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29 March 2019 Danielle Campbell vs Avril Lavigne

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Mar 31, 2019 at 1:32am


Results: Lookout Writing: Archer & Dollhouse
Danielle: 24 YO, 5’3 (1.60 m), 20-9-0, 20 KO since 2014, Pretty Little Punchers
Avril: 34 YO, 5’1.5 (1.56 m), 25-11-0, 25 KO since 2008, The Dollhouse


Before: Avril Lavigne is in a confident mood at the pre-fight press show: “You know I feel kinda bad for Dani. I was feeling pretty down myself after that lucky b*tch Panettiere won against me, but then I totally licked Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis like it was nothing! “ the blonde giggles. “But Dani is not doing so hot these days! She lost her last two fights and I’ll bet she’s desperate for me not to make it three in a row. Guess what BIATCH? You’re going to be my third win in a row and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Normally one more ebullient and cheerful members of the FCBA. Dani Campbell is not happy as she takes the podium:

“I would certainly hate to interrupt your winning streak, Avril, but I am not about to lose a third fight in a row. Olivia Holt and Sarah Carter were bad enough, but I don’t appreciate you and your trash talk.”

“God, stop whining! You seriously lost to Olivia Holt?…yeah, that’s embarrassing.” Avril needles. “After winning tonight I’m coming for that dumb Holt b*tch who thinks she’s SUCH a star….pfff. You’ll see how a real Queen handles that bimbo haha” The Canadian singer laughs, amusing mostly herself.

“Thank you for the advice,” Danielle says sourly, “you remember that when I’ve beaten you into the canvas.”

“Ooo I am SO worried now!” Avril retorted with a scoff. “But actually, kicking your ass is gonna feel so much better now!”

Danielle glares at Avril for a moment, but then turned away muttering under her breath. Avril just smiles and saunters away.

On fight night, Avril comes to the ring with trainer Carmen Electra. Avril wears a black sports bra and short trunks trimmed in pink. Black and pink gloves and boots. Her hair is pulled back in a braid.

Danielle comes to the ring accompanied by trainer Nia Peeples. She is in a black bikini trimmed in gold with black boots and gloves (gold laces). Her hair is in a double pigtail.

Tense ring instructions. Avril is smiling, but this seems to irritate DC. Danielle tries to body up on the smaller Avril. Avril not budging. Referee breaks it up with a warning finger wave in DC’s face. Dani calms down and the ring instructions are completed. Glove tap follows and the fighters get to their corners. DC has a look of determination on her face as she jogs in place., Avril looking cool, but resolute. The bell rings.

R1: Danielle striking hard and fast as the fight gets started. Dani ducking under a Avril right to plant a right uppie into Avril chin. Avril rocked back on her heels. Dani keeping up the pressure as she alternates her shots between Avril’s head and body. Avril struggling to get her jab going as Dani’s leather keeps hammering at her. Still, no panic in the Dollhouse blonde as she puts some distance between herself and the rampaging PLP brunette. Dani pursuit and she finally catches up with Avril, but Avril has her jab working now and keeps DC at bell down to the bell. Danielle wins round wide.

R2: Avril not about to let Dani get the jump on her this round, she is quickly off her stool and right at DC as soon as the bell rings. Dani getting hit hard to the belly as Avril pours in the right and left hooks. Avril has Dani doubled up and retreating backwards, gloves up around her head. Avril working steadily on the body, but Danielle manages to slip away and pulls herself together. Avril now encounters Dani’s jab and tries to bob and weave her way around it, but DC doing a decent job of keeping with her and blocking the incoming. The bell ends the round and Avril has come back with a wide win of her own.

R3: Dani and Avril now both out quickly and start dueling at mid-ring. Back and forth exchange of punches early mainly to the body. Then Dani makes a clever feint to the left and brings a right crashing into Avril’s jaw. Avril stumbling away, trying to stay on her feet as Dani scrambles after her swinging as she comes in. Avril takes bouncing lefts and rights to the head and jabs back desperately trying to slow DC up. Dani keeps up the pressure, but Avril steadies herself and has her defensive counters in good order as the round ends. However Dani has won the round wide.

