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29 March 2019 Ruby Rose vs Laura Vandervoort

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Mar 31, 2019 at 1:27am



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Ruby: 33 YO, 5’7 (1.70 m), 1-1-0, 1 KO since 2018. The Fighting Academy
Laura: 34 YO, 5’6 (1.68 m) 36-34-2, 26 KO since 2007, Foxfire Boxing

Before: “I haven’t been as active in the last couple of years as I had been before,:” concedes Laura Vandervoort, “but I went 3-0 last year. I realize I have become a beach specialist, but I took this fight to keep my hand in regular ring fights. Ruby’s still learning, but from what I’ve seen she’s got talent and she’ll learn a lot fighting me.”

Ruby Rose is cool to Laura’s comments: “I have to admit I am technically a rookie because this is only my third FCBA fight and I split the first two. I would like to say I have a lot of good training at the Academy and I happen to think you learn more by winning than losing. So, yes, I expect to learn a lot from this fight, but it will be because I win. I believe in myself and I that I can win this fight. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

“Every rookie says that. Most of them wind up with a losing record,” Laura says confidently. “I know you think you won’t be one of those fighters, but I am just saying don’t be surprised if it does. I believe in myself, too, and I know I can beat you and I will. That’s a promise, not a brag.”

Ruby looks annoyed: “Sounds like bragging to me. Well, I’m not bothered. You won’t be so full of yourself when I’ve finished knocking the arrogance out of you!”

“Ha! If anyone is arrogant around here it’s you—rook,” Laura snapped.

“No I am not,” Ruby fired back, “but instead of more trash talk—I will let my fists speak for me—has been!”

Laura flushed red in the cheeks at that last remark. She starts towards Ruby, but Foxfire Communications Director Beth Harnois hurries on stage to hastily lead the seething blonde of the platform. Ruby gives her a derisive goodbye wave and then departs the platform herself.

In the ring on Fight Night, Laura V is in a black vinyl one piece with white gloves and boots (black laces), her hair in a ponytail. Ruby Rose is in a white sports bra with short black trunks. Black boots and gloves with white laces. Her short dark hair wetted down. Tense ring instructions, but they are gotten through promptly and shortly both fighters are in their corners. The bell rings…

R1: Ruby Rose comes storming in on Laura Vandervoort firing hard at her head, but Laura V responds with sharp jabs that sting the brunette’s face to bringher to a halt. Then Laura goes to the belly with a series of hooks. Ruby falls back, but then gets her own jab going. Laura’s face now gets smacked hard by vengeful leather from Ruby. Laura fights back with a smacking series of hooks to the belly. Ruby now hammers Laura’s to the belly and the two hard soon trading belly busters. Laura then shifts to driving uppercuts into Ruby’s jaw. Ruby hangs tough at first, but gradually has to give ground. Laura finishes with pounding hooks to the midsection as she edge Ruby out to win the opening round.

R2: Ruby Rose showing plenty of offensive action early has she strikes repeatedly at Laura Vandervoort’s jaw and the side of her head. Laura V trying to counter with the jab to Ruby’s head, but the brunette is moving her upper body quite nicely to evade these shots. Laura eats enough leather to have her face now splotched with reddening and swelling areas and her gloves go up protectively. Ruby smoothly transitions into a strong, muscular series of hooks and raking lefts and rights to the midsection. Laura doubling forward from these blows and then Ruby begins to lift punches up into Laura’s breasts and trying to push shots between the mitts to smite the blonde’s face. Laura’s defensive counters grow fewer and fewer to the bell as Ruby Rose takes the stanza wide.

R3: Laura now the one showing offense as the new round gets started. Laura feints towards Ruby’s head to draw up her guard and then launches a furious attack on Ruby’s ribcage, belly and then straight into her bra cups. Ruby gets knocked back on her heels. She tries to steady herself and strike back, but then Laura swats her hard to the chin with the left and brings a right uppercut to the chin. Ruby falls back on unsteady legs and tries to hold Laura off with the jab. Laura working her way around Ruby, finding gaps in the brunette’s defenses and firing shots to rattle her head. Ruby keeping her distance late as Laura is on the hunt. Ruby able to avoidbeing trapped into a beatdown, but she;s not scoring many points either. Bell sounds. Laura V.has won this one wide.

R4: Ruby responds to Laura’s aggression with more of her own. Laura accepts the challengeand the two of them go at it toe to toe. It’s exciting action to watch their elbows churning in and out like piston rods as they bang each other relentlessly to the body. Laura trying to push Ruby back, but Ruby setting her feet and hammering back hard. Ruby surprises Laura with an overhand right to the forehead that opens a jagged cut that drips blood. Ruby then gets a right into Laura’s cheekbone swiveling her head and splattering Ruby with little blood droplets. :Laura fighting back with a flurry aimed at Ruby’s face. Ruby eating some leather, but then she gets a digging hook into the blondes belly that doubles Laura up with a gurgling gasp. Ruby pushing Laura back with more belly work. Laura fighting back, but keeps giving ground. Bell finally ends the battle. Laura looking gray-faced and shaken as she makes her way back to her corner. Ruby Rose poker-faced but walking firmly to her own corner. Ruby has pulled out a close, hard-fought round.

R5: Laura Vandervoort slow coming out of her corner. She has her gloves up high as Ruby Rise comes in. Ruby flicks some quick ones at the head which are easily blocked by Laura, but the blonde is slow with her answering jabs. Then Ruby heads for the midsection and unleashes a furious shelling of Laura’s belly and ribs. Laura doubling up and shuffling back in distress. Ruby shifts to hard, slamming rights and lefts to the sides of Laura’s. Laura shuddering under these attacks. Then Ruby goes back to the stomach pounding and Laura’s legs start shaking. Laura floundering backwards, her high guard collapsing and Ruby leaps in with a crushing right uppercut into the chin. Laura is thrown back against the ropes. Ruby stuffs a right hook to the belly and DOWN GOES LAURA V! Laura crashes onto her knees and then topples forward stretched out, arms over her head and moaning. Ruby heads for the neutral corner. Referee moves in and starts to count. Laura curling up around her blasted belly, but unable to do much more.

“EIGHT!....NINE!....TEN!....YOU’RE OUT!”


After”: Ruby Rose smiling happily as she walks the ring, waving to her cheering fans. She kater tells the press:

“I thought my first win felt great, but this one feels even better! It confirms I have what it takes to win even against a solid veteran fighter like Laura V. I am so looking forward to my next fight. I know I can become a serious contender if I can keep doing this!”

Laura Vandervoort is, of course, not happy with the result. As she later tells reporters: “Ruby has punching power let me tell you. I can’t remember when body punching did that much damage so quickly. She’s not perfect. I think I could have worn her down, but she didn’t wait for that to happen. You;’ll have to excuse me, I have a date with an ice pack for my abs, they may be hurting for days.”

Interesting fight. It seemed back and forth until Ruby Rose was able to damage Laura V to the body in R4 and then finish her off in the next round. Good job by the rookie who will now hopefully get some additional attention from prospective opponents. Loss has to be considered a disappointment for Laura Vandervoort especially not even making it passed the 5th stanza. No doubt she and her Foxfire management will try to erase the memory of this setback so we expect to see her back in the ring soon and looking for redemption. 



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