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7 April 2019 Katheryn Winnick vs Margot Robbie

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Posted by The Dollhouse on Apr 8, 2019 at 4:50am


Katheryn Winnick
(41, 5’4, 120 lbs, 20:5 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Margot Robbie

(28, 5’6, 128 lbs, 22:16 FCBA, Chimera)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

“Did you guys know I’ve been waiting for this fight ever since I signed with the Dollhouse?” Winnick says as she leans forward into the microphone early. “Been training for and thinking about this fight for a LONG time, so I’m very excited it’s finally happening. I want to thank Margot for accepting my challenge - I love her as an actress, and we all know she’s a top-tier fighter in this division. But I think I deserve to be up there in the top 10 as well, and tonight is my opportunity to prove it. I’m expecting an uphill battle - who wouldn’t, when I’m already giving up two inches and thirteen years? But you know me by now. I think I’ve proven that I can beat pretty much anyone, and I WILL beat Margot Robbie tonight.”

One truth in all those words is that we do believe Ms Winnick, who’s one of the classiest blondes to grace the ring and a woman of honour when it comes to backing her words up amongst the rest of her stablemates. She eyes Margot at the other end of the table, now more than ever before coming in as equals in most respects, no longer a rookie vying for the attention of the big girls. Margot acknowledging as much in her own segment, flashing Katheryn plenty of smiles and accolades of her own.

“I am very much an equal fan on Katheryn when it comes to her ring-work. Sure, she may not have starred in as many big budget projects as I have, but her climb to the very top has been a treat to watch on its own. Curiously enough, my team has also been mentally preparing me for an uphill battle tonight, so when I say ‘May the best woman win’, Kat, you can be sure that I truly mean it!”

Face off at the podium is calm, sexy, and plenty professional, with both big blondes meeting in the middle of the stage, smiling and shaking hands, before waving excitedly for the cameras as they head back for their final preparations. They may be acting friendly to each other right now, but these two have a proven track record as well for being ferocious fighters once they climb into the ring.

Later, the arena lights dim and it’s Margot Robbie who emerges first, accompanied by Chimera chairwoman Stephanie McMahon and an entourage of Chimera personnel. Margot is wearing a black leather suit zipped down the front, showing off plenty of skin, with her long blonde hair tied into a neat ponytail out back. Robbie being the big star that she is, is drawing volumes of noise fit for a home Doll and seems like she alone sold a LOT of tickets here tonight! Finally inside the ring, the blonde takes off her suit to reveal a black sports bra and dark grey ankle-length tights, with matching black boxing gloves.

Katheryn out next in her usual battle outfit – a white and black sports bra and tights with matching gloves, hair in a messy high ponytail. The Dollhouse star is generating at least as much noise as her opponent did and she’s waving to the cheers of her fans as she jogs down the runway, followed by Carmen Electra and Dollhouse crew. 

With both ladies in the ring making some last minute preprations and the fans buzzing with antipication, we’re set to rumble for these ten rounds of Bantamweight action. There’s the referee’s wave of the hand, and HERE we go!

Winnick calm and calculated as usual to start off this fight’s festivities, always more of a defensive fighter in her time spent in the ring so far. While that may be the case, Margot also known for her cunning and measured attacks, and both women end up sharing the verdict for packing enough power behind both their swings to down an elephant. Margot testing the waters early by advancing onwards, jab-jab-hook combos being flung and flicked in Kat’s direction, but they’re rarely landing as Winnick keeps herself out of range for the most part. Not much action throughout these opening minutes, but when there is, it explodes forward from Kat’s corner, the Canadian exploiting Margot’s misses with some precise shots of her own sent into the face from afar, damaging both her pride and whittling away at Aussie girl’s resolve. Round 1 goes to Kat Winnick for her poise and control, overall!

