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29 March 2019 Nina Agdal vs Candice Swanepoel

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Mar 31, 2019 at 12:41am


Nina Agdal vs Candice Swanepoel

(26, 5’9, 121, 17:9 FCBA, VIXENs)

(30, 5’10, 17:31:1 FCBA, Foxfire Boxing)


(Words: Caspian / Results: Lookout!)

“I don’t know what Georgia is on about. I’ve already beat Palvin twice already. I don’t need to prove myself again, least of all to her.” Nina not in a good mood as she starts off her evening against veteran model Candice Swanepoel, choosing to defend her resume on the Lightweight roster, now that Gibbs is in the picture. 

Candice with no such hesitation, gorgeous smile flashing for the cameras as she makes her own entrance into the press hall in a white bikini top and hot denim shorts. “I’m actually looking forward to this fight. Nina and I have not fought before, so we don’t really know what to expect. But we ain’t that far apart, so it’s certainly gonna be interesting,” Candice ending with a smile.

No time for bullshit or other nonsense this time as they pause briefly in the middle of the stage for the camera flashes, then quickly turn and head backstage to make final preparations. 

Later on, Candice shedding her denim shorts in the ring, showing off that white bikini top and red bottoms, hands donning black gloves. Nina coming down the ramp in a black bikini, bunching red gloves over and over, face full of business. HERE we go with ten rounds of Lightweight action!

Candice setting the pace early, pounding that jab to the head and giving Nina some trouble getting close. Agdal not exactly backing away but not exactly attacking either, starts taking shot after shot to the middle of her face and leaving the rest of the arena wondering what the hell she's up to. Head getting knocked back in increasingly stiff shots, and pretty soon it's Head Trainer Steve Boyd who’s pounding the canvas by the side, trying to get his girl to wake up and smell the roses. Final minute and Nina walks out of the way just in time, avoiding Swanepoel's hook and then skirting backwards, and then finally shooting a jab or two into the blonde's lips. But it's not gonna save her from a complete debacle of an opening round. 

Both ladies moving with purpose and with agility, and it’s especially a relief for Nina-fans after seeing their girl get her groove back on. Candice charging straight into the action, but has trouble hitting her marks this time with Nina on form, leading the South African beauty backwards and then punishing her with jabs to the face. Agdal moving those long legs and playing the long game, dancing around Swanepoel's jabs for the first two minutes and even scoring with a heavy hook to the cheek when Candice gets frustrated and slips up. Swanepoel goes stumbling to the side with a grunt, forced to defend herself from more of Nina’s attacks. Before Nina can capitalise however, the bell rings and saves her opponent from complete humiliation. One thing is for sure: this fight is just getting started!

We have a changing of both girls’ guards immediately after the bell rings, staying at a distance and exchanging only intermittent jabs. Neither girl really wants to close the gap and risk another round lost. Nina, upon the urging of her own corner, steps up the attack first, springs in and out with short but effective flurries to the head and body. Candice struggling with this barrage for the first minute, gets herself pushed backwards trying to cover up. But then Swanepoel times a right hook just in time - it smacks into Nina's cheek just as the Danish girl roars in for the third time. Crowd goes wild from the sudden reversal of fortunes, Nina grunting and sudden the one who’s staggering backwards. Candice roaring back into the fight, trying to salvage the first half of this round, squeezes in the jabs to the model’s face and body all the way till the last second. Both girls left panting and equally hurt, but we're guessing Swanepoel's done enough to come out ahead here.

Now that we've got both girls warmed up, they have fewer qualms about punishing each other silly. An impromptu, wild back-and-forth takes place in the opening seconds when the girls meet in the middle, Nina first avoiding an overhand right hand from Candice before burying an uppercut deep into her midsection. Wind blown out of her sails, Candice’s eye bulging as she bends over and gags. Nina follows up with a swing of her own into the face, nicely timed and DOWN the blonde goes, blown by the force of that punch onto all fours, as she lets out a loud GRRRUKK.

KNOCKDOWN for Nina early in this fight as she gets the better of that exchange. Agdal huffing and puffing from above, wants to punish the blonde some more but is held back by the referee. Candice sputtering on her knees but she ain’t done either, folks, crawling to the safety of the ropes and already pulling herself back up. Her fans are right there beside her, lending her support, and the referee hits the count of 8 before she recovers fully.

