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26 April 2019 Audrey Hepburn vs Barbara Stanwyck

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Apr 27, 2019 at 8:41am


Audrey Hepburn versus Barbara Stanwyck (Retro Fight) 
(Words:GBS / Results: Lookout!)


Paramount had little clue on what do to with their new discovery, Audrey Hepburn. She was unlike any star before. She was not an easy sell in the ring as they found out. They were told she was too small, too thin and not enough body.


So they decided to have her face another star who was no stranger to the ring. Barbara Stanwyck was a well-known around Hollywood as a fighter who loved to box. She was all too glad to face Audrey.


Both were very cordial in the pre-fight press at the time.
A ring was set on a Paramount sound stage for the fight.
Barbara came to the ring wearing a black two piece with brown leather gloves.
Audrey entered the ring wearing a black two piece with large white polka dots on it. Brown leather gloves for Audrey as well.


Round 1:
Well the opening of the bout was a battle of jabs and movement which Barbara fared better. Next she slugged at Audrey out of her fighting stance. Audrey seems to be fighting awkwardly and doesn’t seem to be boxing well. Barbara seems more direct and her punches come from her shoulders. She seems to be clipping away at Audrey with amazingly accurate left cross. Those led to some right handed shots to Audrey’s body.


Round 2:
Audrey certainly turned this around as she came out more aggressive this round. She started off by throwing punches by the dozens right away at Barbara. Soon she was moving back and Audrey landed a neat right uppercut to Stanwyck’s body. That froze her and Audrey then opened up with both fists to Barbara’s body and bra. Barbara did break away but it was too late as the bell rang quickly after. Audrey is pleased at winning the round.


Round 3:
Barbara came out a little slow to open the round. But she decided to box from the outside after the beating she got in the previous round. She did circle and the fight became a round affair. Audrey could not press home her advantage and got jabs from Stanwyck. Soon Barbara was back and she was clipping Audrey over and over again. Even the right hook on occasion and Audrey had dropped the round.


Round 4:

The round opened with Barbara sticking with her new found success and using her legs and jabs to keep Audrey away. But Audrey was able to counter act this strategy by ducking under a couple long jabs or leaning back. Then Hepburn nailed Stanwyck with a right hook to her face. This staggered her and Audrey immediately goes back there with some hard punishing crosses and jabs. Barbara looks to be in trouble until she circles away and returns to jabbing and circling. A very close round maybe won by Barbara.


Round 5:

Those hard punches Audrey gave Barbara must have fired her up during the break. As she came out with some more hooks to Barbara’s face. Those knocked Stanwyck backwards and close to the ropes. Soon more leather from the slim brunette comes at her face. Audrey keeps up the assault on Barbara for the rest of the round. Late in the round, Audrey knocked Barbara into the ropes with a right uppercut to her body. She started to follow up when the bell rang. Audrey won that round no doubt.


Round 6:
Audrey lays into Barbara’s body right away and then a right hook to her chin. This dazed Stanwyck seriously and this time Hepburn follows up. She goes down to Barbara’s ribcage and stars crossing away. After 3 shots, Audrey throws another right uppercut this time to Stanwyck’s chin. Barbara falls to the canvas and Audrey goes to a neutral corner. The referee starts the count as Stanwyck reaches for the middle rope and tries to steady herself. But it is no good as the 10 count is made. KO6 – Audrey Hepburn.


Audrey was declared the winner and had her right glove raised. Paramount had a winner that was for sure. Maybe her body type didn’t preclude her from normal boxing? Later, the executives agreed for her to continue fighting under the Paramount colors. The fans applauded and stood for her win and effort. After she went over to Stanwyck’s corner and checked on her opponent. Soon the two opponents were conversing. The fans cheered mightily for this display of sportswomanship from the winning fighter. Audrey waved and acknowledged these additional cheers before she left the ring.




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