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20 April 2019 Megan Fox vs Zoey Deutch

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Posted by caspian2 on Apr 20, 2019 at 11:53pm


4. Megan Fox vs Zoey Deutch (Flyweight)


(32, 5’4, 114, 42:25:1 FCBA, VIXENs)

(24, 5’4, 1:6 FCBA, The Wannabees)

Megan Fox finally back in action after her recent defeat at the hands of Mishy Williams, and another unsuccessful attempt at securing the Flyweight straps. Hearing her opinion on the matter, however, Fox doesn’t seem too bothered by those recent developments:

“At least I got to take out the trash that was Vanessa Hudgens. Everyone underestimated my chances against her. Everyone. But I pressed her until she squealed after the tenth round. And Mishy? Well she got lucky with that Decision win. I’ll remind everyone in the room that she didn’t manage to knock me out in the end.” 

Reporters following up with Megan’s choice of opponent tonight, a relative newcomer who’s best known for her fantasy roles in Vampire Academy and a good eight years younger than the actress. Zoey Deutch still wide-eyed at the press table, with almost seven bouts under her belt - a far cry from Megan’s record.

“I got the call two months ago, and said yes immediately. To be fighting a legend both in the ring and on the screen - I consider it a privilege, though I’ll be sure to put in my 110%.”

Megan smirking back, glad that someone at least is showing her the respect she deserves. She continues, “This was a fan requested match, by the way. And here at VIX, we’re all about putting on a show for the fans, if it’s within reason.”

Girls are cordial at the photo op, Megan in black lingerie set and hair neatly tied into a ponytail. Zoey at the same height, red hair also braided at the back nicely. She’s wearing a white sports bra and whiter boxing trunks. The girls shake hands to the cheers of the crowd. 

Later in the arena, entrances go off without much trouble, and the referee has the most pleasant night of his career when both girls follow his instructions to the letter. There’s the wave of the hand, and there’s the bell! HERE we go with ten rounds of Flyweight action!

Megan hasn’t fought in a while, as she’s mentioned, and two months off surprisingly shaves off much of her aggression. She circles Zoey rather than actively tries to hurt her, much to her own detriment. This is because Zoey Deutch on the other hand has nothing to lose, and decides to turn up the heat early as a result. She snaps Fox’s head back once or twice with some lucky jabs that land true on the nose. Whether Megan was being careless or not doesn’t matter - her opponent can hit hard, and she’s feeling the pain with that expression! Thereafter, Megan trying to catch up with more punches of her own that hit Zoey’s body, but still can’t manage to even the score off Zoey’s early attacks. By the time the bell rings, Zoey’s managed to stay in the lead, impressing everyone with her enthusiasm.

Not so in the second, where the former champion finally returns to form, meeting Zoey’s attack head on and blocking most of her punches instead of carelessly letting them slip past her defences. Zoey shocked not by the blows landing on her face (but those as well) but by the sudden turnaround of her opponent, as though a light switch’s been suddenly turned on. Fox picking and choosing her attacks, dismantling the younger fighter with ease - snap of a jab again lands clean on the nostrils and lips, before she repeats the abuse to Zoey’s chest and body, this time driving her backwards and exposing her for her inexperience. Bell rings and Fox taking the round wide as a result, leaving Deutch in tatters on the ropes.

Zoey understandably more hesitant as the fight swings against her - she was doing so well at first! Now, she’s on the retreat, with Megan advancing and gaining territory whilst shooting steady punches towards her head. Deutch however with some of her own tricks up her sleeves, before long dodging to one side, avoiding Fox’s punches, then snapping her own right hand into the face. Fox with a stunned look as her eyes go wide in shock, goes for a hook of her own that MISSES Zoey completely! Zoey swerving back her torso in the nick of time, her own return uppercut nicks Fox on the chin, almost sending her head into orbit! Good lord - this fight is far from over, as the former Flyweight champ gets beaten backwards once more. Zoey now huffing and puffing and trying to blow her off her feet in order to make history, but no dice as the last minute rolls by - Megan just too fast and experienced to let herself get caught by a sudden blitz like that. It’s still an impressive win for Zoey here as she holds her own against a former title holder.

