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26 April 2019 Bridget Regan vs Paula Patton

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on April 26, 2019, 7:26 pm



Bridget Regan versus Paula Patton  

(Words: Bazz / Results: Lookout!)


Before: “It’s been a couple of years since we last said hello, hasn’t it Paula? You can see the ups and downs of this league etched across our faces. Two old dogs trying out new tricks tonight. I’ve watched Paula power punching her way through this league for a while. Thankfully I’ve only had to meet up with her once. Strongest girl I’ve seen and that includes me and the other Big Red Machine from across town. Still there’s more to this than that one hand that sends a girl to dreamland. This is a league where skill counts for everything. I plan on reestablishing mine tonight in this ring against a very strong opponent.” A very slim and trim Bridget Regan does her usual compliment filled prologue from the podium.


“Thanks for the props girlfriend. You’ve always been so good at that. Talk a girl into actually believing that she has a shot against you. Those days, I would watch them up here, their eyes go bright for a moment while you say all these wonderful things. They think ‘Oh yeah this is my time tonight! I’m going to turn this big two in the Welter class into the big three by taking down the great Bridget Regan! Just listen to her. She’s getting soft!’ Then about three, four rounds in there would be that Wham! Bam! Thank you maam! Right hand and it’s nighty night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Paula Patton recites to the chuckles and nodding heads of the media. “To paraphrase Bill Murray ‘That may work with the chicks buddy but not me.’ You’re right. I’ve got the power to go toe to toe with you but I’ve also got the quickness, agility and, oh yeah you’re right we’ve been around, ring smarts to take you down tonight. So get ready to get stung pretty hard and enjoy your own naptime this time out.” Paula finishes with a flourish much to the delight of the eager press.


Paula looking sleek and toned in her usual bright colored bikini, this one lime green to go along with black gloves and boxing boots. Bridget showing off an extremely cut body that draws ooohs and aaahs from the press in her Bazz black bikini and matching gloves and boots. Paula’s hair hanging loose down to her shoulders and Bridget ponytailed up by her makeshift hairstylist Cassie Scerbo.

Rd 1 Both fighters wary of the other’s power keep their distance at the outset. Regan looking quicker, more agile and lighter than in recent fights steps in with a couple of jabs. Patton dodges and moves stepping to the side and knocking off a crisp two punch combination. Regan spins and snaps off a right hand that tags Paula in the side of her head. Regan follows up with two jabs. Both women showing surprising speed for a couple of welters as they circle and jab, circle and throw combinations. Each girl sneaking in punches that tag their opponent. Paula dancing in and out, planting her left leg and jabbing and following up with a right hand. She steps in and keeping Bridget at bay with the left tries to send in another right but Regan is ready chasing the gorgeous Patton with her own right hand that catches her in her left ear. Paula’s head snaps to the side and the crowd is on its feet as Bridgy Regs skips after Paula raining a series of punches on her. Paula steps back in and clinches with Regan trying to regain some composure as the bell rings with Regan in control late in the round.


Rd 2 Bridgy Regs looking confident while moving in on Paula. Both fighters push out jabs with authority though. There’s no backing down in Patton. She’s ducking in with her lead left and roundhouse right hands. Regan backing away on her rights and stepping back in with her own combinations. Each fighter picking up the pace now. Regan jabs at Patton using her left hand to connect all over the target zone as Paula stands tough swinging back touching up the Bazz fighter. Crowd on its feet watching the big girls move like bantams punches becoming blurs with each girl doing their best to withstand the other’s onslaught. Patton keeps moving avoiding Regan’s jabs and more importantly her right hand while scoring with jabs and an occasional right hand of her own. She finishes off the round with a crisp three punch combination to the body winning the second as the bell rings.


