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31 March 2019 Chloe Bennet vs AJ Michalka

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Posted by HBO's Boxing At The Asylum on Apr 1, 2019 at 8:45am



"Sure," says AJ with a smile, "This is a tough assignment. But. This is the FCBA. They're ALL tough assignments."

"This girl is physical and she has plenty of talent," says Chloe with a nod. "She'll beat people. Not ME. But, people."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Walking on Sunshine', but it's not Katrina and the Waves you're hearing, but the lady coming down to the ring right now, the lovely AJ Michalka, star of ABC's 'Schooled'!"

McCarthy: "And that's actually a pretty good song! RARE for one of Weirdo's cards..."

Tess: "SOOOO glad you approve, Mac..."

McCarthy (singing): "I'm walking on sunshinnnneeeee, so shut up Walmarrrrtttttt..."

O'Dell: "Drink up, boys, and drink in AJ Michalka, as she's helped off with the robe to reveal that white bikini we saw the last time she was here. And, that's..."

McCarthy: "Ear-splittingly VILE! Horrible! An assault on my OLFACTION!"

Cassie: "You know, I'm glad Bennet fights on pay-per-view a lot, because, having to listen to Mac whine endlessly about this song every time she's here at Asylum..."

O'Dell: "The song in question is 'Uh Oh', and the singer is, of course, the girl coming to ringside, 'The Next Big Thing', Chloe Bennet, the former Unified Bantamweight Champion..."

Tess: "And, there's no doubt she has her eyes on reclaiming that prize."

O'Dell: "Bennet into the ring and helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve. She's wearing that blue number we've seen before. Ladies are about ready. Time for some picks. Tess likes Bennet. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Typical Dancing Hooker opponent. NO FCBA wins. Bennet."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "It's unanimous. Let's see if our ladies are correct. Michalka aggressive early. She's walking forward behind the jab, looking to get physical with the brunette. Bennet just fine with that. She's holding ground and winging back and WE'VE GOT A FIREFIGHT IN THE FIRST MINUTE!"

McCarthy: "Didn't see THIS coming..."

O'Dell: "AND MICHALKA ROCKS BENNET! Chloe staggered by a right hand and DOWN SHE GOES! AJ Michalka has dropped former champ Chloe Bennet less than two minutes into this fight! AJ to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Chloe to her feet at seven. Referee gives her the mandatory and then waives on AJ..."

Tess: "And Michalka holding nothing back!"

O'Dell: "She is NOT. She's giving it to a reeling Bennet with both hands. Chloe backed to the ropes now. She's taking a TON of fire as the referee looks in. Brunette in a tight guard, rolling with, jabbing back here and there. Ten seconds to go. GOOD right from AJ and there's the bell. What a start for the blonde!"

Cassie: "Couldn't have gone much better."


O'Dell: "Michalka all OVER Chloe as we start the second. Blonde clearly knows she has a huge opportunity here, and she's not trying to let it get away. Bennet in retreat, still wobbly. She's keeping the hands high, giving ground, countering here and there, but mostly taking from a locked in AJ..."

Cassie: "This is the thing about boxing, especially at the FCBA level. There are NO sure things. If a girl has power, and she catches you..."

O'Dell: "And Michalka caught Bennet CLEAN. A lot of girls wouldn't still be fighting here. But, that could change any second the way AJ is manhandling the brunette around this ring. Michalka backs Bennet to the ropes and begins banging away to head and body."

Tess: "Referee going to watch this very closely."

O'Dell: "Definitely is, because the brunette is looking ready to go. Chloe still firing back here and there, doing just enough to keep the ref from stopping this thing. But, it's Michalka who's absolutely dominating the proceedings right to the bell. Shutout for AJ in the second."

McCarthy: "And, she's up 20-17 after two."


O'Dell: "AJ continuing to control the fight as we start the third. Chloe STILL looking worse for the wear from that BLISTERING right hand in the first. Ever since, it's been all blonde all the time. Michalka sitting down on everything, THUMPING Bennet to both head and body..."

Cassie: "Aly's always saying that AJ has just as much talent as SHE does. And, from what I'm seeing right now..."

