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10 April 2019 Cassidy Freeman vs Charlotte Flair

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Posted by Girls Friday on Apr 10, 2019 at 4:08pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Lioness Club of America vs Free Agent)

Tonight the Boardwalk Hall in New Jersey sees actress Cassidy Freeman take on WWE wrestler Charlotte Flair in a clash of top welterweights.

Cassidy is 36 years old; she stands 5'8 and holds a record of 27 wins, 23 by knockout, 18 defeats with 1 draw, she is a former FCBA welterweight champion.

Charlotte is 32 years old; she stands 5'10 and holds an unbeaten record of 7 wins, all of those by way of knockout.

This is seen as a major step up in competition for Charlotte, with Cassidy being her first top 10 opponent since debuting in 2017.

In the build up both fighters were asked for an opinion on the fight, Cassidy was up first as she told reporters "of course physically Charlotte is impressive, she definitely works out" winking as she is about to head into the stable gym.

"I'm not going to talk down wrestling but I will point out that what I am going to give her is definitely real, I was a champion for a reason and Charlotte will be feeling that real soon" adds Cassidy as she looks full of confidence.

While Charlotte finishes her workout before she talks to the press, still wearing her sponsored "Tapout" gear as she comes in front of the cameras.

"Me and Ronda (Rousey) was personal last month, I proved that this beast that everyone saw with her was nothing but a bytch" says Charlotte as she wipes sweat from her brow.

"Cassidy is all business for me; I respect what she has done in the ring, once the bell rings I will be in machine mode, she'll learn like they all do that I am for real in that ring" Charlotte finishes by flexing her toned arms to prove her point.

Fight night; Cassidy is out first with coach Claudia Schiffer beside her, she looks relaxed as she heads down to the ring with a smile on her face as she eyes the ring.

She is wearing a black sports bra, black trunks with a red waistband saying "Freeman" on it in white, red gloves, red shoes and her red hair is in a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Cassidy bows to the crowd before she heads to her corner to warm up, Claudia telling her fighter to show Charlotte what being elite means.

Now out comes Charlotte with her coach behind her, she is wearing a baby blue coloured robe with feathers, strutting down to the ring in the manner fitting of the Queen nickname she has.

Her coach helps take off the robe to reveal she is wearing a baby blue sports bra with silver trim, baby blue trunks with small diamond like patterns on, blue shoes, while her blonde hair is braided.

After doing her famous front headstand flip outside the ring, she slides into the ring to her corner where she gets her blue gloves on, she limbers up to be ready.

The fighters come to the ring center; where they engage in an intense stare down, neither looks like they are willing to give up an inch to the other tonight.

They bang their gloves when asked to touch by the referee, returning to their corners ready to begin 10 rounds of welterweight action.

Round 1:
"Ding" as the bell rings Charlotte is looking to establish her reach advantage early with the jab, popping Cassidy in the top of her head to keep her on the outside.

Cassidy though slips under a jab to land a counter right to the body, just missing with an overhand left as Charlotte leans out the way.

But it looks like another slow start for Charlotte as Cassidy comes at her, the wrestler is being knocked around the outside of the ring by straight shots.

Charlotte does manage to land a sweet two punch combo that knocks Cassidy's head back, when she goes to build off it though she misses with a wild right hook.

Leading to Freeman countering with an uppercut that pushes Flair back a step, the redhead is quick to bully the blonde onto the ropes with piston like body shots.

The fighters slug it out as Charlotte tries to battle off the ropes, it's Cassidy looking the better in this exchange as she has the room to load up on her punches.

When the round ends Cassidy doesn't show emotion as she heads back to her corner, compared to the angry looking Charlotte who storms back to her corner.

Round 2:
Back out come the fighters to the center of the ring, where both have tightened their guards a little as they probe defences.

Cassidy manages to get inside with a two punch combo off the face of her opponent, once inside she lands two hooks to the sides of the body.

Charlotte though uses her left to shove Cassidy back, the next time the veteran tries to slip inside, Charlotte times her much better as she lands a right to the side of the head.

Now Charlotte is able to get a rhythm going, throwing more combinations to push Cassidy more on the defensive, with the redhead stuck moving around the outside of the ring.

Most of the punches from Flair land on the gloves of the former FCBA champion though, who is showing the defensive skills that got her to that glory.

But the work rate of Charlotte is stopping Cassidy being able to explode to the inside, with the round ending with Charlotte grinning cockily at her, clearly thinking she has the measure of Freeman now.

Round 3:
Charlotte looks to be starting to get confident, moving around Cassidy as she fires punches into the top of her head early on to keep the smaller fighter back.

When Cassidy is able to get inside; she is looking good with the work to the body, making Charlotte groan out till the wrestler calls on her experience from that realm by pulling Cassidy down into a front headlock, one the referee quickly breaks up and warns Charlotte over.

As the action resumes; Charlotte is able to get back on the move, doubling up her jab to the face of her opponent, who has to tighten that guard up once again.

Cassidy is struggling to get out her shell; each time she tries Charlotte dodges her before countering with her own shots to the side of the redheads face, causing Freeman's cheeks to look marked up.

With Charlotte now smiling as she works away, enjoying the control she is having over the veteran in the ring, though again she isn't landing as cleanly as she clearly thinks, most are finding glove or forearm.

The round ends with Charlotte strutting back to her corner like her father used to, wooing for the crowd who join in as the confidence is well and truly flowing.

Round 4:
Charlotte dances around Cassidy on her toes, jabbing through the mitts of her opponent as she begins trash talking her.

Something she pays for as Cassidy slips a straight to counter with a right across the chin of the lanky blonde, who ends up under assault from an anger Freeman.

