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4 April 2019 Brooklyn Decker vs Bridget Regan

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Posted by Vassago on Apr 4, 2019 at 5:38pm


Brooklyn Decker vs Bridget Regan
(Lioness Club of America vs Bazz Fight Club)
(40-15, 29 KO vs 26-17-1, 23 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: "They say Bridget is no longer the fighter she used to be. Well, she's still a top brand in my book!", Brooklyn Decker tries to fight back some reporters accusing her of going after a low-hanging fruit tonight. "My former boss used to think very highly of her as well, so much she never got the usual treatment at the Asylum because she was never there!" (laughs).

Meanwhile Regan doesn't share the joyful mood at the press confidence after winning just two of the past eight fights: "Look, I know what's going on in the league right now. And losing to a lightweight Kendall Jenner was tough but now Kendall's right up there with Kate Upton in the P4P talk... sure, it was fun when Big Regs and myself ruled the world but time flies by... yes, I know Regs is still the champ, what can I say, Decker is my fast lane to the welter title again... anyone who rules me out should think twice about it!"

We are LIVE inside The Forum in Inglewood, California and home state girl Regan enjoys a rampant support against the Ohio blonde which leaves some experts to question why did Decker travel to the West Coast for this dangerous match-up in first place? Is she really that confident of success despite going down to Jennifer Lawrence last time out?

Brooklyn Decker wears an orange bandeau bikini & black gloves. Long blonde hair wrapped in a loose bun at the back of her head. Bridget Regan wears a black cut-off crop top, red hotpants & red gloves. Long dark brown hair wrapped in a similar bun. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the welterweight division.

Round 1: 
Both women are well aware of the one-punch destruction system present and this knowledge turns the opening round into a back & forth cagey affair where single punches make little impression on either of them and while Bridget appears to become more committed as time goes by, she struggles to slice the blonde's guard and gets clinched in the process. Decker tries to slip through with some pesky shots on the ribcage but doesn't throw the brunette off her balance at all so there's minimal action down the stretch just so the fans inside The Forum can really settle in their seats before something meaningful happens.

Round 2:
Brooklyn quickly gets off the mark in the second though, she divebombs Bridgy straight on the chin and wobbles the older woman with a piercing hook on the temple. Ugh! Regan still responds off her heels and tags the model's nose which triggers a dangerous exchange given the power supply available. However most of the punches catch the forearms as well as top of the shoulders as both women show a nice balance and avoid the one-punch menace until Brooklyn switches low and punishes Bridgy's ribcage come the final minute. The sudden barrage catches Regan out and drops her onto the ropes where she misfires with her reply and has to soak up more strikes to the body which leave her gasping for air at the bell.

Round 3:
Decker's no speed demon across the boards but she still finds enough sling to beat Regan for more body punches as both women square off in the center of the ring. Bridget gets vocal as she tries to smack the blonde on the chin outright but she skims off the target and bends awkwardly to the side when the Ohio girl bangs a nasty double around the liver area. Brooklyn adds to her advantage by bumping the brunette in classic JMD jug-to-jug contact before she riffles a left hook on the jaw to send her foe spinning back onto the ropes. Bridget tries to escape amid some loud yelps but just doesn't have the agility required and GETS FLOORED WITH A LEFT HOOK ON THE EYE that just about confirms Brooklyn's power-hitting status! Huh! Regan displays little confidence even when she gets up at eight and remains trapped on the ropes only for the bell to save her pride as Decker simply runs out of time to finish her off!

Round 4:
Regan in checkdown mode which is such a far cry from her glory days that even Decker looks shocked and needs some time to embrace the chasing script. She still digs a quick series upstairs but struggles to connect with the previously successful body shots and has to avoid a desperate aerial swing that almost nails her on the nose. Bridget switches into a wounded animal mode but becomes erratic and Decker weaves her way into a steady mid-range response which gives her the artistic impression but prevents from blowing Regan out of the water. Both women trade head shots with the brunette backed into the ropes but precision goes away wholesale and the round ends in a crowd-annoying stalemate.

Round 5:
Decker has pulled clear on the scorecards and tries to manage the action a little more; she teases the older woman into some action and endures a rough awakening when the seemingly toothless Regan NAILS her on the nose with a vicious cross before tearing it up downstairs! Huh! That's the first meaningful below the jugs attack from Bridy all night and she glues the blonde onto the spot while pounding away in do or die fashion. Brooklyn tries to swing back but lacks the proper touch from her heels and bolts to the ropes where Bridget keeps plugging along the ribcage to force a clinching reaction from the visibly upset model. Decker almost lands a proper knee on the groin in there but Regan proves that little stronger and scythes her foe across the lips to rally into a commanding position only for the bell to interrupt her recovery.

Round 6:
Bridget lands more crisp shots downstairs to neutralize Brooklyn in the center of the ring as the Ohio model begins to seek a one-punch response but fais to connect with her targets. Meanwhile Regan piles more juice up the middle and even gives the blonde a classic JMD treatment almost by accident before she wrestles her onto the ropes as Brooklyn trips back from the eye-to-eye stance. She misses from the back foot repeatedly and has Bridget picking her off instead which gives the Inglewood crowd something to cheer about. However the haymaker everyone wants to see land on Decker's face remains MIA and the brunette gasses out late in the going which enables the visibly frustrated model to clinch her into safety.

Round 7:
Both women storm out of their corner and a right-on-right exchange finally cripples one of them as a loud shriek silences The Forum and you know what that means! Decker strikes gold as she bursts Regan's nostrils into a seeping mess before a left hook tags the temple and sends the Bazz amazon tripping over her own heels... Brooklyn sets the next punch up and she just can't miss with Regan's gloves down by her breasts... IN GOES THE HOOK ON THE NOSE that sends Bridgy cartwheeling onto the canvas WWE-style! Ugh! The ref doesn't even bother with the count! KO7 Brooklyn Decker!!!

AFTER: Brooks is back in style after the J-Law disaster and shouts back at the stunned audience which expected a swift elite comeback from the San Diego native. Well, that didn't go according to plan! Brooklyn checks down on the fallen brunette who's left spread eagle in the center of the ring and shows no signs of gathering her whereabouts anytime soon! Talk about getting SMOKED!!!

Brooklyn quickly struts back to the LCA corner and feels a little ashamed she nailed Regan this good since all the post-fight fun must be defaulted now: "Man, let's hope Bridgy doesn't like retire now! But she's done as a serious contender! Might as well join Sarah Lancaster or other washed-up former champs in the Happy Valley retreat. Because her elite days are OVER! Btw, what's Charlize doing these days?" (winks).

Official Result: Brooklyn Decker def. Bridget Regan KO7. 



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