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29 March 2019 Romee Strijd vs Ireland Baldwin

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Mar 31, 2019 at 12:11am


Welterweights: Romee Strjid #36 vs Ireland Baldwin #66 (result:Lookout/story:simgrrl)
RS: 23yo, 5'11", 125#, 32A-24-34, (6-4-0, 6KO); IB: 23yo, 6'2", 137#, 32C-25-35 (1-2-0, 1KO)
Lioness Club versus Chimera

Before: Dutch darling Strjid out of Zoetermeer, Holland by way of New York City, is off to a fast start in her brief FCBA career; chalking up wins in six of her last eight fights. Her only losses were to Lima and Righetti which was good enough to earn her the #36 spot in Boxing World's welter rankings. 

Baldwin, like Strjid, made her debut in the 2017 "New Blood" Welterweight Tournament where, also like Strjid, she also lost to model Kate Bock. Ireland, the daughter of former FCBA standout Kim Basinger, suffered her other loss earlier this year to Gena Lee Nolin in a bout surrounded by controversy. BLONDE! Magazine protested the matchmaking that fed newbie Baldwin to the woman considered by some to be "the dirtiest fighter in the FCBA" (a title Jenny McCarthy feels isn't justified as she considers herself to be the rightful holder of that honor!)

Soon after the Baldwin-Nolin bout, during which Baldwin did well and had Nolin in trouble several times, she was signed by Chimera - a stable with a few women who've had issues with Nolin over the years! 

Sofia Vergara and Alice Goodwin accompany Baldwin to the ring. Miss Ginny and Ireland's mom Kim Basinger stand applauding her arrival at ringside. Ireland in a white one-piece, long blond hair back in a messy ponytail; white gloves, white shoes. 
Mel Brown and Karolina Kurkova second Strjid who appears wearing pink bra & panties with red gloves and black shoes with red laces. The Lioness Club filling the seats in Strjid's corner gives her a rousing welcome as she and her entourage strut to the ring. 
* * * *
During Rd 1: Baldwin quickly out to engage with Romee, hoping to get on top of her smaller opponent and "drive her into the canvas like a tent peg." Strjid refusing to cooperate, bodying up to Ireland and banging away to the body, pounding the big blonde back onto the turnbuckles in the Chimera corner. Ireland grabbing Romee's head, spinning her around and returning the favor, hammering Romee's body until Strjid clinches forcing the referee to break them apart. Fans whooping and hollering, enjoying the frenetic action in the opening minute of this fight.
Girls at long range firing heavyweight artillery, most of it missing as the two tyros struggle to get their emotions under control. Romee Strjid the first to calm down, circling away to her left behind her jab to catch her breath and calm her nerves. Baldwin chasing, throwing wildly with either hand, her forward momentum walking her into Strjid's punches. Baldwin, at last getting herself under control, backs off and walks away, forcing Romee to reverse direction and follow her. 
Once Baldwin's got her emotions reined in, she begins to pepper Strjid with straight left jabs. Ireland's longer reach paying immediate dividends as Romee's unable to reach Baldwin's body with the taller blondes fist in her face. Ireland dictating the pace as she punches Romee Strjid's face at will with the left jab; continually pressing forward; throwing the occasional right hand whenever Romee tries to slip away to her left. Ireland Baldwin forcing Strjid toward her constantly pumping left.
Closing minute finds Strjid pressing forward, accepting the damage from Baldwin's left for the chance to reach the taller fighters body. Both landing hard shots in the closing minute; each is rocked at times; neither backing off. At the bell, fans give them a rousing cheer but the scorers tilt slightly in favor of Ireland Baldwin who takes the initial round by a narrow margin!

