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26 April 2019 Priyanka Chopra vs Kira Kosarin

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Apr 27, 2019 at 7:54am


Priyanka Chopra versus Kira KosarinWords: HISC / Results: Lookout!


Before: Kosarin blossoming quickly, moving from future to current star all while being of an age barely able to indulge in a cocktail at the local watering hole. After earning a shot at the titles held by Nina Dobrev and pushing the Bulgarian to the eighth round before succumbing, Kira’s gotten right back into gear, dropping Robbie, Olsen and Scodelario in succession. She has to feel good in running the string to four if her previous fight against Chopra is any indication, dropping the Indian beauty in a wild five-round free-for-all.

Priyanka’s hit her stride after a tough start with the Consortium, particularly turning it on in the wake of Claire Danes impending and now occurring retirement, Pee Cee not having lost since the fight against Kosarin in March of last year. The question becomes has Chopra upped her game enough to catch a battering bantam like Kosarin and turn the previous result on its head? Priyanka certainly seems to believe so.

“She surprised me last time out. I heard a lot of hype about the kid and she was more than that. But don’t let her tell you she wasn’t close to ending on her back in that match and this time she will.”

Kira is acutely unconcerned with Chopra’s recent career uptick and, in fact, seems to consider it an opportunity.

“Look, she’s in the Top Ten. Only took her until her mid-30s to0 do it. I hope she enjoys her last few moments in the rarefied air. After tonight, she’ll be dropping out. My Bonzo jab’s only gotten sharper since are last engagement and she couldn’t take it then. Her soft tummy is going to be eating them even more tonight. If she makes it back to five, I’ll be surprised.”

R1: Kira isn’t wasting time, charging and putting leather on Priyanka immediately. She ‘hups’ away with a steady stream of jabs to Chopra’s chest from the get-go, keeping Priyanka on her back foot. Chopra is forced to wheel away from trouble, wincing as Kosarin keeps busy and stays accurate, racking up impacts to ribs and abs, keeping to a familiar gameplan. Kira sends pik after pek, varying the target enough to find purchase on Chopra’s frame until Priyanka is stacked against the ropes. With her back against the cables, Chopra finds herself, battling back to open the middle minute. Priyanka finds a little rhythm on defense and it transitions to a couple stubby right hands stuffed into Kira’s rack. Kosarin’s stifled, giving ground, but it only lasts for a moment. With Chopra’s first advance off the ropes, Kira puts her foe right back in them with a dig to the navel that draws a startled grunt from Priyanka and a follow-up right overhand catching plenty of cheek. Chopra hops to her right, dark eyes wide with worry from the first big connection of the night, but she retreats in orderly fashion, keeping Kira at bay as she escapes toward center stage. Unfortunately for Priyanka, Kosarin seems to find this territory to her liking, pounding jabs in quick succession to keep her opponent off balance and too busy to return fire. In the final moments, Kira raises one of her trademark flicking lefts from chest to chin and Priyanka is in a backpedal, her lids blinking, the Consortium fighter catching a break as the bell ends the round and keeps Kira from following up. Even so, Kosarin wins the first round wide, imposing her will as a sour-faced Priyanka shuffles to her corner.

R2: No reason to change things of Kosarin. She’s out quickly to find Chopra only a couple steps from the Indian’s HQ. Kira’s reach isn’t much more than Chopra’s but she knows how to use it more effectively and the angles she creates are sneaking more prodding punches than not into increasingly tender locations. Kosarin piles in jabs with an occasional right hand follow-up, but it’s those flicking lefts bruising Priyanka’s tawny tummy and ribs drawing sneers of discomfort from Chopra. Priyanka changes up. Not able to curb Kira’s assault from distance, Priyanka closes the gap, getting big, and leaning into stubby but powerful combinations, chugging them into the youthful chest and abdomen. Chopra still doesn’t get Kira to step back, but Kosarin isn’t throwing as she pulls her elbows in to try and block Chopra’s laying in right-lefts. Kira pushes Priyanka back a step and the women have at it. Both head for their fore’s bra, Kosarin hammering with her thrusting piston-like pulses while Chopra sweeps a couple rights upwards into Kira’s cups, eliciting a pained yip and a look of displeasure from the dark-haired youngster. Still, no one’s giving ground as the bell sounds and the zebra has to intercede to push the ladies away from their continued leather throwing, Priyanka slipping in a pie-face over the man’s shoulder infuriating Kosarin, Chopra walking away with a round, if much closer than Kira’s in the first.

