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29 March 2019 Luisana Lopilato vs Jessica Alba

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Mar 31, 2019 at 1:17am


Luisana Lopilato versus Jessica Alba

(31, 5’6, 115, 15:5 FCBA, VIXENS)

(37, 5’6, 52:66:4 FCBA, The Fighting Academy)

At the press conference, Luisana shrugging off the controversy regarding her choice of opponent. “I just don’t see what the big deal is. She’s had a ton of fights under her belt and not to mention the fact that she’s a four-time former champion. I don’t anticipate an easy fight tonight.”

Jessica smirking throughout the press conference as well, arms folded across her chest when she finally responds. “Yeah, what am I? Chopped liver? I still got plenty of fight left in me. Luisana wants to test herself against me? I say bring it on.”

Girls actually respectful when they face off at the center podium, fists trained on chins and both continuing to stare into each other’s eyes with confidence. Later in the ring, Luisana dressed in a white clean bikini and red gloves, blonde ponytail hanging out back. Jessica in classic black swimsuit with golden stripes, white gloves on either hand. HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Luisana setting a good pace from the opening minute, bouncing on her feet and moving much more about the ring than Alba. It could be her training in the pre-fight segment or simply a different in stamina between both girls. No one really cares though. What matters is Lopilato smacking her fists into the Alba's face repeatedly, drawing huge looks of horror and shock for the American, who probably expected this fight to be the easiest in her career thus far. No such luck however, especially when Luisana pressures her back into a corner and beats on her frame indiscriminately. Alba not even fighting back, merely covering up best she can and then continues absorbing shots to the body and her sides. Referee separates the girls and resets the action, but it ain't much better for Alba in the final minute as she only manages to catch her breath and pray that Lopilato doesn’t catch her. 

Slightly better performance from Alba's corner as she stakes her line in the sand, especially letting her fists fly once Luisana crosses the threshold. Lopilato using surprising aggression on her part to get herself across this time, but starts meeting a wall of fists fired back into her face as the two ladies simply throwdown in the center of the ring. Mutual grunts emitted from lips as they land some pretty good shots on the face, then Luisana going low to the body with more low-thumping lefts and rights. Alba grimacing as her tummy’s bronzed over, but then fires back with a clean hook across the Vixen’s cheek, sending Lopilato spiraling off to the side. Luisana coming out of that exchange worse for wear, stunned by that last hook, spending the rest of the round just trying to defend herself. But Alba in no hurry to rush forward, poking with her jab and generally trying to keep herself in the winning column.

What Lopilato is finding out the hard way is that she just can’t stand and brawl with the former Bantamweight champion. Alba still hitting hard like the goddess she is, begins repeating the same move that found her success earlier: slamming hooks into the side of the head. Luisana getting rattled good and early, with that first minute wasted when she attempted to fight back to conquer lost ground only to get pushed back and forced into defensive mode. The girls exchange jabs from afar, but both sides are lacking venom. Luisana landing quick hands to the tummy but leaves her face wide open, taking a snap uppercut to the jawline: a last warning from Alba to keep away, and the Vixen does so for the remainder of the round, still unsure of how to crack this tough nut. Could Alba be heading for a final victory here tonight? If so, it’s about bloody time, we say.

Alba starts off the round strong again, swinging hard and fast and dissuading Luisana from trying a third time. And trust us, Lopilato having learnt her lesson the past two rounds, this time refusing to play the American’s game and jabbing at her from afar instead. This switch in strategy begins to turn the tide, with Alba dominating recently but leaving her stamina spent and left to be desired. Luisana scoring from afar with more long jabs to Jessica’s face and nostrils, and they slowly begin to add up one punch at a time. Alba starts to backtrack and bury her head in her arms, and it’s only a cue further for Luisana to make her final move. Vixen still smart and cautious, chasing her foe to the ropes as she rams those hands into any hole she can find, and Alba left red-faced and grunting, bent-over on the ropes when the bell finally rings to save her.

We spoke too soon regarding Alba’s prospects of turning her once-stellar career around. I mean, no one’s mentioned the fact that she hasn’t won a single match since 2014 yet? For someone who was the hottest thing in town at one point in her career, oh my how the mighty have fallen. Luisana repeating her strikes-from-afar strategy in the fifth and it’s clear that Jessica still doesn’t have an answer for it. She’s swinging her hooks almost in desperation at the blonde, hoping to strike gold, but Luisana just too fresh, too eager to allow herself to make a mistake like that. She swerves her torso 360 degrees on its hinges, avoiding the blows easily, before plugging gloves into Alba’s body, face, body, face, over and over. Third such repetition and Alba’s spirit dissolves on impact - a right hook smacks her head to the side and her body rotates along with it - DOWN she goes, face-first into the canvas! Referee takes a quick look and knows that her streak of bad luck is set to continue. He waves her off!

Official Decision: Luisana Lopilato defeats Jessica Alba via KO5! 

Perhaps age is really catching up to the bronzed goddess, as she adds her dismal losing streak to unlucky number 13. She lies flat on her chest, eyes fluttering in pain and mouth sucking in gulps of air, but has not the strength or the willpower to recover so quickly.

Luisana perhaps wondering to herself if this really was an easy win for her here tonight, actually goes over and tries to see if Alba is okay. Obviously, she isn’t, but at least allows herself to be helped into a sitting position. The two ladies exchange some frank and kind words, in what must surely be Luisana encouraging the Fighting Acad starlet not to hang up her gloves just yet. Who knows? Maybe it really is all lip-service at this point?

Lopilato walking away with an important win under her belt - beating a former champion is surely going to paint her in a positive light in the long-run 



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