R4: Avril and Dani go right back at it as the new round begins, but this time Avril comes in swinging hard at Dani’s head. Danielle tries to duck and counter, but takes as ringing shot to the temple that has her knees buckling. Avril drives the dazed DC into the ropes. Dani tries to fight her way clear, but Avril is punching all out to the body to keep Dani pinned against the strands. Finally, Dani clinches to force a break, but Avril goes right back on the attack. Dani again uses a clinch to create a break. Avril resumes the attack and finally has Dani taking a seat on the ropes and huddling there with her face in her gloves. Avril pounds away to the bell. DC is slow to peel herself off the strands and wobbly going back to her stool. Avril smiles slightly and then goes to the DH corner. She has won the round wide.

R5: Avril right back on the attack, but Danielle is showing a lot more footwork in the early going. She is peppering Avril with punches as the older blonde tries to work back in close. Avril presses on, but she is getting smacked up hard to the head as she keeps on coming forward. Avril is working Danielle hard to the ribs and belly this round, but then she tries to force some shots to the jaw through Dani’s high guard. Dani blocking these shots and striking back with the jab. The intensity grows as they now get toe to toe and both are pounding the midsection of the other. Then Dani gets a well=-placed hook into Avril’s gut and she falls back with her legs shaken. Dani leaps after her, but Avril rallies behind her jab. They battle away until the bell rings. It’s a close round as they head for their corners. The judges give it to Danielle Campbell by a narrow margin.

R6: Avril sticking with the pressure tactics as she out with speed from her corner at the bell. Dani is fast, but Avril moves faster and she catches Dani with a driving right that catches DC between the eyes. Dani comes to a stunned halt and Avril swiftly brings a right./left combo crashing into Dani’s vulnerable chin. Danielle shudders and topples onto her side! Avril promptly heads for the neutral corner. Dani stretched out on her side, struggling desperately to rise as the referee starts to count. Dani makes to all fours and then she pushes herself up inch by inch until she is finally standing just the official cries: “NINE!” Danielle steadies herself and assures the referee she can go on. Avril seen to give a slight shrug and head right for DC. Avril feints to the head, but stuffs hooks into Dani’s belly. Dani doubles up and tries to back away, but Avril is banging shots to the sides of her head. Dani tries a desperate counterattack, lunging forward trying to get at Avril’s chin, but Avril brings a right crashing into Dani’s chin AND OUT GOES CAMPBELL! Danielle crashes face-down on the canvas as Avril coolly steps aside and trots to the neutral corner. Dani just lies there, she raises her head and looks around with blank expression on her face.



After: Danielle Campbell has to be assisted from the ring. PLP Spokesperson assures the press and fans: “Dani is recovering. She is very disappointed, but she expects to be back in action soon.”

As for Avril Lavigne, the Dollhouse Queen has some words of her own: “It feels AWESOME to be winning fights back to back. I love kicking ass!” Lavigne giggles as she waves to her fans behind the barricades. “Even a ‘hot young prospect’” - Avril emphasizes her sarcasm with a snort - “like Dani Campbell can’t f*ck with me! Does anybody really think Holt can beat me? Pha-lease b*tch.” Avril ends with a roll of her eyes and a dismissive hand gesture before turning her attention back to the cheering fans.

Exciting back and forth bout. First one fighter and then the other would win a round. However it was Avril Lavigne who was able to get Danielle Campbell down and then finish her off soon after. Win shows Avril can definitely beat younger contenders and the year ahead looks bright for her. Meanwhile Danielle Campbell finds herself in a 3-loss slump, her since 2015 (during her first year in the fed). Such slumps are normal in any lengthy FCBA career, but they are never pleasant especially when it happens to a younger fighter. Fans anxiously await to see what happens with Dani in her coming fights. 



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