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12 April 2019 Kiernan Shipka vs Leah Perkins

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Posted by Girls Friday on Apr 12, 2019 at 3:26pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

The TD Garden arena in Boston is the setting for the second ever International cup event, Team USA and the rest of the world do battle again, with Kiernan Shipka and Leah Perkins starting off the event for their teams.

Kiernan is 19 years old; she stands 5'2 and holds an unbeaten record of 1 win, that was by knockout against Jane Levy in January of this year.

Leah is also 19 years old; she stands 5'3 and this is her in ring debut, she is an Australia model best known for her pictures on her Instagram.

The fighters came face to face at the press conference for the event for the first time, hands on hips as they squared up close enough that noses touched, their captains stepping in to ward them back to their seats.

First up to the podium was Kiernan; who was wearing a red dress with white trim, with white heels to complete the look.

"I am so excited by this opportunity to represent my nation in this event, Vanessa has been great in the build up to this fight with her support for me, she has helped get a few kinks out of my style, you will see a more complete me in the ring this time" Kiernan tells the crowd.

Then she turns to Leah, telling her "you'll be getting at first hand account of how good I am soon enough" then marches back to her seat, Leah and Kiernan staring hard at each other all the while.

Leah heads up to the podium now wearing a T-shirt with an Australian flag on, blue jeans and black heels, she looks in a serious mode as she begins to speak.

"I know you'll be asking why Emma chose me; a rookie to be the opening act of our team, trust me when you see what I do to her (points at Kiernan) you'll have your answer" straight to the point from Leah, who turns to return to her seat as her team captain Emma Watson nods with a smile at her.

Fight night; out comes Kiernan first with team coach Julie Benz beside her, she shadow boxes at the top of the aisle to show off some of her moves, then begins her walk down to the ring with a confident look as she has her hands in the air and a swagger to her step.

She is wearing a red sports bra with USA flag pattern on her trunks "Shipka" in white on her waistband, white gloves and blue shoes, her blonde hair is in a ponytail.

Getting into the ring to a loud cheer from the home supporters, Kiernan jogs over to her corner with a wave to the crowd, while Julie tells her to show the world what she's capable of.

Leah now heads out with team coach Steve Boyd beside her, she looks focused as she heads down the aisle towards the ring, banging her gloves together to get a free for them.

She is wearing a blue sports bra with a Australian style pattern trunks that have "Perkins" in red on the waistband, blue gloves and shoes, while her brunette hair is also in a ponytail.

Climbing into the ring; Leah jogs over to her corner, where she stares across the ring at Kiernan, putting her left glove across her throat as a warning to her opponent.

The referee brings the fighters to the center of the ring, they square up to each other like the press conference again, eyes intensely staring the other down.

They are told to touch gloves; swiping them together before they return to their corners, ready to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
The fighters come out at the bell in similar stances, up on their toes as they move their heads while trading probing jabs.

Then as Kiernan looks to step in closer; she has her hands down though as a right hook lands on her cheek.

That opens up Shipka to more punches from Perkins, who starts to throw more punches in bunches as she looks to have relaxed as the blonde covers up.

Kiernan manages to step out the way of a left cross, moving into space so she can catch an overly keen Leah coming in with punches to her cheeks as she sidesteps her.

Both seem to have loosened up late in the round, landing crisp punches as they fight around the ring, with Leah deflecting a right so she can counter with a right across her opponent's face.

Lean finishes the round strong by landing a three punch combo to the face of the blonde, the two fighters exchange a glare before returning to their corners.

Round 2:
Now they are warmed up they are trading more punches in volume, Leah barges to the inside with her left shoulder, throwing her right into the body of Kiernan to make her groan out.

Kiernan needing to shove Leah back; then sidesteps her as she swings a right hook, countering with a double jab to the side of Leah's face.

The blonde boxing on the back foot as Leah comes at her, dodging punches to counter to the body and the chin of the Aussie.

An overhand right lands across the side of Leah's head, making Perkins cover up as Shipka moves to the inside to throw hooks to the body.

Leah this time has to shove her opponent back, looking more weary to barge inside, trading jabs with Kiernan; who is grinning at her as she feels confident she has Leah read perfectly.

The round comes to a close with Kiernan pumping her right fist in the air as she returns to her corner, Julie nodding at her as she looks proud of the better round from her fighter.

Round 3:
Kiernan looks great early on; moving more around Leah now as she flicks a jab into the cheeks of the brunette, marking her face up as she works.

When Leah tries to move inside; she gets two good body shots in, Kiernan steps back to open up space to land a straight onto the top of Perkin's head.

Next time Leah tries to come inside, Kiernan catches her with a left to her nose, followed by a right hook that knocks the Aussie to the side a step.