O'Dell: "And, keep in mind, Aly's a former bantamweight champion. Of course, so is Bennet, and, at the moment, AJ is giving her an absolute THRASHING. We're about half way through the third, and Michalka continuing to get physical, continuing to control things."

McCarthy: "And, this punishment is going to keep piling up on Bennet. Might just be a matter of time for Michalka."

O'Dell: "Speaking of time, we're into the final thirty seconds of the round. AJ a good combination. Chloe fires back and lands a good right hand in there. Best punch she's landed in quite some time. Ten seconds left. One final exchange and there's the bell. It's Michalka. Wide."

Tess: "And, AJ's got a commanding 30-26 lead."


O'Dell: "Fourth underway and Michalka aggressively at Bennet again. Chloe holding ground now and firing back and we're going HAMMER AND TONGS in the middle of the ring! Blonde and brunette trading absolute BOMBS right now and the crowd going NUTS while they do it!"

McCarthy: "Michalka needs to be careful here! She's got the big lead. Don't blow it now!"

O'Dell: "Neither fighter willing to take a step back, though. It's all about imposing will, and nobody willing to be imposed on. GOOD right from AJ and a GOOD right from Chloe in response. Michalka now digs some body and Bennet counters by banging some ribs herself. Ladies tie up and the ref going to break them."

Tess: "Bennet clearly has the legs back now. But AJ not going to back down to her."

O'Dell: "Coming down the stretch. Work rate has slowed some, but still no one giving an inch as they bang away at the center of the ring. SHARP exchange right there sent sweat flying and there's the bell! What a round that was. Close. Bennet, but very, very close."

Cassie: "And, Chloe's on the board, but still down 39-36."


O'Dell: "Both ladies aggressive again as we start the fifth. Chloe stepping to and AJ not giving any ground at all. No doubt Chloe has to come after AJ now, with that big deficit she faces on the cards, and Michalka IS HURT! Bennet with a BLISTERING right hook and AJ's legs went rubber!"

Cassie: "Not sure how she's STANDING after that!"

O'Dell: "No idea, but Chloe trying to fix that little problem. She's POURING fire at the blonde, who's steppin' in fence post holes as the former champion wings flurry after flurry of leather at her. Michalka backed to the ropes, guard high. Bennet working body now and in a BIG way..."

McCarthy: "Needs to go upstairs more. She's got to take advantage now, try to end this. A REAL trainer would tell her that!"

O'Dell: "Bennet up, down, back up, just PUNISHING the blonde, trying to take her out of there. AJ hanging on, taking a page from the brunette's book and doing JUST enough countering to keep the referee from stopping this thing. Five seconds to go. GOOD right from Chloe and there's the bell. Bennet. Shutout."

Tess: "But, Michalka's still on her feet and still up 48-46."


O'Dell: "Chloe on a seek and destroy mission as we start the second half. Bennet all OVER AJ, who's still clearly wobbly from the last round. Michalka playing defense, giving ground, tying up when she can. Blonde just wants to run some clock and get those legs back."

Cassie: "And, Chloe does not intend to allow that."

O'Dell: "Most definitely does NOT. Bennet HAMMERING away with both hands, backing the blonde up again and again. AJ countering here and there, but mostly staying on defense. Chloe going body now and then DROPPING MICHALKA WITH A RIGHT HAND TO THE CHIN!"

Tess: "And that might do it..."

O'Dell: "Bennet quickly to a neutral corner. AJ down on her right side, not moving at all. Referee's count at three. Four. Five. Michalka may be out. Six. Seven. Eight. Still no movement from the blonde. Nine. TEN! It's OVER! And your winner by KO6 is 'The Next Big Thing', Chloe Bennet!"

McCarthy: "Nothing lucky about THAT punch."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Chloe Bennet, and, Chloe, that was a heck of a fight."

Chloe (nodding): "No doubt about it. I fought her sister, and, the only difference there is experience. If this girl gets regular work, she can be a champion like Aly."

Tess: "She had you in trouble, but, you found a way out."

Chloe (smiling): "Yeah. This isn't the first time I've had to do that. Though my manager keeps telling me I need to not PRACTICE it so often." 



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