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26 April 2019 Cheryl Cole vs Hayden Panettiere

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Apr 27, 2019 at 8:21am


Hayden Panettiere vs Cheryl Cole
(Foxfire Boxing vs Lioness Club)
(69-35-1, 52 KO vs 29-6, 29 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Triple unified flyweight champion Hayden Panettiere is probably the last elite member of the division Cheryl Cole hasn't faced yet in her prolific crossover career on this side of the Atantic. But there's more to this clash than just elite pride since Cheryl is booked to fight Avril Lavigne on the Doll Ball next weekend which makes the Hayden test either a monster trial by fire or a mere stop-gap before the Dollhouse showdown.

"It's actually neither!", Cheryl tells BLONDE! Magazine a couple of hours before the fight, "I want to win it ALL and there are no excuses. Hayden is no pushover blonde as much as I regret to say that but once I beat the crap out of her, Avril Lavigne will be frickin' spooked to death! Hayden beat her up earlier this year already so imagine the fear factor I'll bring coming off a win like this tonight!"

Hayden has indeed scored a gem over Avril back in January but she also served as stablemate Sarah Carter's Hall of Fame introduction victim on the March Madness PPV: "Look, I know Sarah needed a win to get over the Tess Valmore line but I'm in that very same Hall myself! And I turn 30 in August! I didn't take it easy against Sarah and I deffo won't take it easy vs this cocky English tramp! I'll make Avril a HUGE favor once I send a damaged Cheryl over to the Doll Ball! Because I'm gonna whup Cheryl top to bottom tonight and that's a promise!"

Cheryl Cole wears a black bikini top, leopard print panties & blue gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Hayden Panettiere wears a red bikini set & white gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a curled ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Cheryl always comes out hot out of the gate and even a Hall of Fame opponent makes no difference; it's Geordie Power on fully display in the opener as Hayden gets whacked with the head-hunting approach and has to scramble for her life when she gets tagged on the chin with a vicious uppercut double. She gives away a couple of inches in size & reach and just can't stop Cole in her tracks while soaking up a relentless pressure up the middle. Ugh! Cheryl keeps charging at the reeling blonde until she traps her on the ropes before a scything cross on the nose bends Hayden into a lenghty earmuff to cap off her sluggish start.

Round 2:
Hayden roars back into a slugging response but Cheryl finds her comfort zone in this battle of attrition which hampers the blonde's intended progress. Both women duke out heavy close range punishment without a significant breakthrough and you just have to admire the elite resilience here! Chezza develops a small gash under her left eye but bursts Hayden's lips into even a bigger swelling problem and the back & forth head-hunting tangle is worthy of a championship scrap no less before the American goes low and drills the brunette's ribcage which gives her a slight edge come the final minute. She packs more crisp hook below Cole's elbows and drops her back into mid-range but another aerial attack misses the target late and Chezza dances her way out of trouble.

Round 3:
More of the same in the third, a hectic aerial duke opens the action but Hayden seeks the midsection switch a little earlier than before which actually catches Cole off guard again... a ripping hook bends the singer sideways just past the one-minute mark and Hayden cranks it up from there blowing the older girl back to the ropes with a mix of half-uppercuts & overhands that overwhelm the Geordie stunner. Cheryl gets backed into the ropes but still swings it from behind the guard alas Panettiere's agility allows her to escape the pressure and she lays it into Cheryl's ribcage down the stretch to neutralize the reigning BBU champion for the remainder of the round.

Round 4:
Cole finally drills some Panettiere tummy early in the fourth which leads into a rare clinch as the Hall of Famer suddenly doesn't look so frisky anymore while getting punched in the gut! Huh! That's a welcomed change for the Lioness crew and Chezza spots the difference immediately which triggers a furious body assault that reels the younger woman onto the ropes. Hayden escapes the initial trap but finds herself backpedalling too much to hand the momentum back to the Geordie lass who takes full advantage of it... A couple of hooks on the chin fail to throw Chezza off her range and she pumps more body shots to neutralize her foe in the corner come the final stretch where she leans on her with more harpoon juice to leave Panettiere scowling in discomfort at the bell.

Round 5:
Cheryl has found her way to frustrate the former Ms Klitschko and Hayden appears lethargic while getting trapped in the body assault struggle. She drags the brunette into a lenghty clinch instead of smacking her up the middle outright which some of the fans & pundits don't understand at all. However Chezza's high-octane pinching could derail any elite tactics out there so maybe Hayden is just seeing the Geordie attack out? She'd be better off avoiding a structural damage though but the ugly spell of this bout only works in the singer's favor and Cheryl finally resumes the head-hunting attack come the final minute when she shakes off the clinching stalemate and blasts Hayden on the chin again. She adds a couple of chops on the nose as well and has the former champion gasping for air when the bell stops the action.

Round 6:
Chezza has probably pulled ahead on the cards by now but here comes Hayden again to chop the liver area and reel the older woman on the back foot early in the sixth. Despite enduring over 100 fights over the years, the tiny blonde is still only 29 years old and immune to running out of gas at half-distance mark. She drills Chezza right in the gut and barges into her boobs before landing a brutal uppercut double that wobbles the brunette on jelly knees for the first time tonight! Ugh! Cheryl didn't really expect such a response when she's settled into her comfort zone but that's the Hall of Fame profile slamming at your door and the older girl simply has to yield real estate when Hayden lands more cruel shots upstairs. She outworks the singer in close range and knocks her head around to force a tactical retreat but that's just unacceptable for coach Eva Mendes who is furous at her protegee during the subsequent interval.

Round 7:
Cheryl pleads to drop the hammer on the pesky blonde right away but she misfires in the initial approach and gets crippled by a vicious hook on the boobs followed by a nose-busting half-uppercut... Hayden beats her for another overhand shortly afterwards and takes off from there bashing Cole from both flanks and sending the dark ponytail for a wild ride... Cheryl gets swamped by the head-hunting menace and remains glued to the spot while Hayden hits the overdrive button and SMOKES her on the jaw with an epic double... Oi, Chezza!!! The Geordie tourist is HURT and bends to the side with a whimper which only fuels the blonde's jabbing craze... she sets it all up and DRILLS the aching foe on the nose before a proper haymaker uppercut on the jaw SENDS COLE CRASHING DOWN ON HER BACK TO RISE NO MORE!!! Wild KO7 Hayden Panettiere!!!

AFTER: The ref didn't even bother with the count and he raises Hayden's arm immediately after waving the bout off which adds the icing on the Foxfire cake here! Hayden takes a quick glance at the fallen opponent and laughs out before posing for the cameras with her foot firmly placed on Cheryl's hip. Ugh! This is a bitter pill to swallow for the Lioness crew and poor Chezza has been just about rendered half-unconscious by the petite Hall of Famer.

Cheryl's devilish plan to run Hayden P. over on her way to steal the Doll Ball headlines next week is officially derailed and there's probably nobody in a better mood than Avril Lavigne right now! Meanwhile the Lionesses face a race against time to get their Geordie Power supplier ready for the big Staples Center showdown. Moreover Cole's Top 5 divisional status is suddenly very much on the line too. No wonder Eva Mendes looks so upset when she's forced to escort a hollow-eyed Chezza back to the locker room. Someone altered the God damn script, folks!

Official Result: Hayden Panettiere def. Cheryl Cole KO7. 



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