20 April 2019 Bo Krsmanovic vs Hailey Clauson

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3. Bo Krsmanovic vs Hailey Clauson (JMDD)


(27, 5’11, 11:13 FCBA, PLP/VIX)

(22, 5’11, 1:2 FCBA, SIRENs)


Big Bad Bo having scored some impressive wins in 2019 thus far, taking out veteran Doutzen Kroes in seven rounds and then doing the same to Behati Prinsloo in six. Tonight, she hopes to continue this winning streak with another victory over a hated rival, Hailey Clauson.

Clauson herself has been active in the BBU side of things, wading into the JMDD circuit and smothering out all comers so far. This will be the third time these two are meeting in the ring, but the first time their assets are put on the line. 

Needless to say, the atmosphere’s electric as they stand astride one another, Bo in baby blue bikini, chest heaving and covered with her long brown tresses, whilst Hailey meeting her gaze in a sunflower yellow bikini, her blonde hair tucked high into a bundle.

We’re not letting these two lovebirds near one another after their previous altercation in the ring last month, but that still doesn’t stop Hailey from trying her luck, advancing on the big brunette, fingernails outstretched and ready to tug her hair, only to get intercepted by ring officials just in time, Big Bo smirking at a distance and puckering her lips as taunt.

“There’s a reason Clauson couldn’t cut it over here in the FCBA. Just look at her indecent record in her home country, not to mention getting her face smothered out by everyone under the sun. She wants to be smothered so badly, I’ll gladly oblige the b*tch today.”

Clauson scoffing at the same table, rolling her eyes and daring Bo to do her worst. “This coming from the b*tch who loss SIX of her seven fights last year alone? Give me a break. Bojana was once known as the next big bad boss, only to get her ass flattened in six rounds by yours truly the last time round. If anyone’s getting smothered out tonight, you can guarantee that it’s gonna be her face below these beauties.”

Later in the ring, the crowd is eagerly anticipating the start of this match-up. Referee gonna have a tough job keeping these two apart, but hell, who wouldn’t want to have a front row seat to the action? He waves his hand so HERE we go with ten rounds of JMDD brawling! 

Girls get to swinging immediately, plenty of time before the fight for the war of words, and now the time for hard-fighting action. The clash in the middle is epic, with Hailey immediately going for hard swipes across Big Bo’s face, whereas the brunette taking pot-shots to the ears and down low into Clauson’s body. Perhaps Hailey still getting warmed up, those swings of hers doing little to dazzle Bo or stop her momentum - Krsmanovic simply shrugs off the pain and buries another right hook into her abdomen, then more follow-up punches scoring her points when hard leather lands on Hailey’s assets. The Siren being driven backwards in the last minute, enraged yelps of both frustration and stinging pain wracking her entire body. Big Bo blowing her a kiss when the round ends, knowing she’s won for herself a big opening.

Hailey’s one hell of a heavy-hitter when it comes to facing some of her other opponents in the ring, but when paired with someone like Bojana, that’s when things really get messy. She’s simply out-powered in close quarters by comparison to the other big girl, and forced to use her own speed to score punches on Bo’s face whenever possible. This is one such occasion we’d never thought that we’d be saying Clauson is fighting agile, but that’s exactly what she’s doing, especially after narrowly avoiding a couple of hooks that almost catch her flush on the face. Hailey backtracking, using the jab more prominently as a result, and manages to repay her rival in kind with plenty of chops into the bikini fabric and up into the lips. Bojana’s smile all but gone when the round ends, watching her lead just go up in smoke like that.

It’s more back-and-forth action as both these ladies keep their distance and try and swipe leather off of skin whenever one girl gets in too close. Hailey empowered slightly, taking the risk of pushing forward with more jab flurries to the face. But Bojana ain’t so easily troubled by those pesky flies, absorbs a couple to the chin and body but opts to stay right where she is and swing back, stunning Hailey with an errant straight hand up into the nostrils. Gurgle of pain from the blonde’s lips as she has no choice but to stand and brawl as well, and it’s the point in the match where the most number of punches are flying, in both directions! Girls simply go wild on each other in plain sight, jamming fists into the guard, then more broadsides exploding on the ribs and orbs! Bo successfully clinching up after dodging another wild hook from Clauson - not because she needs a breather, but just because she can bully! Clauson with eyes bulging as she’s pushed backwards, her tummy belted down below all the way to the bell. Krsmanovic is back in the driver’s seat at the end of the third!

