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15 April 2019 Noah Cyrus vs Meg Donnelly

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Posted by Girls Friday on Apr 15, 2019 at 3:50pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

The second New Blood flyweight tournament semi final is here, Noah Cyrus and Meg Donnelly do battle here in Texas's Toyota Centre for the right to battle for the right to fight for the trophy later tonight.

Noah is 19 years old; she stands 5'4 and holds a record of 0 wins, with 1 defeat to Stella Hudgens in January of this year.

Meg is 18 years old; she stands 5'3 and also holds a record of 0 wins, with 1 defeat to Kristen Stewart in January this year.

Both fighters were interviewed at the New Blood gym in Denver by Lucy Liu for the FCBA Network, Noah was first in the hot seat with mentor Alyssa Milano.

Noah tells Lucy excitedly "I was shocked when Melanie (Sykes) gave me the call to tell me that I was being offered a spot in this tournament, of course I accepted as this is a place where you can make something of yourself"

Alyssa jumps in to say "I've probably never had such an excited student, she would text me late at night about if I had any advice on what she could be practicing at home, she is definitely a Cyrus after I have worked with her big sister"

Lucy finally ask Noah's opinion on Meg; she replies "she seems a cool person outside the ring, even knowing we are fighting we have been polite, once that bell rings though that goes out the window"

Now it's Meg's turn with her mentor Kat Graham beside her, Meg smiling as Kat looks serious as Lucy begins to chat to them.

Asking Meg how she feels going into the tournament, she replies "not everything has went my way to start my career, now though I have another way to showcase my talents"

Kat is asked about any hints to the rumours that Front Street management were involved in her being Meg's mentor after her two fights on Asylum cards.

She grins before replying "I was asked by the New Blood committee is all I know, I can tell you that Wiz is very keen on this girl, telling me she can be a major star, that was enough for me to take the gig"

Turning to Meg; Kat adds "so far it has looked worthwhile when sparring and training her, definitely something there to watch out for"

The last word goes to Meg about her opponent "Noah doesn't worry me, I need to purely focus on what I am doing and hopefully everything falls into place"

Fight night; out comes Noah first with Alyssa, both look relaxed as they head down to the ring chatting about what Noah is going to do.

Noah is wearing a navy blue sports bra, matching trunks, gloves and shoes, while her long brunette hair is braided.

She climbs into the ring with Alyssa and her bumping fists, before Noah mounts the bottom rope to flex her arms to the crowd.

Now out comes Meg with Kat beside her, Meg takes a deep breath before she jogs down to the ring with her eyes firmly on her opponent.

She is wearing an emerald green sports bra, black and green striped trunks, black gloves and green shoes, while her blonde hair is in a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Meg nods over to Noah, but is quickly in her corner shadow boxing to warm up, with Kat giving her a pep talk.

Soon enough the fighters come to the center of the ring, where they lock eyes as the referee goes through their instructions, there looks to be no hatred here, just two women intensely staring their opponent down as they want this win badly.

They touch up their gloves with a nod, returning to their corners; where their coaches give them a final message of good luck before the bell rings to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
The early action is a little tentative from the fighters, they look tense as probing punches are thrown, neither committing to more then single punches.

It looks like Noah wants to keep the action to the outside, moving backwards as she works behind a jab, compared to Meg who looks to be moving around for an angle to strike from.

Noah gives her food for thought though after landing a double jab to the nose, stepping back when the blonde goes for a right hook that finds air.

Which seems to have given Noah confidence to throw more as she moves around Meg, who looks too focused on looking for that perfect attack, which is forcing her to stay behind her guard.

Late in the round Donnelly dodges a straight shot, countering with an overhand right to turn her slightly taller opponent's head as she moves inside to work, driving Cyrus back behind her gloves.

The bell rings though to end the round with both looking annoyed at themselves for not pulling the trigger earlier, especially the Donnelly corner as her coach massages her arms while telling her to loosen up and make this fight all about her.

Round 2:
As the bell rings this time both start off throwing more punches while circling, Noah still looking to keep Meg on the outside though as they work.

But Meg is moving her head more to dodge, allowing her to move inside to work away, then when she gets under fire she moves back to the outside.

A missed right hook earns Noah a left into her ribs, followed by an overhand right onto her chin to push her backwards, Meg quickly moving forwards to keep the pressure on.

As the crowd get some excitement as the fighters start to trade in tight, Meg ducks out the way of punches before coming up with her own to win these exchanges to the delight of her fans.

Noah needs to give Meg a nudge to open up space for a right cross that smacks across the face of Donnelly, giving Cyrus time to get back on the outside.

Where she is able to keep the action as she sees out the round stronger, Noah gets Alyssa telling her to keep the action where she wants it, reminding her to use her jab to set up shots.

Round 3:
Noah heeds her coaches advice it seems, using the jab to gauge the gap before she starts throwing harder combinations.

One of which smacks Meg onto her face as she looks to step forwards, making the blonde cover up as Noah starts to put combos together.

With Noah starting to herd her opponent near the ropes, most of her punches though are landing off the gloves of Meg.

As Noah goes to land a right hook; Meg slips under it and lands an uppercut that opens up the brunette to a left to her liver area.

Noah grasps out as Meg lands more to the body, making Noah clinch up with her opponent, the referee needed to break them apart as Noah is hanging on desperately.

Once apart Meg keeps pressing forwards, landing to the gut of her opponent to make her grimace till the round ends with Noah rubbing her stomach, that liver shot really doing damage.

Round 4:
When the bell rings it's Meg racing across the ring as Noah still looks to be hurting, the brunette is working to try to keep her opponent on the back foot.

Meg is able to use her left shoulder to bump Noah, OPENING HER UP TO TWO SHOTS AGAIN TO THE GUT TO SEND NOAH TO ALL FOURS!

Kat yells "get in!" As Meg pumps her fist on her way to a neutral corner, 1...2...3...4.. Noah spits her gumshield out as she can be heard sobbing, 5....6...7.. She is sucking in air as she kneels holding her stomach, 8...9...10 that's the end of Noah's hopes for the trophy!

Winner Meg Donnelly KO Round 4

This is a great statement for Meg going into the final later tonight against Camren Bicondiva, she pumps her right fist into the air as her fans cheer.

Noah looks up to the referee as if they can help take the pain she is in away, Alyssa kneels next to her; telling her to control her breathing as she holds an ice pack to her body.

After several moments Noah is able to return to her corner, still rubbing her stomach as she looks distraught at being stopped so early.

Meg shows her class after getting her gloves taken off, she jogs over to Noah to check on her, putting an arm around her shoulder as they talk.

Noah tells Meg "promise me you'll win for me" with Meg simply smiling and nodding in reply, making Noah smile for the first time.

Alyssa soon helps Noah out the ring so she can go to her locker room; Noah apologizes to Alyssa, who brushes that off as she tells the youngster to prove herself in her next fight, which Noah promises she will.

Inside the ring Kat and Meg chat about the final, with Kat saying "one step done, only one more to go babe, this is your time" which gets Meg hyped as she bangs her gloves together with a grin on her face.

After posing for photos; Meg soon leaves the ring to head to her locker room, she clearly is believing that she can bring the trophy home. 



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