R3: Priyanka hopes to continue building on the change of momentum. She’s ready to start stanza number three on the upswing. Jumping Kira before she gets fully settled, Chopra comes out firing the big guns, getting beefy on the bendy-back brunette. Priyanka rattles Kira with shots to the chest but quickly Kira’s not having it. She pivots and sweeps Priyanka by, tagging Chopra with a right to the temple. Already off balance, the knock to her noggin sends Priyanka staggering into the ropes. More startled than hurt, Chopra bounces off the strands and into a flurry from a greedy Kira. Left-left-right. Once. Twice. Three times the trifecta thumps into a recoiling Priyanka, the third set sitting Chopra on the middle cable. With Priyanka gasping and bent over, Kira takes jugg without remorse, unloading with lashing rights and lefts to Chopra’s gurls. Priyanka sobs from the hailstorm and reaches out to grasp Kira around the shoulders and pull her into a clinch. But Kira shoulders off Chopra and churns away, drilling in gutting blows to the abdomen, then swinging lathering shots into the meat just above Priyanka’s hips. Chopra is storm tossed by the youngster, flicking out ‘don’t-hurt-me’ jabs as she tries to make room between them by backpedaling. Priyanka tries to burn clock, but a chasing Kosarin delivers a rib-crunching left that has Chopra listing as the third round concludes, Kira snorting as a floundering Priyanka escapes a knockdown but gives the round away wide to Kosarin.

R4: Chopra is late off her stool and Kira, seemingly on schedule for another knockout is touching up Priyanka early. The brunette continues to teach Chopra she’s got some pop when she wants to show it off. Leather pounds against Chopra’s flawless features, Kira touching up check and chin as a desperate Priyanka tries to escape her corner in the first minute. The Indian manages to duck under a dangerous right cross from Kosarin. Priyanka catches Kira flat-footed with a gutting left to unprotected ribs, eliciting a guttural grumble. With her foe doubled and gasping, Chopra bullies her back a step with snaps a left uppercut into Kosarin’s jaw. Kira unravels, flailing arms used to balance instead of cover carnage-causing reprisals and Chopra is all about raising the stakes with her opening. Priyanka keeps the uppercuts coming, a left tagging Kira under the chin and a right that puts Kira’s head on a swivel. The confidence in Kira’s face evaporates as Chopra stacks her in a corner and head hunts wildly with crossing haymakers. Kosarin’s weaving keeps the bombs from connecting, Chopra bouncing them off shoulders and tousling the top of Kira’s dark mop as she slides her leather over. The misses allow the sneaky youngster to ‘pek’ her way out, tacking out of trouble and forcing Priyanka to chase late. A flustered Chopra storms to her corner at the bell, realizing she’s let a golden opportunity to put Kira on the canvas slip from her gloved fingertips. Her corner assures the Bollywood Bomber she’s taken the round wide, broken Kira’s confidence, and is now set to break her body with a dominant fifth.

R5: Kosarin has other ideas! In their first encounter, she beat Chopra standing toe to toe and taking but giving more until Priyanka’s body gave out. She pushes the same plotline tonight. Standing mid-ring, she invites Chopra forward and there’s no way the Indian is passing it up. Looks like a mistake in the first minute when Chopra slips Kira’s efforts, Priyanka looking a lot more lively when not pestered by Kosarin’s insistent thrusting jabs. Chopra lands a heavy left cross to Kira’s chest. Kosarin hops sideways, flat into a looping right that booms off Kira’s lips and nose, Kira literally getting a taste of Chopra’s leather. Priyanka lines another and…NOOO. Kira’s preemptive return fire catches Chopra flush, first between the eyes and, when Priyanka’s guard rises, gut shots that have Chopra gurgling. Priyanka tries to counter, but the youngster is heaving heavy artillery and Chopra’s opened the door to Free-For-All Part Deux. Kira BASHES left then right, swinging Chopra’s braincase from side to side, putting a shimmy in the Indian’s tawny legs. Priyanka’s bullied to the ropes and sits down, allowing Kira to work Chopra like a part-time job. It’s a mess as Kira unleashes on a stricken Chopra. But with middle rope supporting her backside, Priyanka survives to the bell on her feet, the resilient rival refusing to give Kira the satisfaction of another fifth round KO. Still, Kira retakes control in the seesaw affair with a wide win, the bantams heading to the second half.