Margot persisting, that reddened cheek of hers having taken some abuse in the previous round, now flaring redder with vengeance on her mind. Sooner or later she’ll catch up to Kat, right? Winnick having to move her feet even faster, wilder, to avoid more quantity AND quality shots coming from Robbie, the Australian celebrity just more focused this time on scoring those deliberate punches into the body and middle of her forearms. Not looking as rosy for Kat here as she again absorbs another powerful straight hand right into the center of her guard, stunning her long enough for Margot’s follow-up jabs to land all over the head. Robbie’s jab like getting hit by a Flyweight hook, so Katheryn’s immediately feeling the effects and forced to back away, just like that giving up ground. The Chimera wonder taking the second round for herself, in great back-and-forth action that we’re anticipating for the rest of these eight rounds as well, to be honest!

Winnick not liking it one bit that she got caught careless the last time, and if we know the Doll’s mindset, she’s gonna force herself to turtle up even more to prevent an all-out, messy brawl in the middle. Not that we’d complain if it comes down to that, of course. Margot still coming straight at her like a human dynamo churning out electric punches, and if a couple of them actually land again on Winnick’s frame, she might just get stunned into further paralysis. Katheryn defending herself instead by hiding face behind those arms, but her body getting plundered with more and more shots landing from Margot, who pounds away gleefully any opportunity she gets. Winnick suddenly exploding out of her own cover - what’s this?? She looks like she wants to throwdown with Robbie in the middle! Instead, gets BLASTED with a hook to the face, before another uppercut takes her head snap off before Kat Winnick CRUMPLES down to canvas!

OUCH!! The Dollhouse corner certainly did NOT like that! Not the best moment as well with Winnick lying groaning on all fours, whereas Margot smirking as she throws one hand high in the air nodding confidently to the her ecstatic fans. KNOCKDOWN in early fashion for the Australian starlet! But the referee is sympathetic, counting the Doll out one slow second at a time as she forces herself back up with a loud grunt, and recovers by 7. Not a great sign for the future, but at least Winnick’s still standing at the end of these three minutes!

Robbie not at all surprised either when her opponent got back up in the third - she wouldn’t have expected anything less from someone like Winnick, who’s surely beginning to get her own championship ambitions this late in the Bantamweight game. In fact, Robbie playing it safe in the fourth, not anticipating that she’ll get another lucky shot like that one another time, and so quickly after flooring the Doll on her own turf. Whether it’s the correct strategy or not, Katheryn certainly not caring, taking the fight back to her foe as though that knockdown in round 3 didn’t even happen. Margot shocked by her sudden attack and speed, has to cover up fast as the fists start flying at her face and body immediately. She’s battered for a good one minute backwards, struggling to get out of the pocket, but it’s only when she begins swinging hooks back does Winnick slow down and not give chase. Some good counter-insurgency tactics right there from the Doll, who used the opportunity to show everyone that she ain’t gonna go down so easily, without a fight.

Her point made further in the fifth when Margot goes back into tank-rush mode, only to meet stiff resistance early on. Katheryn already predicting that she’d try and rush forward and dominate, holds her own with some shocking blows to the arms absorbed well, and then a swinging right lands hard into Margot’s body, blunting her advance. Both girls trading leather back and forth in the center ring, loud hooks accompanied by even louder grunts as they brutalise each other and then go upwards to try and finish off with swings to the guard. But it’s Robbie who takes the worst of the abuse, concentrating on firing away below and leaving her own face exposed to another clean shot to the side that SWIVELS her head around hard. ANOTHER one lands flush on the cheek and SENDS HER DOWN to the canvas on all fours, heaving hard and eyes in shock! 

KNOCKDOWN right back for Kat Winnick, who displays her own set of power tools in the shed! The Doll hovering over her foe, still balancing in mid-swing and breathing hard, before the crowd’s reaction brings a big smile to her face at her accomplishment. Margot alive however, and crawling to the ropes, eyes teary as she fights back the throbbing pain in her jawline. She makes it up to her feet just after the referee shouts ‘8’, and the fight is continuing into the second half, with already two knockdowns total! What more can we expect from the last five rounds??

