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29 March 2019 Anllela Sagra vs Adriana Lima

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Mar 31, 2019 at 12:25am


Anllela Sagra versus Adriana Lima


(Words: O & E / Results: Lookout!)


Before: These two put on a Fight of the Year candidate last year, with Anllela barely eking out a win to take the Ice Hotel away from the three-time Queen. Stakes arguably even higher this time, as both fighters have been high on Lightweight challenger Ambrosio’s wish list.

Sagra enters first, wearing a pink triangle-cut top, bright yellow bottoms, white gloves. Lima favoring an all-black ensemble. Both fighters with hair loose and long down their backs

R1: Anllela right hand at her cheek, left slightly lowered, ready to intercept, but Adriana's not impressed. Lima pressing, hands up, bobbing side to side, introducing herself to Sagra’s jaw with short, rigid lefts and rights out of a high guard. Anllela backing uo, startled as Adriana is able to slip in, get off banging and force the tempo with surprising ease.

R2: Adriana setting up a whip-saw hook with rolling upper body movement, getting firm clouts on Anllela's jaw. Sagra winging lefts and rights wide, but finishing close on Lima, landing drifting body blows herself in slinging trade, even till late--girls turn into simultaneous walloping hooks and Adriana's legs give way. Lima’s hands drooping--she totters back on her heels, minces forward a few steps--she's hurt and Sagra wades in. Slinging, walking barrage: clubbing lefts and rights clobber Adriana to the ropes, Brazilian shipping groggy at the bell.

R3: Anllela meeting Adriana midring, touching her with the jab, closing up with her left shoulder in brunette’s chest, bumping her off and cuffing her a cute left hook forget-me-not. Lima loading up and looping right hands high and left hooks to the body, but Sagra seeing it very well. Anllela rolling and blocking superbly, standing in the pocket, then countering with short, sharp chops to the tanned belly and open mouth of her foe. Both girls very active this round, but Sagra’s connect percentage practically double Lima's - Brazilian getting picked apart by Colombian's precise combinations, frustrated by Anllela's sweet defence. Adriana wobbly-butt as she wanders to her corner at the break.

R4: Adriana over to offence, getting after Anllela all over the ring. Spirited stuff, Lima relentless, jabbing pops in Sagra’s to bump her to ropes, then piling on with lashing lefts and rights. Anllela reaching in to clinch, getting ref's breaks: she doesn't like Adriana's sudden surge in tempo. Wearying retreat for blonde along the aprons: Sagra looking a little shopworn, needing a rest

R5: Anllela with the pancake tackle takes Adriana HARD into the O&E corner: brunette’s right shoulder hitting turnbuckle, head bobbing around. Sagra shoving for separation, then chugging—hard-working blonde beats against hips, ribs, tummy and chest as Lima rights herself at ropes. Anllela leaning in with her head, punishing Adriana downstairs, reddening those washboard abs, wrenching a breathy gasp from her lips. Lima trying to slide-right: Sagra reaches under, bodying former champ deep to ropes, refusing to let Adriana slink away! More tummy taken, then ANLLELA GOES RACK! Wonderful, methodical beatdown issued: Sagra snarling, reaching under, stacking up, going body, going jug, then reaching in to reset, Lima ragdolled, badly worked over through 2 minutes. Down the stretch, Adriana avoids the shutout with groggy heroics off the ropes, trading bombastic lefts and rights as both fighters get their hips into the power punching.

R6: Signs of shabbiness - girls getting a little wild, a little sloppy wrestling each other as legs start to weaken. Crowd pleasing two-way slamming back&forth to breadbasket and ribs, looking to clean up to the chin with clubbing hooks from either side. Midway through - girls brawling recklessly, both scoring, Adriana slapping a right/left off Anllela's body as blonde's hooking off her jab; Sagra following with heavy right hands swivelling Lima’s pretty head. HAMMER AND TONGS each fighter getting buffetted, but lashing back - sensational toe-to-toe slugging punctuated by moments when the girls separate all breathless and seething - then they wade in again, taking turns with ill-advised overhand rights and wide-sweeping lefts. Fighters plugging away like two coeds foxy-boxing for a tee-shirt, not to be #1 contender of the lightweight division. Bell - girls still sailing into each other - ref has to take a stern hand to enforce the break.

R7: Work--that’s the key for Adriana. Lima laying in once again with Sagra, but every punch from the Colombian buys her two in response as Brazilian buries her face in Anllela’s shoulder, moves her hands back and forth underneath. Sagra looking shopworn, mouth breathing, gives ground until she’s seated ropeside--All Lima down the stretch as Sagra can’t get leverage, can’t get off her backside and can’t stop the constant beating to her ribs and chest. Adriana all bright eyed and aggressive at the bell--she’s feeling the blonde give.

R8: Anllela plows right back in, but she’s arm weary: Adriana able to soak the first pumping body blows and shove her blonde back outside. Both fighters grim-faced and hurting: Lima opening up a subtle angle on Sagra, lands a clean right cross Colombian buckles, but refuses to acknowledge the blow, straightens to hook Brazilian’s chin. Girls trade right hands, but Adriana’s is first: Anllela’s sails over top and SAGRA’S HURT! That whipsawing left hook, Anllela suddenly all loose, hands dropping: Adriana swipes a wide timing hook upside blonde’s head to range-in, then drops the pulverizing straight right to the head. Sagra’s head kicks back—mouthpiece shooting straight up into the air and GOES DOWN! Anllela flat on her back, arms outstretched—as KO’d as a girl can be. Adriana’s chest heaving, legs unsteady as she glares down at the glistening brown body. KO8, as Adriana Lima survives a scorching brawl.

After: Hard-hitting brawl leaves neither fighter in condition to give or take tribute. Still, Lima’s position at the top of the lightweight foodchain is secured for now, poised to pounce on whoever ousts her MEWness. Sagra, meanwhile sent reeling with back-to-back losses for the first time in her career. 



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