R6: Determined to stretch her lead, Kosarin forgoes her jab game and sets about head hunting, keeping her dukes in a defensive posture, waiting for the precise moment. Priyanka cautiously layers some leather, trying to recover from the battering, arms looking leaden. Apparently sensing the opportunity, Kira pivots and goes ballistic with a big right hand but Chopra beats her. The Indian beauty connects with a whippet-like left over the top of Kira’s right, catching Kosarin’s jaw flush. The youngster’s head snaps to the side and her torqueing body follows a split-second later, Kira stepping in fencepost holes as she wanders away from a rejuvenated Priyanka. Chopra jumps into another left that crashes off Kira’s temple, spinning the brunette in a drunken pirouette. The middle minute sees Priyanka unburdened from any previous concern over Kosarin dropping her. With blood in the water, Priyanka is a pouty-lipped shark bombing away on an apprehensive Kira. Kosarin tries to pick off Chopra’s heavy lumber, but a shot to her quivering abdomen brings her guard down and Priyanka lashes Kira’s cheek with a wicked right that draws a sympathetic groan from the crowd. Final minute: Kira’s chin lolls to her chest. She’s taking a brutal barrage, a giddy Priyanka containing her emotions enough to make each throw count and she’s ripping Kira asunder, Chopra ravaging Kosarin’s rack with lefts and plundering Kira with chin-checks from her right. The poor Nickelodeon grad is being brought to heel, swaying with each meaty thwack of her frame as Chopra tries to beat the bell and finish Kosarin off. But the stubborn Kira keeps the KO at bay, the ref stepping between the pugilists at the bell, Chopra frustrated but well aware the sixth was hers in a stone cold shutout.

R7: Priyanka chomps at the bit, never taking her seat between rounds. Across the ring, Bonzo’s crew is trying to put Humpty Kira back together. Though the tenacious Kosarin maintained her footing through the sixth, Priyanka shows the extra something that’s moved her up the ranks since last these two met. At the bell, Chopra is off like at a starter’s gun. A tender and traumatized Kira gamely meets her foe a few feet out from her corner and is quickly swamped by the buffeting blows of Chopra. Priyanka has a desperate Kira backpedaling, Kosarin’s defenses feeble and easily breeched by the rampaging bantam brawler from the subcontinent. Kira is smoked by a stiff right-left-right to her braincase that has her wobbly butt in the ropes. Middle minute: Kira bounces out of the cables, wheeling to her right, throwing out jabs for cover Priyanka brushes aside. Chopra drives a stubby left into Kira’s bruised belly. Gutshot, it appears Kira might be headed to a puddle on the canvas but before Kosarin can melt to the mat, Priyanka slashes a ‘buh-bye’ right to a lowered temple sending KIRA SPINNING DOWN TO A SPREADEAGLE. Priyanka’s momentum sees her trip over Kosarin’s body before she regains her balance. A glassy-eyed Kira stares blankly into the rafters, trying to blink her senses back into place. The brunette manages to prop slightly on her forearms before flopping to her side when she tries to rise further, the ten-count passing her by. KO7 Priyanka Chopra!

After: Miishy, enjoying her first night off in forever, scrambles into the ring and swallows her teammate up in a hug, nearly knocking Chopra. A beaming Williams apologizes then turns and plucks the gobsmacked Kira off the deck by her dark locks. Gleefully, the platinum blonde pixie shoves Kosarin to a smirking Priyanka who stacks Kira in the Consortium corner. Climbing to the middle ropes, Priyanka leans into her prey, sliding tummy over the greasy face of her victim. When Kira tries to slide her features to the side, Chopra forces nose to navel with a tight grip on her foe’s mane. “Now you know,” Chopra shouts down at the crown of Kira’s head, Kosarin’s face still buried in tawny abs. “I’m the real deal and you’re a flash in the pan.”

The squirming Kira’s palms press futilely against Chopra’s hips, Priyanka reveling in forcefeeding the woman that buried her last time out and predicted more of the same tonight. Slowly but surely, the tension in Kira’s limbs release, her body slumping into the victor’s. When Chopra dismounts, Kira slides down the buckles, pooling at Priyanka’s feet, ending on her haunches, shoulder leaning against the cables, semiconscious.

From behind the winner, Mishy massages Chopra’s neck, the blonde turning to the nearest lens. 

“Next champ, ladies! Take it to the bank!” 



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