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12 April 2019 FNL: International Cup 2019 Intro

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Posted by Girls Friday on Apr 12, 2019 at 3:25pm


FNL: International Cup card 2019 Intro:
Last year saw the first ever International Cup competition, a team from America and a team from the Rest of the World fought for the cup in Mexico, USA won the trophy and are defending it on home Soil this time in the TD Garden in Boston.

The event is comprised of 5 fights, both teams have a captain who have drafted fighters from free agency to make up their teams, with one flyweight, bantamweight, lightweight and welterweight in each team, with the captains fighting the main event, simply which team wins the most fights in those 5 Scheduled win the trophy.

These are the fights:
*Flyweight:  Kiernan Shipka (USA) vs Leah Perkins (ROW)*
*Bantamweight:  Lyndsy Fonseca (USA) vs Naomi Scott (ROW)*
*Lightweight: Brie Larson (USA) versus Melia Kreiling (ROW)*
*Welterweight: Devon Windsor (USA) vs Lorena Rae (ROW)*
And the main event:
*Captains fight: Vanessa Hudgens (USA) vs Emma Watson (ROW)*

Which team will emerge victorious? Well you don't have long to find out as we kick off the event right now!



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