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26 April 2019 Taylor Swift vs Raven Lyn

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Apr 27, 2019 at 7:40am


Raven Lyn (Beevers Babes USA) vs Taylor Swift (Fates Boxing)(Words: Knowlesey / Results: Lookout!)

After fighting out of the Empire stable for three years, 29 year old Taylor has been forced to find new management, after it’s closure, and has been snapped up by Fates, and the tall blonde makes her debut for that stable against 24 year old Raven, who lost her debut fight against the experienced Serinda Swan, but now has management, and will be looking to start with a win, but Taylor is a tough girl these days, and will be a hard opponent

Raven is wearing a white one-piece outfit, and Taylor a pale green leather bodice and knickers, as the girls parade the ring, and draw the gasps of their fans

Round 1

Taylor starts the fight well, using her height and reach to keep Raven back, the younger girl soon finding that she’ll need a better game plan than rushing in, because Taylor is catching her far too often, her punches straight and true, as she gives Raven a boxing lesson in the opening minute of this fight, the model being really schooled, but she fights back, and thuds a good right hook into Taylor’s face, and presses the blonde backwards, Taylor protecting herself, but Raven’s very aggressive, and she keeps at the singer, but she isn’t really hurting her, such is her defence

Round 2

Raven looks like she’s really up for battle again in round two, and she tries Taylor out with that right hook, but Taylor blocks her first attempt, then steps back when Raven comes in again, dodges the singer’s naive attempt to blast her head off, and counters, with a right to the model’s body, then a sweet combination to her face, jab, cross, jab, Raven wide-eyed, then a left hook to her jaw puts her on the canvas, Raven banging her gloves on the deck, before getting to her feet at 6, but the damage has been done, and she struggles a little to land any real punches, whilst Taylor picks her off, again just outboxing her completely to take control of the fight

Round 3

The lesson continues as the round begins, with Taylor just too mobile for Raven, who lunges after her, then eats a hook and a right cross, stumbling slightly, possibly ready to go down again, but then she catches Taylor offguard with a left hook to her ribs, and that’s changed things around, Taylor now needing to defend herself tightly as Raven realises she can hurt her if she picks her punches more carefully, the model giving Taylor some meaty bodyshots as she presses her back to the ropes, doing her best to open the lovely blonde up to punish her to her face, but Taylor clichés and holds to frustrate the model, who has again managed to get back into thi matchup

Round 4

Raven’s quickly off her stool and across the ring, where Taylor meets her with a series of accurate, stinging jabs to her face, the model stopped in her tracks and getting a whupping as the blonde picks her off, giving her a sprinkling of crosses to go with those jabs, Raven’s face starting to show a certain amount of wear and tear as Taylor’s gloves bang into it, her cheeks shining as they start to swell, and those will be sore tonight, Raven’s defence almost non-existent now as Taylor swats her face from side to side, the model in trouble, backed into a neutral corner, Taylor’s fans urging her on, the singer trying Raven with a right uppercut, which only catches her a glancing blow, but it’s enough to drop her to her ass, the model taking a second count, this time of 8, before looking anywhere near ready to carry on, Taylor running out of time to finish her off

Round 5

Taylor’s looking just about ready to finish Raven off as they start round 5, the singer again popping the model’s head back too often for comfort with those solid jabs, Raven just eating leather now, taking her punishment, but she’s doing her best to walk through the barrage of punches coming her way, and she’s actually fighting back, blinking hard as she struggles to see, but standing up and trading big, slamming punches with Taylor, the blonde now also showing the signs of battle as the model lands some crushing punches, hard enough and accurate enough to cut the blonde’s right eyebrow, and Taylor has to give ground to the brave Raven, who no longer looks ready to be knocked out

Round 6

The opening five rounds have been so back and forth it’s hard to tell which girl’s getting the upper hand, but certainly Taylor’s full of fight as the sixth round begins, her left jab stabbing into Raven’s waiting face, then she nails her with a right hook, and it looks like the model’s legs have gone! Raven shuffles backwards, her feet not landing where she aims them, and a smiling Taylor Swift sways side to side, and lets her have the uppercut again, this time landing it fair and square on Raven’s chin, and she won’t be getting to her feet any time soon

Result: Taylor Swift knocked out Raven Lyn in round 6

Taylor may have moved stables, but her ability isn’t diminished! She took Raven apart in the ring tonight, taught her a big lesson, and it’s to be hoped that won’t discourage the girl, who has plenty of time to come again in the FCBA 



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