Rd 3 Regan meets Patton at mid ring and powers a left hand jab and a right hand that bounces off Patton’s shoulder and connecting to her jaw. Paula in immediate retreat backing up against the ropes to try and recover but Bridgy Regs is right in with her looking to take advantage of the ricochet right hand that almost decked Patton. Bridget’s working the body hard pounding Paula from the liver up to mid jug. It’s all hup hup hup with Paula flopping everywhere from Regan’s uppercuts. She’s got arms up around her head but still getting off some defensive punches keeping Regan away just enough to avoid a knockdown. Bridget keeps up the pressure trying to get Paula to lower her defenses but Patton’s tough. She gets around Bridget back to mid ring. Fighters trading punches each landing their share as the bell rings but it’s an overwhelming round for Regan who checks Patton out for any damage done as she makes her way to her corner.


Rd 4 Patton looking good for a girl that’s been through a bit of a cyclone. She’s slapping out jabs with smooth efficiency while Regan tries to get her cornered again. Paula keeps her distance taking her time looking for just the right opening. Both fighters slow it down a little while circling. Suddenly jabs start flying with each fighter connecting. Patton and Regan back to trading punches in an intense fury. Fighters standing toe to toe swinging away. Patton ducks down and snakes a low right cross connecting to Regan’s left side doubling her over. Patton is quick and nasty hitting upstairs with a left right left that puts Bridgy Regs on her heels. Patton follows up with a flurry of punches attacking the muscular redhead with everything she has. Regan up against the ropes trying to counterpunch but it’s all Paula connecting with punches to the head and body. The bell sounds with Patton in total control in what has become a crazy back and forth brawl.


Rd 5 Both fighters are dinged up to a degree and they both know that power punching is now dominating this fight. Paula steps in first thrust out on her left leg and throwing a strong two punch combination which Regan dodges as she moves to her right and shoots a left jab back at Patton catching her in the face. Paula tries again this time moving in tight and going in on the body. Again Regan retreats using some strong agility to go straight back on her heels this time catching Paula with a right hand that clips her jaw knocking her head sideways. It becomes apparent that Regan has hurt Patton with this punch and the muscular redhead reverses and begins stepping in on Paula. Regan is right in front of Patton now toe to toe throwing punches at her head and connecting. Patton trying to defend and counterpunch but Bridgy Regs is in control again. She’s walking the athletic brunette back pounding her with an all out blitz. Patton up against the ropes hands up trying to defend herself and counterpunching as best as she can. While some of her punches are getting through it seems as if Bridget is simply ignoring them as she moves down to the body to throw the hurt at Paula. Suddenly both fighters erupt in a series of combinations. They duck and weave out of the other’s way as best they can while unleashing hell on each other. Bridget gets the most damaging shot, an uppercut to the body that bends Paula to her left side. The bell rings with Patton clearly hurt as she heads to her corner.


Rd 6 Regan jumps out getting right back to work. Patton still needs a minute to recover from the massive swipe absorbed at the end of Round 5 but Bridgy Regs is having none of it. She moves right in and starts pounding away at the body. Paula is game trying to counterpunch her way free but what Bridgy Regs wants Bridgy Regs gets. She overwhelms Patton with a series of combinations that land to the body and the head. They are toe to toe again, an intense exchange. Regan lands two strong punches to the body and then ducks a Patton right hand and throws one of her own which catches Paula flush to the jaw. Eyes roll back and arms go slack! DOWN GOES PAULA! PAULA PATTON OUT ON HER FEET SLUMPS DOWN AGAINST BRIDGET REGAN AND THEN SAGS TO THE CANVAS! The ref comes in and counts. It’s over! A 6 ROUND KNOCKOUT FOR BRIDGET REGAN!


After: “That could have gone either way! She’s just so strong! Paula hits like some sort of wild animal. I just don’t think that she took advantage of her openings as well as I did. Who knows. We’ll watch the video maybe I did a good job of keeping those openings to a minimum. In the end when you have two strong fighters each with great quickness you have to jump when the chances are there or they may never come back. I’m just real happy to have Paula Patton behind me and I’m looking forward to what adventure Pointy and Lis have in store for me next.” Bridget comments as she towels herself off in her corner.



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