Charlotte ends up on the ropes covering up as Cassidy tests out her body, forcing Flair to drag her into a clinch to make the referee step in to break them apart.

Once Charlotte has space to work; she angrily tries to bully back Cassidy, problem is she misses with a left cross and ends up getting hit with an overhand right across her cheek to turn her head.

Cassidy pins Charlotte behind her guard as she comes forwards, driving the bigger fighter around the ring to a loud roar from her corner.

Till the round ends with Cassidy wooing into Charlotte's face, you don't do that lightly as Charlotte's face turns red in embarrassment, her eyes burning a hole through Cassidy as she watches the redhead jog back to a happy corner team.

Round 5:
Cassidy has definitely riled up Charlotte, who is missing with wild swinging shots early in the round, Cassidy ducks under them as she counters with body shots.

A missed right hook from Charlotte earns her an overhand left that sends sweat flying off her head, Charlotte is pressed back by punches that are knocking her head back.

After Charlotte clinches up and the referee breaks them apart, it is clear the momentum has swung to Cassidy, who is getting right into Charlotte's face to knock her backwards.

The blonde is trying to stand her ground, Cassidy though is landing the cleaner shots as she is timing her attacks better, especially after she slips a straight to land an uppercut.

That opens up Flair to more punches; Cassidy bashes her into her corner with Claudia heard yelling at her fighter to break down the big bytch.

Which she tries to do as Charlotte is stuck behind her guard, Cassidy throws hooks to the body that make her opponent grimace, till Charlotte can lock her into a clinch in the dying seconds of the round.

At the bell the referee has to step in to pry them apart as they grapple into duelling headlocks, when they are apart their eyes angrily stare the other down as tempers are definitely frayed right now between these two proud women.

Round 6:
Both are definitely looking to go to war now; trading stiff shots as they meet in the center of the ring, with Cassidy stepping inside to knock Charlotte backwards with a clean two punch combination to the face.

Charlotte has to cover up as Cassidy is really putting power behind these shots, sweat flies off the head of Charlotte when the redhead finally gets through her guard.

But Charlotte has the wear with all to shove her opponent back, when Cassidy tries to move back in close, this time Charlotte sidesteps her then counters with a left hook to the side of her head.

Now it's Charlotte knowing Cassidy backwards, sweat flying off Freeman's head as both fighters faces are looking puffy around the cheeks.

Back and forth goes the fight as Charlotte lands straight shots to the face of Cassidy to back her up, then after Cassidy ducks a punch she begins to smack Charlotte back across the ring.

They end up heads down in tight working, body shots and uppercuts fly in as they look desperate to win this round as the fans cheer both on, duelling chants ring out soon enough as the round ends.

Shoving apart from each other; they exchange insults as they pass by to return to their corners, where their corner teams have to work on cleaning them up as they are definitely showing the marks of battle here.

Round 7:
It's Cassidy who starts the quicker; getting in tight to land to the abs of her opponent, taking the center of the ring as Charlotte moves backwards.

Cassidy looks to build off that start by swinging a right cross up top, but Charlotte dodges the punch before countering with a clubbing left to the side of the veterans head instead.

A follow up straight opens up Cassidy to two hooks, suddenly it's Charlotte now unloading on Cassidy to back her up towards the ropes.

Cassidy forced to try to fight her way off the ropes when her back touches them, Charlotte has the space to load up punches and looks to win the exchange with a nasty right that opens a cut above the left eyebrow.

Clinching up with Charlotte; Cassidy is looking at the referee to step in to break them up as blood drips from her eyebrow onto the shoulder of Flair, the referee soon does break them up as Charlotte shoves her left forearm into the face of Freeman, which earns her a warning to keep things clean.

The damage is done though; Charlotte is landing with sicking accuracy onto that cut, making blood flow into the eye of Cassidy to blur her vision.

Thankfully for the Lioness crew the bell rings so they can work on that cut, Cassidy wincing as it is being patched up, Charlotte smiling across the ring as she watches this, knowing she has a bullseye to go for.

Round 8:
While the blood has stopped; that gash above Cassidy's eyebrow looks nasty, Charlotte understandably is targeting as she sticks to the left side, making blood flow soon enough.

Cassidy knows she needs to bring the fight to Charlotte, she can't close the gap quick enough though as Charlotte moves out the way of her punches.


A "woo!" Comes from Charlotte before she heads to a neutral corner, 1...2...3...4.. Cassidy turns to her side with blood dripping from her cut onto the canvas, 5....6...7.. She is blinking to clear her vision as 8....9... Claudia is yelling at her to get up, 10 but Cassidy is counted out!

Winner Charlotte Flair KO Round 8

That's a massive name on Charlotte's record now to show she is the real deal, she is smiling as she looks down at the wreckage of Cassidy before she turns to her corner.

Cassidy meanwhile has the ringside doctor and Claudia rushing to check on her, helping her up so they can get her to her corner to patch up that cut.

Charlotte bumps fists with her coach when she returns to her corner, after getting her gloves taken off she shows the crowd the four horsewomen symbol, her and her friends are saying they are going to take over the FCBA, this is definitely a big step for herself going forwards.

As soon as both women are cleaned up; they come to the center of the ring for the final result, Charlotte woos as her hand is raised, while Cassidy nods as she knows it might have been her on another day getting her hand raised.

There is a handshake between the two women, no smiles as these two won't be friends anytime soon but plenty of respect after a hard fought battle.

Cassidy leaves the ring to allow Charlotte a moment to celebrate, she'll be back hard at work in training as Cassidy still wants that title, the crowd applaud the redhead as she gets to the top of the aisle.

Inside the ring Charlotte poses with her arms out at her side, looking at the cameras with a cocky expression as the unbeaten run continues, could her next fight be a title shot or does she have other ideas? 



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