Rd 2: Second round picks up where the first left off with both fighters throwing leather as each tries to wrest control of the fight from her opponent. Ireland Baldwin using her reach advantage to good effect, pumping her left in Romee's face to rock the model back on her heels in the opening minute as Ireland pushes Strjid around the ring like Romee's on roller skates. But Baldwin's fun comes to an abrupt halt, when the Dutch Darling lands a short right hand that stuns the tall blonde and buckles her knees briefly. Romee quickly takes over on offense, hammering Ireland's long, lean, torso with both fists, driving her back up against the ropes. 
Ireland hunched forward, gloves at her face, bent over with her elbows protecting her midsection; Strjid with no thoughts of defense, winging punches with both hands, buffeting Baldwin sideways along the ropes and butt-stuffing her into the Chimera corner! Ireland hanging on up top, arms bear-hugging Romee as she struggles trying to muffle Dutchie's fists. 
Strjid wrestling her way free, stepping back to fire an overhand right to Baldwin's left ear. Ireland, arms extended, pushing Romee back out into the ring, making room for herself to use her long legs to circle behind her jab. Romee Strjid not to be denied, continues to swing away with reckless abandon, landing less than half of her punches, but she's doing all the punching with not much coming back from Baldwin. 
Round reaches its conclusion with Ireland Baldwin with her butt stuffed between the ropes in Lioness Club's corner as Romee's teammates at ringside stand cheering and applauding. At the bell, the crowd is making so much noise the referee has to jump in to part them as they couldn't hear the bell and Romee Strjid wins the second round on points (wide). 

Rd 3: After a frenetic talking-to from Vergara and Goodwin between rounds, Baldwin quickly off her stool at the bell, jumping out to shock Romee with her first punch of the round. Strjid answers with two of her own and they fall in together, trading power shots as before. Unlike the first two rounds, however, Baldwin appears more settled and her punches aren't wild and undisciplined as before. She's patient, timing Strjid and countering the Dutcher's wild swings with short, quick, punches that rock the Dutch model time and again.
After struggling to penetrate Ireland's long-range defense, Strjid changes tactics and ducks low, landing with hooks and uppercutting right hands to Baldwin's lean torso. Body shots hurting Baldwin who is forced to retreat behind the long left jab she's using to punish the Dutch model's gorgeous face. Romee, her nose bloodied, has trouble getting back to Ireland's body without suffering damage and again switches up to try something new. 
Baldwin again pressing her advantage, catching Strjid with left hooks, following up with sweeping right hands to the head that put the smaller Dutch woman in trouble late in the round. Ireland cleaning up to the bell, then strutting away with a shutout to retake the lead after three.

Rd 4: Ireland taking the measure of the Dutch model again to open the fourth using her stiff jab to keep Romee off balance. Strjid continuing to try to slip inside to work the tall blonde's body, but Ireland is able to rebuff her attempts for the most part, but even when Romee manages to fight her way in close and slam her fists into Baldwin's taut abs, Ireland shortens up on her swings and scores to the head; forcing Strjid to back out once more. 
Things change for Romee Strjid in the middle of the round after the Dutch model again gets inside, but this time she connects with a big right uppercut that hurts the tall blonde. Ireland drops her hands as she staggers back and Strjid lunges in to hammer Baldwin with an overhand left that drapes her against the ropes with her left arm dangling limp over the top rope holding her up as she holds her right across her face! 
Romee lowers her shoulders, wedges her head between Ireland's heaving breasts and chug-chug-chugs away, smashing Baldwin's exposed body with both fists with a steady drumbeat rhythm. Ireland folds forward, leaning on Romee's shoulders, arms wrapped around Strjid's shoulders, bear-hugging the shorter blonde with her face trapped in Baldwin's cleavage. Romee twisting and turning her head trying to breathe, nevertheless continues to bash Baldwin's body as Ireland slowly sits back onto the middle rope. The referee finally steps in to give Ireland a STANDING EIGHT and Romee walks back panting to catch her breath while Ireland stands slump shouldered with her arms at her sides as the referee counts. At eight, she lifts her gloves and nods to assure the ref she's good to continue. 
Strjid springs back into action, head-hunting with the left hook, sending Baldwin reeling sideways along the ropes; a straight right slams Ireland's butt back into the Lioness Club corner where Romee chests up to her, making eye contact as she slams three quick punches into Baldwin's bulging top just as the bell rings to end the round. 
Strjid grabs Baldwin and roughly shoves her aside to make room for her stool, then turns and sits to glare at Ireland's firm backside as she stumbles in a daze across the ring to the Chimera corner. Romee's huge round wins her the round (wide) and puts her back in the lead. 

