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26 April 2019 Ana Beatriz Barros vs Bo Krsmanovic

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Apr 27, 2019 at 7:19am


Ana Beatriz Barros vs. Bo Krsmanovic

Ana Beatriz Barros: FCBA Debut, 5’11”, 36 years old, Fates Boxing

Bo Krsmanovic: 11-13 since 2016, 5’11”, 27 years old, Pretty Little Punchers/VIXENs


Ana Beatriz comes to her press conference with a wide smile on her face. “I’ve always wanted to get some fights in the FCBA, and I am thankful to have that opportunity. As for Bo, while she is an up-and-coming model, she can’t hang with a more well-established model like myself. I want to make some noise in my debut, and it’s not personal with her – I just am better.”

Bo lets a smirk across her face when she is told what Barros told the press. “Look – I will let the fight do the majority of the talking, but I have a few points I want to make. First, Barros is washed-up. She’s 36, and despite her claims that she is 6’, she is not taller than I am. I’m younger, more fit, and more experienced. Second, while I respect Fates, I dispatched Prinsloo back in January, and Prinsloo is easily a better fighter than Barros. Lastly, I am on a winning streak, and I am not going to let Barros get in my way of that, and that means she is going to be on the floor at the end of this match.”

Krsmanovic comes out to the ring wearing a black bikini and red gloves, her long hair up in a ponytail.

Barros comes out to the ring second wearing a blue bikini and matching gloves with her hair also up in a ponytail.

Round 1:

Krsmanovic wastes no time going after Barros, throwing jabs at the Brazilian that mostly land in the older model’s guard. Ana Beatriz holds her ground and counterpunches smartly, keeping Bo at a distance before backing off. The two models start circling and Barros is the first one to truly commit, landing a pair of punches to Krsmanovic’s body. Bo quickly pursues Ana Beatriz and the two women exchange a flurry of blows, not holding anything back despite the right just starting. Barros slowly gains the upper hand and connects with two hard shots right to Krsmanovic’s jugs, forcing the Serbian model to back off. Bo and Ana Beatriz start circling again with each throwing a few shots at their opponents, and as the round ends, Krsmanovic lands a pair of punches into Barros’ body. At the end of the round, the judges have decided that Ana Beatriz took it on points for her early aggression, close.

Round 2:

Barros smiling as she emerges from her fight round in the FCBA and tries to continue her slight lead by immediately punching at Krsmanovic’s head. Bo easily ducks out of the way and slams a right uppercut into Barros’ chin, wobbling the Brazilian! Ana Beatriz throws her guard up just before Bo pounces, plugging her gloves into the elder model’s body, driving her into the ropes. Krsmanovic unloads into Barros, but the latter manages to clinch and the ref has to separate the two women. Out of the break Ana Beatriz tries to circle Bo, but Barros falls for a left feint from Krsmanovic and gets punished with a quick two punch combo right to her jugs. Barros steps back and Krsmanovic again pursues her. Bo lands a handful of punches, but Ana Beatriz smartly counterpunches to keep out of the ropes again. The bell signals the end of the round, and Bo takes it on points, wide.

Round 3:

Krsmanovic and Barros both jump out of their corners and immediately start throwing haymakers at each other to start the third. Krsmanovic gains a slight upper hand and corrals Barros into the ropes, but the Brazilian smashes a left hook into Bo’s jaw only to follow up with a right that swings Bo’s head the other way! The Serbian model staggers backwards as she gets her guard up, and Ana Beatriz sends punches that tenderize the younger woman’s body. Barros works Krsmanovic into the ropes and tees off for a few seconds before Bo clinches and the referee splits the two women apart. The two brunettes circle with both landing jabs to the other’s head and body, but Barros clearly pushes Krsmanovic back as the round ends. Ana Beatriz takes the round on points wide for the early action.

