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29 March 2019 Ashley Benson vs Elizabeth Henstridge

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Mar 31, 2019 at 1:48am


Ashley Benson versus Elizabeth Henstridge
(Words & Results: Lookout!)


BEFORE: Ashley and Elizabeth haven’t fought yet, but both of them hoping to get back on track after some roller coaster results for them in the recent past. It’s not lost on either one of them that a loss will leave them with questions and a win will propel them forward with renewed momentum. 

“Nothing personal, but of course, Ashley is the weak link in the PLP. Everybody else has won titles and developed rivalries, but Benson is just not impressing anybody. Certainly not me.” Elizabeth says with a smile, “But, of course, I’m not underestimating her and I am looking forward to the contest.” 

“That’s bull…” Ashley says coolly, “My time is coming and it’s going to start today with a win over the weak link of the S.H.I.E.L.D. cast. I mean she’s no Chloe Bennet, but she’s the nerdy one on the show, right?”, nodding to confirm that with somebody in her corner, “Yeah, I’m going to beat up the nerd on the show.” 

Both of them gazing at each other coolly by this point, each accusing them of being the ‘weak link’ of their respective casts as the ref does his best to keep them apart. Ashley is clad in a baby blue sports bra with matching shorts and gloves - hair in a ponytail; Elizabeth in a black sports bra with matching shorts and gloves - hair in a fighting ponytail of her own. 

During R1: Henstridge darting in and out, spiking Benson with several shocking right hands inside the blonde girl’s wider right - Elizabeth putting Ashley wobbly butt with the tough contacts and not paying in response. Benson a little ragged in the middle minute - Henstridge able to go flat footed, palm her right hand against Ashley’s shoulder and snap in that hook - biting the left hard against the temple or ribcage, then jerking the fist back to a tight ready position at Elizabeth’s chest. Down the stretch, Elizabeth mopping up, but Benson drops that right foot back, sways back from a Henstridge right and leans in with a slinging right on the chin - ELIZABETH GOES DOWN! Henstridge’s front foot coming off the canvas - she hops to all fours, badly shaken - Benson steals the round with that lanky-limbed power.

R2: Henstridge not dismayed - she recovers well, goes back to taking the fight to Ashley with spirited in and out attacks. Ashley constantly beaten to punches as Elizabeth leaves her feet to commit to Benson’s chin with little blockbuster right crosses. Once Benson’s hurt, Elizabeth goes back to that stalking, hooking attack - palming up with the right to set for leverage, then biting home the left, bouncing it off the temple and body as Ashley breaks down. Elizabeth very good defensively in the final minute as Benson throws desperate, looping leather - Henstridge getting low, moving her head, evades the incoming.

R3: Sold boxing round from Elizabeth, showing her versatility. She’s out jabbing the taller woman, sticking it in, then bouncing off Benson to the left. Ashley pouting, following she’s loading up but the brunette’s pre-empting her with that stumping jab or whistling right hand on the mouth.

R4: Benson out with wrap-around ferocity in the first minute - Elizabeth light and leggy as she bounces off the ropes runs the ring to avoid any serious contact, Rest of the way is more flat footed tit for tat, Girls feinting, jabbing at midring, each trying to get the other out of position for a payoff right hand, Tactical 4th too close to call - no harm done to either woman.

R5: Elizabeth going to the belly jab, pivoting to her left, looking to break Ashley down again with hooks high on the head, end of the first minute, Elizabeth darts in, shoves her left into Ashley’s tummy, steps out and takes a lashing lick across her forehead as Benson unleashes a sweeping hook, Delayed action as Henstridge crouches, ready to box, then staggers backwards, finally rolling to her butt and back, Elizabeth going from bright-eyed aggressor to dazed beauty in a heartbeat - she’s trembling, trying to push herself up off that left hip, but nothing’s responding.KO5 Ashley Benson as she struts around her victim, relishing the failed efforts to rise as she raises her hands over her head. 

AFTER: Elizabeth in shock, all that momentum gone in an instant as Ashley emerges the victory. Benson beaming, adjusting her top and showing off now as she addresses the press, “A lot of people haven’t believed in me, but thankfully my stable always has. Let me make it clear that there is NO weak link in the PLP and if there is, I’m not it. This is going to be a BIG year for the PLP and I plan to be a BIG part of that. There is no limit to what we can do and taking down Elizabeth is just the start.” But, just to show that there aren’t any genuine hard feelings, Ashley extends a hug to Henstridge and Elizabeth grudgingly accepts. Henstridge demanding a rematch - which she’ll likely receive in the future - but in the meantime, it’s Benson taking a well-deserved victory lap. 



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