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26 April 2019 Vanessa Hudgens vs Briana Evigan

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Apr 27, 2019 at 8:24am


Briana Evigan vs. Vanessa Hudgens(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


Evigan a girl who's been seen as having championship potential since her debut at the age of 22 back in 2009. And, she's claimed some impressive scalps along the way, including those of Nina Dobrev and Hall of Famer Hayden Panettiere. But. She's on her third stable, having spent several years in the indie wilderness, and she's never been able to put together the run that would shove her into the elite or get her a title shot. But, she's getting consistent work now and has won four of six. Add a win tonight against, arguably, the best flyweight in the world, and, well. Maybe the long-awaited arrival of Briana Evigan will finally be here. "Yeah," says Briana with a nod. "Huge fight. No question. Win this one, and I'm right in the title picture. And, that's exactly what I'm going to do."

"She's not in my LEAGUE," says 'Nessa with a snarl. "That's the problem. That's the reason everybody's been waiting for her to finally 'break through'. She's not going to. Because she's not GOOD ENOUGH."


Hudgens on the move, snapping the jab, circling. Evigan not going to play that game. No percentage in it against the former champion. Instead, she gets the gloves up and keeps them there, then works forward, looks to angle and cut the ring, create set pieces. And, when Evigan does that, she's very, very effective, putting together punches, landing hard, sharp shot. At other times, though, it's Vanessa in open canvas. And, those times do NOT go well for Evigan. Instead, Hudgens' quick feet and quick hands rule the day. She's gets combinations on, then dances away, scoring points without allowing Briana to counter. Question becomes, which fighter will get more of what she wants. Answer is, neither. Evigan's stuff is offset by Hudgens' stuff, and, when the bell rings after three minutes, we're dead even. And, the cards read 10-10 after one.


More of the same. Hudgens on the move early, seeming to have the geometry down. She's able to stay in open canvas, use that jab, dance away from Evigan's attempts to bottle her up and force exchanges. Second minute sees things change, however. Briana getting 'Nessa's rhythm down, cutting her off, creating those set pieces and getting punches put together when she does so. Two thirds of the way through, we're looking at another even round, but, the third minute goes much the way the second had. It's Evigan crowding, forcing trades, landing hard shot to head and body. Hudgens unable to slip away, resorting to tying up and trying to force breaks, but Briana answers by punching free, continuing to punish her rival right to the bell. When it rings, Evigan's claimed the round and taken the lead 20-19.


Briana crowding early. 'Nessa can't seem to find space now. She's getting frustrated as she's being forced to fight Evigan's fight. Briana, however, is just FINE with it, as she works body, looking to get into Vanessa's legs, wear her down, create a stationary target later in the fight. BOOM! Right hook, 'Nessa and EVIGAN IS HURT! That quickly, the former champ changes the dynamic on a dime, wobbling Evigan and then sending her reeling backward with a barrage of punches that leaves her in deep trouble on the ropes. Hudgens tossing everything but the kitchen sink at her rival as Briana hangs on in a high guard, rolling with punches, trying to get out of the round on her feet. For well over a minute, 'Nessa piles up the hurt, but, when the bell sounds, Briana's still standing. Hudgens takes the round wide, though, and the cards are now even at 29.


Hudgens pressing her advantage early, backing up Briana, looking to finish. Evigan taking a licking but continuing to tick, slowly beginning to firm up as the legs come back. BOOM! Right hand, EVIGAN and now HUDGENS is hurt! A SCINTILLATING counter that comes out of nowhere turns the fight again. Now it's 'Nessa covering up as Briana lets the hands go, thumping the former champion both upstairs and down. Teeth bared, Evigan TEARS into her rival, knowing she's one good shot away from a huge victory. Hudgens nearly helpless, backed to the ropes and soaking up leather. Ref watching closely, ready to leap in, but Vanessa holds him at bay. She fires back here and there, ships the shell and stays afloat, and, just like Briana did in the third, she makes it to the bell. It's Evigan wide in the fourth, and Briana's back on the lead, 39-38, but a huge opportunity has slipped away.


Now it's Evigan pressing, looking to finish this thing. Hudgens still buzzed, giving ground, countering here and there, working hard to stay off the ropes. And she manages it, which turns out to be absolutely huge. Rather than getting trapped on the cables, where Briana could tee off, 'Nessa stays mid-ring, limiting the early damage, and, by mid-round, Hudgens is moving very well again. Evigan keeps pressing, and that plays into Vanessa's hands. Hudgens circling, jabbing, stopping and popping while Briana tries to corral her, but can't get it done. Slowly, the former champion makes up the stagger and, late in the round, begins to pull ahead. Evigan corner shouting at her to angle, cut the ring, but Briana still in seek-and-destroy mode to the bell. Result is a narrow victory for 'Nessa, who evens the fight again, this time at 48.


Evigan hears it in the corner and takes heed. She's back to working the feet and looking to cut the ring now. Hudgens, meanwhile, still on the move, using the jab and circle, playing hard to find. Again, both fighters get some of what they want, and, each gets the better of things on her own terms. By mid-round, though, there's nothing in it, as nobody's been able to take contr...BOOM! Right hand, HUDGENS! Briana staggered! Evigan steppin' in fence post holes! 'Nessa lets the hands go and DOWN GOES EVIGAN! Briana crumples, face-first to the mat, no one punch the culprit, just the weight of all the shot. 'Nessa quickly to a neutral corner to watch and wait. Evigan pushes to hands and knees at six...and she's up at eight. Ref gives her the mandatory and ON COMES VANESSA! That Hudgens killer instinct on full display as she drives her rival back into the ropes and works her over. Ref watching closely, ready to leap in as the former champ gives Briana a thorough beating...and he DOES! Ref has seen enough! He bundles Evigan to safety and it's OVER! And your winner by TKO6 is Vanessa Hudgens!


Hudgens dismissive in the post. "Like I said, this girl is not in my LEAGUE. Then again, nobody is. And that includes YOU, Roberts. We can go ANY time. We can go RIGHT NOW. Come on down to the ring! I've still got ten more left in my legs! Let's go RIGHT NOW! Come on! Get her down here right now!" On and on like that until her corner finally corrals the former champ and gets her heading back to the dressing room.




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