Kiernan able to get the range back; sucking confidence from her opponent as she dodges more wilder shots from Leah, landing her own shots cleanly to the face of the taller fighter.

With late in the round Kiernan slipping inside as Leah covers up, landing to the body to make Leah groan out as her abs are tested.

When the round ends Leah looks annoyed as she returns to her corner, Steve needed to give her a rallying speech to lift her spirits, Leah looks to be perking up as she nods as he tells her how good she can be.

Round 4:
The speech looks to have had an effect, she is boxing more on the front foot, trading with Kiernan as she follows her around the ring.

A feint from Leah makes Kiernan move to the right, a right hook crashes into the Americans cheek to turn her face, suddenly she is being pressed back by the strong Aussie.

Who drives Kiernan onto the ropes, her head is down under the chin of the blonde as she throws hooks to the body, now making Shipka groan out as she tries to fight her way off the ropes.

Julie not happy with where Leah's head is, as each time Kiernan looks to get off the ropes, she is pressed back onto them, where she shows her inexperience by not clinching up to force the referee to step in.

Instead Kiernan is trying to battle her way off the ropes, Leah is stopping her work though and is throwing some nasty looking hooks to the sides of the blonde.

The round comes to a close with Leah smiling at Steve as she jogs over to her corner, while Julie tells Kiernan to use her head to get out of the situations where she is stuck to the ropes, she nods as she knows she got sucked into Leah's game.

Round 5:
Leah looks to be the one pushing the tempo, digging her left into the gloves of Kiernan, who looks to be getting stuck behind her guard more under the aggression of the Aussie.

Who slips under a straight to barge her left into Kiernan, driving her onto the ropes where she lands two rights to the body, Kiernan this time clinches up with her to force the referee to step in.

Once apart it allows Kiernan to get some rhythm going, landing several shots to the top of Leah's head, keeping her on the outside as she moves around the ring.

Till Leah parries a left cross to land a left to the ribs/straight to the face, opening up Kiernan to more punches that pushes her into a corner.

Where Leah is able to pin Kiernan behind her guard, the crowd is urging Kiernan to fight back but she is under fire from a determined looking Perkins.

The bell rings to end the round with Leah returning to her corner, her eyes are firmly on her opponent across the ring as Steve washes her down.

Round 6:
As the bell rings; Leah is looking to keep on the attack, stepping after Kiernan as the blonde dances backwards and to the side.

Leah swings a right hook that misses as Kiernan dips under it, coming back up with an overhand left on the chin, then landing an uppercut that rocks the Aussie.

Who tries to retreat backwards as Kiernan comes swinging in, A BARRAGE OF PUNCHES CRACKS LEAH'S HEAD AROUND, ANOTHER UPPERCUT KNOCKS LEAH TO HER BACK!

The crowd roars as Kiernan raises her fists in the air, the referee pointing her to a neutral corner as the count begins, 1...2...3...4.. Leah is blinking as she tries to clear her head, 5...6...7.. Before trying to get up by moving towards the ropes, 8... As she grabs for them, her hand doesn't reach as she isn't as close as she clearly thinks, 9....10 ending up being counted out!

Winner Kiernan Shipka KO Round 6

A loud cheer rings out as Team USA got the start they wanted, Kiernan turns to mount the bottom ropes of the corner she is in, yelling "come on!" As she let's her emotions out in her celebration.

On the other hand Leah has Steve kneeling in front of her checking her out, she buries her head in her gloves as she lays flat face down, wanting the ground to eat her as this wasn't the dream start to her career she pictured.

Steve needs to help her up as Kiernan smirks at her, making Leah look like she wants to break free to slap that look off her face, she is simply too weak to do so, making Kiernan smirk grow.

Jogging back over to her corner; Kiernan gets told off Julie how proud she made the coach, praising her effort to take the fight to Leah.

As soon as both fighters are OK; they come to the center of the ring, Kiernan gets her hand raised by the referee as Leah just stares angrily at the canvas.

With the Aussie leaving the ring with Steve beside her, Leah gets told off the coach that she shouldn't let this opening defeat define her, she has the skills to be a top fighter if she gets the right training.

Leah jokes "so would that be you?" With Steve looking a bit flustered to answer, she just laughs at him as they head back to the locker rooms.

Inside the ring Kiernan poses with her arms flexed for photos, she gets a pat on the back from Julie as the two share a smile, then leave the ring together chatting about the future, with Julie saying she might help Kiernan to fulfil her potential.

An offer to come for sparring with Vanessa on Monday has Kiernan grinning like Christmas has come early, she thanks Julie for the offer as they head off to the backstage area.

A great start for Team USA, who can now dream about a clean sweep as they aim to retain the International Cup, with the Rest of the World team hoping to turn things around quickly enough.

Scoreboard: Team USA 1-0 Team ROW 



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