Hailey with a seething expression as she hopes to salvage this debacle, perhaps show everyone why she’s the new contender for the JMDD crown over in the BBU. She starts the round with renewed focus, using her long reach to keep Bo at bay: TON of jabs shoot in at the PLP/Vixen’s chest, drawing loud gasps as the leather scraps painfully against her bikini. Bojana still using her powerful hook, hoping to get lucky, but it’s not an effective weapon against a determined straight hand from afar. Second minute of the round and Hailey smells blood, rushing forward with another quick barrage to the face and body, forcing Bo backwards and covering up. A further thump to the body has Krsmanovic folded over in pain, before a right hook to the face SENDS her crashing down onto the side! 

KNOCKDOWN for Hailey Clauson, and what an early one it is! Big Bo getting herself boxed in like that, with nowhere else to go but downwards. Now, she’s on all fours, trying to steady herself as she tests one leg at a time, whilst the crowds have swung in Hailey’s favour, the sultry Siren making her way to neutral corner, smirking all the way. 

But Bojana makes it back up in time for 8, and the referee quickly resumes the last minute of the round. Hailey learning not to throw caution to the wind, aggressively attacking with more jabs, hoping to keep the pressure up all the way to the actual bell. It’s her round, there’s no doubt, and she keeps it that way!

Big Bo in more trouble as Hailey all but resumes her attack, this time the blonde ignoring most of her own advice and charging all in, hoping to finish! Bojana takes the brunt of the charge head-on, hiding her head behind her hands as she covers up from the sudden onslaught of punches. Hailey’s confidence at an all time high as she peppers the big girl’s body and forearms with plenty of attacks, even gets cocky and starts breaking down the guard with thunderous hooks, seeking jug. But Krsmanovic isn’t some lame duck in there - you can see that she’s holding her own against the assault, then waiting for the right moment to SWERVE a hook of her own right back, curving through the air as it CUFFS Clauson clean on the cheek! Ouch! Hailey stunned but still swinging away, but her accuracy completely off as Bojana simply rewinds and unloads again! Hailey’s head swiveled to the left, right, finally backing away as more shots start landing. Blonde suddenly in all sorts of trouble as she’s forced back into the ropes senseless, Krsmanovic now with unfettered access to all parts of her body as target practice! Hailey groaning as Bojana gets in close and personal: uppercuts packing into the belly and then her breasts getting knocked about like water balloons. Referee hovering by the side, thinking if he should end this travesty… but he doesn’t need to. A final right hook lands clean across Hailey’s face and sends her SPRAWLED down onto her chest by the ropes! It’s a return KNOCKDOWN for Big Bojana!

Clauson seen sputtering there on her chest, trying to force her body up onto its knees, but she’s too wobbly and weakened! Referee performs the full 10-count and she ain’t getting up all the way, folks! He waves it over!

Official Decision: Bo Krsmanovic defeats Hailey Clauson via KO5!


An impressive win for Bojana tonight that settles this rivalry once and for all, with the brunette coming out of their three fights with the majority win. It’s maybe even sweeter that this match was slated for JMDD rules, and we all know what that means…

Bo wasting no time, barreling into Clauson, who’s still on her knees, with a gasp from the blonde’s lips as she’s pinned her back to the ropes by the brunette’s body. Clauson struggling at first, clawing at Bo’s thighs and waist as she tries to fight off her assailant. But a knee lift up into the chin effectively silences her. Well, apart from the squeals when Bo digs both hands into her blonde hair and helps the shaken girl up to her feet.

A few more choice knees up into the belly has Clauson completely subdued, now holding onto Bo’s shoulders to keep herself upright in her arms, and of course her shocked face sent into Bojana’s cushioned and sweaty orbs. Clauson powerless as her conqueror wraps her face up in her own cleavage, muffled shrieks and fluttering eyes the only signs of life as both girls’ bodies strain against each other. But Big Bo’s confident in her own Standing Breast Smother, keeping Hailey’s face shoved into the middle of her massive orbs, her fingers gripped and pulling hard on soaked blonde hair and her elbows locked around the back of the head. 

Finally, Clauson goes limp on the ropes, evident from her arms falling helplessly to both her sides. This is when Bojana finally releases her from the depths of hell, before shoving her back down onto her butt with a grunt. The winner poses for the cameras with one hand still tugging on a fistful of hair from above. Hailey’s eyes fluttering and mouth open, completely jugged out!

Something tells us the beef between these two is far from over! 



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