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15 April 2019 Camren Bicondiva vs Laura Marano

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Posted by Girls Friday on Apr 15, 2019 at 3:49pm



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

The Toyota Centre in Texas is the site for tonights New Blood flyweight tournament, our first semi final is up between Camren Bicondova and Laura Marano, both hoping to take a step closer to the trophy later tonight.

Camren is 19 years old; she stands 5'2 and this is her debut fight, she is most famous for playing Selena Kyle in Gotham, also known as Catwoman.

Laura is 23 years old, she also stands 5'2 and this is her debut as well, she is famous for roles in Without a Trace and the film Lady Bird.

The fighters were interviewed before the fight at the New Blood gym in Denver, Lucy Liu did the interviews for the FCBA Network with Camren up first with her mentor Reese Witherspoon beside her.

Camren looked excited as she said "I've spoken to Erin Richards and a little to Natalie Alyn Lind about the FCBA, they have told me the fun they've had in the ring, so now I am going to have a crack"

Asked about her opponent; Camren answers "I don't know much about her career but getting to train near her, she looks good physically, I think my dance training though gives me the edge on not just Laura, I believe it's what will give me the win in this tournament"

The final question goes to Reese, how was it training Camren, the bubbly blonde replies "simply a delight, she listened to my advice and she has movement that I wish I had at her age"

The questions now come to Laura and her mentor Penelope Cruz, these two look more serious as Laura sits waiting to be asked questions.

"I joined the FCBA because I want to show I'm more then a pretty face, I've always tried to be the best at everything I do, this will be no different to me" says Laura as Penelope nods beside her.

When asked about Camren, Laura replies "she definitely runs well from what I have seen, I honestly think the other two are more dangerous then she is, so I have all the confidence that I'll be in that final"

Penelope is asked about her fighter; she answers "as you've heard she is head strong, I love working with people like that who know what they want and take it, Laura definitely can win this tournament"

Fight night; Camren comes out first with Reese, she crouches down at the top of the aisle with a smirk, looking confident as she stands up to begin her march down to the ring.

She is wearing a black sports bra with silver trim, black trunks with silver claw marks down the left leg, black shoes, silver gloves, while her curl brunette hair is looking it's usual self.

Stepping into the ring with a smile; Camren jogs over to her corner where she climbs the ropes to sit on the top turnbuckle, her arms out at the side as her fans cheer her on.

Now out comes Laura with Penelope, she bounces on her toes at the top of the aisle, nodding to Penelope before she heads down to the ring.

She is wearing a red sports bra with three silver stripes down the sides, matching trunks and shoes, silver gloves, while her hair is up in a ponytail.

After getting into the ring; Laura stands at the center of the ring posing with her arms raised as her fans cheer, then she jogs over to her corner to warm up as she stares across the ring at Camren.

The referee brings the fighters to the center ring, Camren has a small smirk as Laura stares at her intensely, the referee goes through the final instructions as the fighters shake their arms to keep them loose.

Then when asked to touch gloves; they promptly bang them together before returning to their corners, ready to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
Both fighters circle early on; they exchange jabs as they look for openings to exploit, Camren looking hard to hit as she moves her head to dodge punches to land the cleaner shots.

When she goes to move inside; Laura catches her out with a left cross/straight combo to force Camren back, with Laura moving forwards to land more punches to the face of the younger fighter.

Camren looks to retreat back for now; ducking a left hook to move into space as Laura looked to be going for the knockout early, way too early it seems as Bicondova gets back on the move.

Laura though catches Camren as she moves to the left, a double jab snaps the head of Camren back followed by a right as Marano powers her onto the ropes.

On the ropes now; Camren covers up as Laura throws hooks, Camren needed to cover up as she is under fire, clinching up to force the referee to step in to break them apart.

Late in the round Camren is able to move around the ring, landing counter punches as Laura tries to land a hook, the bell rings soon enough to end the round, Penelope is the happier mentor as she smiles at the returning Laura.

Round 2:
Laura looks to keep the pressure on her opponent, stepping forwards behind a jab as Camren is moving around the outside of the ring.

With Camren slipping under a right cross to counter with a left to the body, an uppercut follows to knock Laura back a step.

That looks to have given Bicondova confidence as she dodges more with her nifty footwork and upper body movement, then landing counter shots.