Rd 5: Strjid, building on her good finish in the fifth, continues to dominate Baldwin at the start of the action in the fifth. Baldwin looking a bit gun-shy, backing up whenever Strjid dips low to throw a punch at her middle which has taken on a bright red glow thanks to Romee's attention to it in the fourth. Ireland trying to re-establish her jab with some success, but the few right hands she attempts have yet to find the mark. Romee enjoying success by fighting moving forward while Baldwin struggles fighting in retreat; unable to set her feet before punching, negating her natural power.
Ireland making adjustments on the fly, however, finally finding a solution in her left jab which - once she manages to re-establish it - proves to be the key. Pumping her jab in Romee's face soon brings a renewed flow of blood from Strjid's nostrils and a renewed determination from Baldwin. Ireland again stringing together combinations as she manages to battle back. Both trading at center ring when the bell sounds and each turns away with her arms raised thinking she'd won the round. But when the judges marked their scorecards, it was Romee Strjid who won the round on points (close). Ireland fought back in the latter half of the round and almost overcame Strjid's early advantage, but it wasn't quite enough to overcome the Dutch model's early lead as Romee lengthens her lead after five.

Rd 6: Both women stand before the warning buzzer, knowing the other wants to start the second half of the fight with a "statement round;" Strjid hoping to widen her lead; Baldwin wanting to retake the lead she lost in the last two unsettling rounds. Each lands a crisp right hand then both eat a sharp left in turn as they trade at long range mid-ring. The next two exchanges both go Ireland's way as the long-limbed blonde settles into a rhythm. Strjid forcing the action, fighting her way past Baldwin's piston left jab to attack the taller models torso where a couple of jugg jiggling uppercuts to Ireland's bra bring tears to the big blondes eyes.
Baldwin pushing Romee back by the shoulders, creates space to punch and rocks the Yonky with another right hand, sending Romee reeling backward. Ireland pursues, cracking Strjid with a left hook that buckles her knees! Romee clinching, arms wrapping around Ireland's upper body to tie up her arms as they waltz center ring; the ref slapping at Strjid's gloves while Ireland digs at Romee's flanks.
Ireland with a huge uppercut sends Romee tilting wildly off balance sideways to the ropes. As Strjid rebounds off them, another hard left hook catches her flush on the side of the face! Romee staggered, groping for Ireland, trying to reel her into a clinch... Baldwin pushes her left in Romee's face... once... twice... then a hard right cross sweeps Strjid off her feet and sends her cratering into the mat where Romee Strjid lays face down, starfished at Ireland Baldwin's feet. 
Baldwin steps over Romee's legs and heads to the far corner as the referee moves in, but then waves off the count at "five" when Strjid still hasn't moved and calls her seconds into the ring. The knockout comes at two minutes thirteen seconds as Ireland Baldwin wins by a KO6! 

After: Baldwin back to her corner with a relieved sigh after nailing down her first win with Chimera in the highly competitive FCBA welterweight division. The young blonde's second FCBA victory leaves her just seven shy of her Oscar winning mother's career nine wins...and about 350 behind the all-time FCBA career record of Charlize Theron!

The two women embrace at center ring in a display of good sportsmanship, though later, while each says the requisite good things about her opponent, both admit and say they look forward to the chance to meet again - probably several times over careers which seem destined to be both long and successful. 

For tonight, however, it's Ireland Baldwin who'll be swilling Champagne out of a slipper at some swank downtown club while Romee Strjid is back in the Lioness Club gym working out under the eye of trainers Karolina Kurkova and Mel Brown. 
* * * * 



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