Round 4:

Bo slower to get out of her corner this round, and Ana Beatriz immediately baits the younger model with series of feints. Krsmanovic doesn’t bite and throws precise jabs to keep Barros at a distance. Ana Beatriz keeps throwing the feints until she darts in and buries a vicious right into Krsmanovic’s jugs and following up with an uppercut to the chin! Bo’s legs wobble and Ana Beatriz again pounces on the younger model, throwing punches into Krsmanovic’s guard and body. Barros backs Krsmanovic into the ropes, but Bo lashes out with a nasty hook of her own that sends Ana Beatriz into retreat. Bo lunges with her right to capitalize, but only connects with the empty air as Barros dodges and clobbers Bo with a right to the nose! Blood trickles out of Krsmanovic’s nose as Barros throws hooks at the Serb. Bo keeps her guard up despite the onslaught and the bell dings! Ana Beatriz wished she had more time to finish off Bo as she takes the round on points, wide.

Round 5:

Barros gets up from the Fates corner nodding, clearly wanting to get a win in her debut match. Ana Beatriz starts circling Bo, throwing jabs to try and get Bo to overcommit. Krsmanovic stays disciplined and doesn’t overextend. Bo throws out jabs of her own to keep Barros at a distance, and she seems to have slowed down the pace of the match. Ana Beatriz darts in and throws a right that hits Bo square in the jaw, but Krsmanovic wallops Barros with an uppercut to the chin and Barros drops her guard! Bo slams a right hook into Ana Beatriz’s jaw and the Brazilian bombshell staggers as she manages to pull her guard up. Now Krsmanovic is the one pursuing her opponent, and she’s landing most of her punches despite some solid counterpunching by the Brazilian. Bo works Ana Beatriz into the ropes and the older woman desperately manages to clinch at the bell. Krsmanovic takes the fifth on points wide in a commanding fashion.

Round 6:

Now it’s Bo who has the energy coming out of her corner, and wastes no time going after Ana Beatriz, firing off jabs and hooks as fast as she can. Barros stays away from most of them and feints hard with her left, but Krsmanovic buries a hook right across the Brazilian’s breasts and finishes with a left to the jaw and Barros has trouble holding her balance as she groans! Bo slips in a left through Ana Beatriz’s guard and returns to the Brazilian’s body, pounding away at her breasts and toned midriff. Barros drops her guard to try and protect her body and Krsmanovic hammers home a right hook that smacks Barros’s jaw AND THE BRAZILIAN GOES DOWN! Krsmanovic steps over Barros’ body as she moves to the corner. Ana Beatriz is flat on her back and not moving, this one is over folks. Your winner by KO6, Bo Krsmanovic!


Bo raises her hands and gets on the ringpost to pose. Meanwhile, Fates and medics tend to Ana Beatriz. Krsmanovic takes a glance over at Barros before leaving the ring, knowing that the Brazilian wasn’t getting up anytime soon. After several minutes, Fates helps Barros to her feet and Behati Prinsloo and Emily DiDonato help their stablemate to the back.

“I told you. I am too good. She is too old. And I think this shows Fates cannot manage welters.” Krsmanovic exclaims to begin her postfight press conference. “Ana Beatriz was a great model. Was. Not anymore. Her era is over. And she never had one in the ring. Anyways, I have some BBU prep to do because I am not stopping now that I am on a role.”

Krsmanovic defiantly gets up from the table and walks away. Several minutes later, Barros enters despite clearly having some trouble moving. She gingerly sits down before starting to talk.

“Tonight was rough. But Bo is a great fighter, and I clearly have to work on hanging with these younger girls and their power.” Ana Beatriz pauses. “Any questions?”

The room erupts with questions:

“You’re 36, how do you expect to compete?”

“What did you do to convince Fates you could cut it in the FCBA over other women who have already fought and are younger?”

“Whose record will you pad next?”

“Are you going to be the next Erin Heatherton with no wins and numerous defeats?”

Barros looks at Fates who just motions to leave, and the tall Brazilian model gets up and walks out as the press keeps on firing questions at her. 



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