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20 April 2019 Emily Ratajkowski vs Elle Evans

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Posted by caspian2 on Apr 20, 2019 at 11:59pm


2. Emily Ratajkowski vs Elle Evans (Bantamweight)


(27, 5’7, 21:11 FCBA, VIXENs)

(29, 5’10, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

Not many know about the history between these two, both appearing in Robin Thicke’s controversial video ‘Blurred Lines’ in nothing but their undies and the titular singer belting out lyrics like ‘You’re a good girl…’, arguably shining the spotlight on female treatment and the first rumblings of gender equality in the entertainment industry.

The irony is that Emily Ratajkowski’s star shot upwards into the stratosphere of popularity because of this first appearance in front of the cameras, shaking her naked booty to suggestive song lyrics, whereas Elle Evans has courted her own corners of controversy by since appearing in Carl’s Junior burger ads in nothing but a volleyball bikini and hitting zingers over the disputed border wall. 

There’s a lot to take in, I know. 

Well, tonight, these two meet again for a bout of fisticuffs in the ring, and no one doubts that two pretty women bashing each other’s faces in might be demeaning to the opposite sex, only for the fact that all action tonight is 100% consensual, folks. None of these women have been forced into this slave arena. For the purse fee that each girl’s demanding should they win in the ring, by gods, they’d better put up a good show.

“Emily can climb up the ladder or spout all the nonsense she wants - at the end of the day, she’s just like me: a B-rated actress whose only redeeming feature is her nice arse,” Elle begins the press conference with some cutting words about her co-star. “She’s simply using her good lucks for publicity. Same as I’m doing in this sham of a fight tonight.” 

“Well, dearie, let’s see who’s still talking when I flatten you out on the canvas later, huh?” Emily responding immediately from across the table, no smile on those pouty lips of hers, only a threatening glare of the eyes as she looks eager to begin the fighting there and then.

“I’d like to see you try, b*tch. I’m gonna make you my good girl, no doubt.”

Podium face-off explodes into more finger-pointing and harsh words exchanged face-to-face, with Ratajkowski the first to send a slap into the blonde’s cheek for her insolence. There’s a loud SMAACK that reverberates throughout the room, followed by Elle’s deep growl and lunge forward, tugging at her co-star’s hair with hatred. 

Girls are separated soon after, then herded backstage, still kicking and squealing. We’re in for one hell of a show here tonight! Later in the ring, Emily dressed in a simple black bikini and white gloves, whereas Elle in a bright red outfit with yellow gloves. Hair tied up into neat ponytails and bundles - no more of that hair pulling gonna take place after what happened backstage. Referee waves his hand and HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Emily coming forward with confidence - this girl’s at the top of the food chain compared to a lightweight newbie like Elle, and the Vixen’s determined to prove it. She dominates the early exchanges, landing some stiff shots to the blonde’s body and then shocking her up high to the guard, with Emily unleashing the big guns in the first minute of the first round. But she’s slightly surprised when Elle takes it all without batting much of an eyelid, the blonde landing her own one-two straight into the gut and then powering a straight hand right down the middle, almost penetrating the brunette’s arms herself! Looks like we’re in for more than just a one-sided performance! Girls trade leather in the middle of the ring, with Emily only slightly coming out on top after these three minutes, clearly disappointed with herself for not taking home the win in the very first round.


Elle proving to everyone that she can hold her own in a stand-off, begins the round by charging straight for her opponent, intending to surprise Emily with more explosive, albeit reckless punches. And for the most part, the shock and awe strategy seems to work, driving Emily backwards as she’s forced to cover up and move. Elle almost gleefully sending jabs into Emily’s arms, before pounding on the Vixen’s toned stomach unabated. Emily can surely take some punishment, but she needs to do more if she wants to actually win this fight. Girls end up in a clinch near the tail end when Ratajkowski stands her ground and begins swinging fists back, and Elle letting out a gasp of her own after a hook slams hard into the side of her head. The blonde ducks under another and wraps up, more or less in desperation and panic. Emily landing some digs into the blonde’s side, but they’re piecemeal compared to the abuse she’s received from the start of this round to the finish. Referee separates them at the bell and the Vixen again has to contend with another round lost to a mere rookie.

Elle growing in confidence as this fight progresses, and she’s surprising almost everyone in the arena with her display of stamina. There she goes once more, chugging forward as though it’s only the first round itself. Emily taking a one-two combo the body and then into the chest, but this time sticks her feet in the mud and powers forward, also swinging at her foe’s head. Elle doesn’t expect this retaliation, suddenly stunned when a right swing grazes off her cheek, then another socks her across the chin. Emily displaying her own set of power tools - there’s a reason she’s once considered a viable challenger for the belt itself! Elle on the backburner, now retreating and trying her hand at a defensive move or two. Emily keeping up the pressure, chasing her backwards with that right hand, continuously poking at the face beneath the gloves. Finally the Vixen sees some light at the end of the tunnel, coming back into contention via some much needed aggression.

Evans seething in between rounds - suddenly that illusion of her dominance shattered into a million pieces. But one thing the blonde is that she’s stubborn, so here she goes again, making straight for Emily, right hand already pulled back to deliver some machine gun bursts into the brunette’s body and face. But Ratajkowski’s got an advantage in her experience, by this time in the fight more than used to dealing with a newbie’s recklessness. She patiently keeps Elle charging forward, using her own guard to parry and deflect most of the damaging shots away. Elle still relentlessly shooting, even though her gas tank must be running low by this point. Suddenly, one of her punches is parried away with such force that leaves her stumbling and wide open. SHOCK of a right hook comes sailing in from Ratajkowski, which crashes into the blonde’s face! OUCH. Elle too stunned to even move, can’t stop the follow-up left uppercut that SNAPS her head backwards! AND DOWN SHE GOES, falling flat on her back with her arms over her head, chest rising and falling and completely LAID OUT! Referee takes a hard look and waves it over! Emily takes the win!

Official Decision: Emily Ratajkowski defeats Elle Evans via KO4! 


Pundits of course will be complaining backstage that this result’s always been a foregone conclusion. What else could we expect from a seasoned girl like Emily, going after a complete rookie like Evans? But the results still speak for themselves: the Vixen laying out her foe in decisive and dominant fashion, and we wouldn’t expect anything less!

Emily celebrating modestly with one hand in the air, pacing about the four corners of the ring. A small smirk on her face is all that’s needed to tell us that she thinks she deserved to win this fight. Likewise, Elle Evans completely being ignored on the floor, except by the medical staff of course. The blonde’s simply too beneath as Emily takes her time to exit the ring and head backstage. 



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