Laura does manage to catch Camren though with a double jab when she tries to dip down, giving the older fighter the opening to begin bashing Camren back towards the ropes.

When Camren gets pushed to the ropes, she dips down while shoving Laura back with her left, allowing her to move off the ropes.

With both fighters letting their hands go as the seconds tick away in the round, heads getting turned as they land nasty shots till the bell rings.

Returning to their corner; both coaches are telling the fighters to stick to their game plan, not to go off script just throwing bombs.

Round 3:
Camren looks to keep on the move as she looks for angles to attack from, compared to Laura; who is walking straight on trying to bash her backwards.

It's Laura who lands the first big punch of the round, a right cross landing across Camren's face, allowing her to knock her opponent towards the ropes.

Where she keeps Camren; stopping the more mobile fighter from being to move as freely, making Camren needing to trade more with her, which considering she has the power advantage it seems to be helping her win the exchanges.

A straight knocks Bicondova's head back, with a left hook pushing her onto the ropes, where Camren is covering up as Laura steps in tight to her to work the body.

Making Camren need to clinch up to force the referee to step in to break them up, once they are separated it allows Camren to get her legs going again.

Helped by Laura looking too keen again, she is wanting to be on the front foot all the time seemingly but that's leading to her being too open to counters.

The round comes to a close with Laura staring down Camren, who just smirks and shakes her head before she returns to her corner, inside though Camren must be annoyed that she can't really control this fight as Laura is bullying her.

Round 4:
Laura is looking determined as she comes out moving straight at Camren, with the dance beginning again as Laura has her opponent stuck on the outside of the ring.

That's frustrating Reese as she told her fighter to stay away from the ropes, she watches Camren be pushed towards the ropes by the more aggressive Laura.

Who steps in with two body shots, a left hook misses as Camren leans out the way, countering with her own left across the cheek of Laura.

That slows down the Marano assault enough for Camren to start her boxing again, bobbing and weaving out the way of punches to open up angles to strike.

She adds feints to make Laura think about what's coming towards her, giving Camren more freedom as the first time in the fight Laura seems a little confused by what she is seeing.

Laura does manage to land a double jab to the top of Camren's head, as she looks to follow up though she finds thin air, Camren dodges the punches so she can land her own three punch combo.

The bell rings with Laura gritting her gumshield, she looked like she had something to say but thought better of it as she jogs back to her corner.

Camren on the other hand allows herself a small smile, Reese praising her work that round, telling her to keep doing what she does best as they bump fists before the bell.

Round 5:
Both fighters come out their corners quickly to try to establish control, Laura looks to back up Camren with straight shots aimed at her head.

Camren ducks the punches as she moves side to side; slipping under them as she looks to be frustrating the older fighter.

A missed right cross from Laura leaves her open to a counter uppercut that snaps her head back, Camren starts to let her hands go as her opponent looks rocked.

Laura looks to clinch with Camren, but gets nudged back by a left forearm that opens up the space for an overhand right that makes Marano stumble back, THREE PUNCHES FOLLOW THAT SENDS LAURA TO HER BACK!

Camren yells "yes!" As she jogs to a neutral corner, 1...2...3... Laura blinks as she tries to clear her head, 4...5...6...7.. Laura tries to get up but slips and ends up on her backside, 8...9...10 that's it for Laura as she is counted out!

Winner Camren Bicondova KO Round 5

One step closer to the trophy for Camren with this stunning knockout, she climbs the bottom ropes to celebrate, grinning as she raises her arms in the air.

Laura on the other hand needs help back to her stool, Penelope patting her on the shoulder as she consoles her, Laura trying to fight back tears as she looks at the canvas.

While across the ring Camren and Reese are embracing, excited that Camren is one fight away from getting her hands on the New Blood trophy, Reese telling her tonight is going to be hers.

After both are cleaned up; they head to the center of the ring, where Camren gets her hand raised, while Laura gives a half hearted applause, still the sting of defeat hurting for Laura as she turns back to go to her corner.

Laura leaves with Penelope, the two discuss Laura's future as they head to the back, Penelope telling her that she'll kick ass the next time she steps into the ring.

Inside the ring Camren poses with Reese for cameras, the two smiling as they pose together, before they leave the ring to head to the back, dreams of making tonight a special one for Bicondova's career.



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