Girls spend the sixth catching their breaths, with Margot overly cautious once the bell rings, thinking that Kat might charge her to try and finish her off. But Winnick also thinking about the long-term plan, circling to either side instead and biding her moment for a big finish. Girls trade jabs from afar, and only when either woman gets inside too close. Katheryn seems content on hitting the body, drawing sharp gasps from Margot’s lips, and more retaliatory blows in general to the face and chest. Smartly, Robbie focusing on hitting the the head if possible, hoping to disorientate Winnick enough to end things right here and now. But… neither of those outcomes happen, and the round ends with both of them staring at each other from across the ring, with plenty of respect.

Upon the urging of their own corners, the two women start taking more risks simultaneously, coming forward early and then acting all surprised when they end up in each other’s faces too early. Wild brawl emerges in the first minute like before, taking turns swinging as hard as they can muster, whether it’s leather banging into the arms or smacking into the tummy. Margot with a painful look in her eyes as another hard hook catches her on the cheek, but instead of backing down, she ducks low and wraps her arms forward, forcing Kat into a loose clinch in the center, where the two blondes begin pushing and shoving in each other’s arms. Katheryn trying to get out of the hold, specifically so that she can continue punching the Australian girl’s face in, but also to stop Robbie from taking swipes at her body down under, and more random digs of leather into her ribs. But she finally gets her wish when Margot loosens the hold on her back slightly, just enough for a well-timed hook to again SHOCK the Chimera girl in from the side of the face. Abject look of stunned horror as Robbie’s lips mouth open, wordless, along with both her eyes blinking rapidly, powerless to stop ANOTHER uppercut from shutting that jawline clean shut, and sending her flying off her feet and DOWN onto her back! 

It’s the third knockdown of the evening and the second one from Kat Winnick! Could this be it?? Margot certainly doesn’t look all that keen on getting back up this time, head rolling from side to side as her arms flail about uselessly above her chest. Katheryn moving to neutral corner, breathing hard, never looking as confident or calm as before. Referee’s counting by Margot’s side seems to have done some magic, and the actress is slowly starting to clambour up, one second and one foot at a time.. Good lord, do these two really not give up?!

Margot makes it back up in the-nick-of-time-nine, and has the ropes to thank for her miraculous recovery, still clinging onto the top layer with both fingers firmly grasped onto the string and not letting go, mouth open and sucking in air, her spent body just pulsing in and out from the exertion. Can she honestly survive another two minutes? 

Katheryn not waiting around to find out, quickly switching gears into offensive mode, and this time throwing caution to the wind by charging straight towards her opponent for once. Margot bracing herself as she watches the freight train bearing down on her from afar, but is almost powerless to stop it as she barely raises her guard in time before it’s knocked clean and out of the way. Guttural GASPS explode from her lips as Kat just goes to town on her wiry frame: heavy, thudding blows landing on either side of her body, before her upper torso thrown left, then right, from hooks sent high into the side of the head. Very soon, the referee has seen MORE than enough evidence that Robbie ain’t gonna survive this for another minute, let alone three rounds, JUMPS in and declares this fight all wrapped up!

Official Decision: Katheryn Winnick defeats Margot Robbie via TKO7! 

A modest celebration from Kat Winnick who takes her time here regaining her breath before grinning like a little kid as she raises one hand above her head and circles the ring blowing kisses to the fans. And her fans certainly approve, as they cheer and roar once the referee lifts her arm high into the air to make the decision final. She’s beaten a dangerous top tier opponent tonight, just proving that all her efforts to make it up to this point have definitely paid off. Kat not relaxing that big smile on her face, and it seems like the Canadian is very relieved at overcoming someone much younger than her who’s a top 10 fighter to boot. 

After the initial rush, she walks over to help Margot up to her feet, their foreheads touching briefly as she whispers additional words of gratitude and encouragement into the Aussie’s face, before sharing a hug for the cameras.

Later, Katheryn’s still smiling widely as she speaks to reporters on her way out of the ring. 

“Huge…it’s huge. I’ve waited for this fight since my first day here…and I couldn’t be happier. Margot has a bright future ahead of her, she’s only 28. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her wearing the belt in the future. She’s tough. But I was the better fighter tonight……am I top 10 yet?” she laughs, winking at the cameras before hopping out of the ring and waving goodbye to her many fans in the arena as she heads backstage. 



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