a couple of short right uppercuts, Gemma managing to clinch to run down the clock, but she just can’t take what Damaris has in those thudding punches

Round 3

Damaris has the initiative early in the round this time, and she’s working Gemma around the ring, wearing the older girl out by making her keep running round while she stays in the centre of the ring, occasionally closing in and thumping the blonde with a left or right cross, Gemma getting overpowered at first, but she’s recovering, and starts to work behind that reliable left jab again, doing her best not to involve herself in a trade of punching, because she fell into that trap last time, and learned a painful lesson, although the model’s catching her with her left hook now, a couple to Gemma’s jaw to send her backwards again, then Damaris tucks in with punches to the blonde’s midsection, Gemma grunting as those leather clad fists slam into her body, and she’s forced to drop her guard, after attempting a clinch, a sneering Damaris still attacking her body, though, an arcing left hook to Gemma’s ribs making everyone at ringside wince for her, and Gemma’s face pales as she sags backwards to the ropes, Damaris giving her another left hook to her face, then the bell rings again, Damaris dominant again now

Round 4

Gemma’s clearly in pain as she gets off her stool, and she’s immediately on the wrong end of a couple of solid left hooks to her ribs, then a right to her gut, and she gets bent over, then Damaris straightens her up again with a left and a right uppercut, short, stabbing punches which send the former champion staggering back to the ropes, Damaris not following up though, actually letting Gemma catch her breath, lets her off the ropes, then hits her again, Damaris fists so quick, and she’s decided to work Gemma’s tits over now, banging those big boobies around, Gemma wailing as her famous assets take a horrid pounding – she tries to fight back, but Damaris simply hammers three jabs and a left hook into her face, and the former champion sags at the knees, goes backwards again, Damaris almost casually working the Brit over on the ropes, Gemma unable to stop the punches coming in, Damaris wasting no energy, picking the gaps over and around Gemma’s defensive gloves, her face bruised and swollen from the battering she’s taken, fight fans urging Damaris to knock Gemma out, but she’s in no hurry, clinching Gemma at the bell, “You’re mine, now, b*tch!” and she licks the blonde’s cheek before releasing her, Gemma slumped on her stool, totally outpunched

Round 5

The referee has suggested to Damaris that she stops toying with her prey, but the American laughs, “She wanted this – not me!”, and she’s still laughing when the bell rings again, Gemma unsteady on her feet, her face contorted by swelling and bruising, and she eats a crashing right hook in the opening seconds, Gemma stumbling sideways, again not going down, Damaris still not ready to finish her off, the referee panting, “Knock her out or I’ll stop it!” which has the American shrugging, “You done, b*tch?” which Gemma answers with a grunt, then she unloads again, left to the ribs, right to the ribs - Gemma’s guard has disintegrated – stinging short left uppercut, then another, flowed in with a right hook to the jaw, and Gemma’s finished – spread out and unconscious!

Result: Damaris Lewis knocked out Gemma Atkinson in round 5

That was almost sad, a former champion being totally dominated, humiliated and beaten by such a promising newcomer, and after the fight, Beevers Babes USA spokesperson is in the ring hugging Damaris, Victoria Beckham announces, “As from tonight, Damaris Lewis will join our stable, and Gemma Atkinson will return to the UK to fight under the junior Beevers Babes stable in BBU. We have also signed the exciting Raven Lyn to be our lightweight boxer!”

Raven joins Damaris in the ring, and they parade around it

As they reach Gemma’s corner, Raven drags her off her stool to the centre of the ring, and makes her kneel before Damaris, who barks, “Who is the better woman, b*tch?” Poor Gemma slurs, “You are!” then she drops down and kisses the winners feet



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