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26 April 2019 Emma Samms vs Pamela Sue Martin

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Apr 27, 2019 at 8:45am


Emma Samms versus Pamela Sue Martin (Retro Fight)

(Words: GBS / Results: Lookout!) 


Circa 1985

A ring was set up on the studio that was the home for the hit tv series Dynasty. But this was not going to be Collins versus Evans, rather a battle of co-stars. Emma Samms would be taking on Pamela Sue Martin. Samms would be taking over Martin’s role on the show this season and this led to a lot of ill feelings between these two. Not just ill feelings but nasty words, threats and some shoving and wrestling before that was stopped.
Now there were about to put all that into action with this bout.
Emma had on a red bikini top and black style bottom with red gloves.

Pamela wore a blue two piece bikini with blue gloves.


Round 1:

Well these two didn’t waste any time as they are jabbing and punching at each other from the bell. Emma opens with going to pepper Pamela’s face. Pamela was fielding those with her face before getting some good hooks into Samms’ bra. Emma responds with some crosses to Martin’s gut. The two trade punches and shots to each other’s bodies to the bell. Close but Emma did more.


Round 2:

Pamela and Emma open this round as if the first round did not end. They go right ahead and punch and counter punch at each other. Pamela got a solid right hook in during an exchange that left Emma open. Pamela then went to pound away at Emma. But before she could do too much Emma answered with some more shots to Martin’s face including a right uppercut. The rest of the round played out under the lights as these two simply pounded at each other. Again another close round but Pamela seemed to be better.


Round 3:

Emma opens the round by throwing some hard hooks to Pamela’s body. Soon she has Martin backing up. The two starting punching up but Emma seems more in control. She easily maneuvered the fight to Pamela’s corner by mid round. Emma ended the round with a beautiful right cross to Martin’s face. Much of the round was fought near Pamela’s corner. Clearly Samms won this round.


Round 4:

Pamela jumped forward to open this round. She caught Emma after a miss with a right hook to Samms’ mouth. Some shots to Emma’s body follow and it looks like Pamela is really going this round. After forcing Emma to the ropes, she misses twice which allows Emma to throw a combo to her body and back her off. Emma goes back to peppering Pamela’s face. Pamela goes to defend and it is punch and counter punch right to the bell. Maybe Pamela wins this round it is close.


Round 5:

The first minute of the round belongs to Emma who got in first with a few more shots to Pamela’s face. After a couple of missed punches by Pamela, Emma landed right uppercut to her body and then a left cross to her face. MARTIN GOES DOWN! Emma stands over her before being chased to a neutral corner. Pamela is counted out on the canvas as she is sitting up. KO5 – Emma Samms.


Emma basks in the glow of her victory from the fans and poses for pictures. Meanwhile Pamela is leaning back in her corner as the corner people work on her. Emma looks at her and stares knowing she won and Pamela is off. Emma poses one more time before leaving the ring. 



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