More pendulum swinging from either girl as they once again charge in to level a series of punches at the face and head - Megan determined to fight back and lets loose a little more this time. It’s both blessing and curse, with her attacks scoring plenty of well-placed jabs on the blonde’s nostrils and lips, drawing some painful grunts from Zoey, but it also leaves her open to Deutch’s return swings! Zoey keeping her head low after the initial volley, letting Megan’s fists rattle off her guard, before the blonde plugs a one-two into the belly at close quarters, scoring lefts and rights and drawing breath from the Vixen’s lungs! Megan’s the one who initiates the clinch in the middle, would rather retreat but knows she’s in too much of a danger to do so. And it’s a wise decision at least - Zoey inexperienced whilst in a clinch, unable to do further damage. Megan on the other hand controlling her well, arms wrapped around the chest, lips on shoulder as she bangs a couple more shots into the side of head, until the bell saves her from a potential knockdown.

But grim tidings indeed if our resident, all-time 19-streak winner is getting herself thrown about in the ring by someone like Zoey Deutch. Megan needs to concentrate if she wants to win this, doubly so if she hopes to take the fight in convincing fashion. Unfortunately, no one prepped her about Zoey’s excellent stamina, with the blonde barreling into her in the first minute and again trying to plant leather on her pretty face. Megan doing her best to avoid a majority of them, but her cheek grimacing in pain when Zoey scores another right cuff, then another grazes off the former champ’s chin in close quarters. Fox in trouble as she goes stumbling back into the ropes! HERE comes Zoey, face full of concentration as she sends another two uppercuts crashing into Megan’s body, whipping the wind out of her lungs, but a subsequent uppercut to the chin is met by quick-thinking guard from Fox, who’s still hanging tight in there inside the pocket, but taking a big shellacking! Zoey unleashing with strapping hooks like she’s been taught, unfortunately gets careless and WHIPPED around when Megan ducks under a third, and wraps her arms around the neck and waistline, forcing both girls to rotate and wrestle along the ropes, with Fox gaining just enough leverage towards the end of the round when she pins Zoey down and pumps her stomach full of right hands, bowling her over as well. Girls have to be separated when the bell rings, and unfortunately for Fox, she didn’t do quite enough to win herself this round either!

Those body shots appear to be have done a number on Zoey, however, limping out of her corner when the bell rings. She doesn’t have the same flurry of activity as she comes forward this time, almost looks shocked when Megan lunges in quickly with a straight hand cross to the middle of her face! Zoey letting out a gurgle as she falls backwards, all that momentum evaporating. Fox in close pursuit, firing her hands off at a quick pace, most of which landing on the cheek, forehead or the face. Megan chasing the spent girl all the way to the ropes, where she unleashes a final barrage all over Zoey’s frame. With her taking a majority to the body, Zoey powerless to eat another hook to the side of the face, which FLOORS her down to the side in a heap! Methodical destruction on display here, as Fox shows everyone how to go the distance in the ring! Referee takes one look at Zoey sprawled out on the canvas, determines she’s too damaged to recover! He waves off the fight!

Official Decision: Megan Fox defeats Zoey Deutch via KO6!


Fox facing some early trouble in the ring back there, but ultimately timing her comeback in the best way possible: utter demolition of a girl who hasn’t had that many fights under her belt at all. 

Modest celebration as a result as she raises a hand on her way back to her corner. No one knows yet what her plans are for the future, not after seeking another run at Mishy’s title belt and falling short. One thing’s for sure though - Megan still has what it takes to win fights in the ring, case in point Zoey’s fallen frame as she lies prone on her back getting treated by the medics! 



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