Still, it’s a shocker in the first minute of the fourth round, and Swanepoel still looking shaken but has to survive another two minutes before she’s in the clear. Nina already locking her stance in and flying forward when the referee rings the bell to resume. Candice moving backwards, predictably, trying to get away from the barrage of punches to come. For the most part, she succeeds, clinching up with Nina and preventing more severe damage from being inflicted till the bell rings again. Round ends firmly in Nina’s corner, but she has to be kicking herself for not closing the deal right here and now.

Candice doing well for someone who’s just gotten herself knocked down, and even more impressive when we remember that she hasn’t fought in the ring for a good while compared to Agdal. She’s controlling Danish advance in the fifth, playing defensive as she parries and blocks Nina’s jabs, then ROCKS the blonde girl right back with punches sent straight down the middle. The cross hands get faster and faster, harder and harder, until Nina can’t take any more punishment herself, stumbling backwards and groaning with her tummy lit on fire. Nina narrowly avoids another right overhand lunge aimed at her temples, but this time is so out of sorts that all she can do is clinch up with her Swanepoel and hope for the best. Model-ready bodies grating and wrestling against each other, each trying to overpower the other girl’s arms, wet with sweat, then plug leather into offensive bodies. Nina actually gaining the advantage in clinch warfare, shoving their pulsing frames backwards, but she honestly looks like she’s just trying to hold onto Candice’s shoulders for support instead of an attack strategy.

It’s Candice’s corner’s turn to push their girl forwards - she’s got a real chance of winning this fight with Nina’s head fully not in the game. Nina going back to her first rounds roots, looking as though she’s back in a daze and not sure how to proceed. Candice however still hesitating in the first minute, hounding the Danish head with jabs but not slicing inwards altogether. Nina as a result catching her breath and firing back into the tummy, stunning Candice briefly. Swanepoel gasps, hugging and lowering her guard, but doesn’t retreat as anticipated. Nina snaps an uppercut into the base of jawline, sending her head upwards, but Swanepoel already mid-swing with a hook that torques the Vixen’s torso to the side when it lands hard! They’re REALLY going at it in there, aren’t they?! Girls end up in each other’s arms for the third time this fight, and now they’re panting on each other’s shoulders, snarling and shoving back-and-forth, at the same time burying their gloves into each other’s bodies in thud thud WHUDD action. Referee separates them at the bell and suffice it to say that neither woman really came out on top here.

Last quarter of this fight and we’ve already gotten more than we’ve bargained for! Girls staggering forward, both eager for the win on their resumes. Nina moving sideways more than towards the front, swaying as her legs begin to fail her. Candice absorbing a couple of her half hearted jabs into her guard, before BLOWING her rival backwards with a last exhalation of a right cross that sails through with all her might. The force of the punch crashes into Nina’s arms, blasting them clear out of the way and sending her reeling backwards. HERE comes Candice, jumping in again, and the third overhand swing is the charm, whamming into Agdal’s head and sending her crashing down onto her chest, not moving! 

Revenge KNOCKDOWN from Swanepoel, who proves that she’s still got what it takes in this division! Nina seen blubbering and crawling to the ropes, her eyes wet and cheeks a crimson shade of red. She’s alive in there, but just barely, struggling to recover what’s left of her pride and dignity, amidst the mad roar of the crowd in the background. Referee doing his job most diligently, passing the count of seven and the poor girl’s still barely off her knees! She doesn’t make it at the end of the crunch! It’s over!!

Official Decision: Candice Swanepoel defeats Nina Agdal via KO7! 

Wow - what a win for Candice Swanepoel, who managed to start strong and end even stronger! It’s an important victory for the South African veteran model, showing off her chops as she raises both arms and celebrates. 

Nina still on her bum, her back to the ropes, chest glistening as she takes in deep breaths of precious air. It wasn’t her night today, least of all when Candice approaches her with that triumphant smirk indicating she wants more in order to seal her victory. Candice grinning down as she helps herself to two fistfuls of hair, tugging Nina back up to her feet. 

Nina attempts to struggle out of her clutches, but is silenced by a fist to her belly FUMP, resulting in her body sagging into Candice’s arms. Swanepoel hissing into her face constantly, berating her for ever thinking that she was the better woman. Only when Nina’s stablemates get involved, with Luisana Lopilato rushing the ring and trying to break up the torture, does Candice scoot and scram herself. 

Lots of thinking required from one girl after this debacle tonight! 



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