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4 May 2019 Jessica Chastain vs Keira Knightley

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Posted by The Dollhouse on May 6, 2019 at 3:35am


Jessica Chastain
(42, 5’4, 126 lbs, 9:1 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Keira Knightley
(34, 5’7, 119 lbs, 19:28:2 FCBA, Free Agent)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

It’s Keira’s follow-up fight after her recent defeat at the hands of fellow Brit Lily Collins, and already some people in the audience are questioning her decision to fight Jessica Chastain. The American actress has been on a roll herself and hopfully on her way to a 10-1 before the night’s done, if, indeed she can overcome the taller, younger and more experienced opponent in Knightley. 

Chastain is the first to speak to reporters in the conference room, sizing up her opponent by quite literally mentioning the Brit’s height advantage going into this bout: "I obviously have great respect for Keira as an actress. She’s been one of my favourites since… well, forever. She's also 5'7 and only 34 years old. Am I crazy for taking this fight? I’ve heard you all talking back there!” Chastain chuckling as she points to the back of the room. “We'll just have to see about that, won’t we? If I win tonight, it will be my 10th FCBA win, and that’s huge for me. Regardless, I wish Keira good luck - I think we're both going to need it tonight."

At the opposite side of the table sits Ms Knightley, who must be beaming widely from the sole fact that she’s been getting more work in recent weeks, as compared to the last few years combined. The Brit replying to Chastain’s comments with an earnest smile, "I appreciate the compliments, Jess. I don't really need to tell you guys that Jessica’s an amazing actress herself. We all know that. She also seems to be an amazing boxer. I mean, a 9-1 record? She MUST be lying about her age!” The Brit draws some audible laughter from the reporters in the room. “I might have my work cut out for me tonight again, but I'm feeling quite alright about my chances here. I have the greater reach, plus I’m younger. I can't ask for much more, really. I plan on winning my fight tonight, and I fully expect my fellow Brits Dua and Cheryl to do the same, because we’re already down 0 to1."

Hours later, Chastain looking splendid for her age (which happens to be 42, if we’re keeping the facts straight) striding out onto stage in her orange and black tights and sports bra, her orange hair in a gorgeous braid down back. She raises a hand, smiling to acknowledge the huge amount of cheers from the crowd, who’ve paid good money to see two big-name actresses square off against each other tonight. Really, the shouts that meet Keira Knightley’s entrance is no less deafening, with the Brit coming in as the more well-known actress for her roles in the Pirate movies, not to mention her killer good looks. Keira casually walking down the ramp with that curt smile on the corners of her mouth, her hair in a bun, clad in a black sports bra that bares her flat, toned midriff and dark blue yoga pants with matching blue gloves. 

In the ring, these two are finally set to go! Referee does his final instructions as both women happily touch gloves, and with a wave of his hand, HERE we go as well with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

What happens when we get two defensive strikers in the same ring? Well, not much, for starters. The first round is wrought with mutual dancing as the two girls circle each other and try to penetrate defences with long strikes from afar. Jessica using the same tactics that have won her countless matches before, but she’s having trouble this time when Knightley is equally cautious, moving left and right, and Jessica’s jabs just too slow to hit the fast and agile Brit girl. Knightley not at all aggressive, if one were to describe her movements, but she’s still getting the early job done with a frequent barrage of jabs sent towards Chastain’s head, scoring aplenty, especially towards the end of the round. Big early win for Knightley as she gets more and more confident in her ability to outstrike Jessica at range, the one-sided opener made even easier by the American’s blatant hesitation to engage.

Chastain should be relying on that power swing of hers, as we all know she has in her possession. That’s how she put away folks like Lea Seydoux and Dani Fishel, if memory serves us well. She gives Keira a taste of that power in the second round, scaring her with a sudden hook to the side of the head, sending the lean Brit flying off a couple of paces in shock. Keira rattled like this repeatedly, not looking too hot as she scrambles backwards to re-establish some distance. But even at range, Jessica is playing the defensive game well by not following along, letting Keira come back to her and eat more striking combos to the face and body. Not all of the punches land, of course, but enough’s been done to unravel Keira’s strategy and leave her panting on her own, by the time these three minutes are up. What ever happened to the Brit’s confidence? It’s way gone now, as the two ladies are done feeling each other out as dance partners.

Third round and it’s usually here when we see both fighters’ true colours begin to shine. Jessica ramping up the pressure all of a sudden, calculated movements forward as she tries to trap Keira and force her to ‘muck up’, if that’s the expression one uses across the Atlantic. Keira starting to panic - her punches landing on Jessica’s arms and body, but they’re not slowing her advance down. The red tide coming forward with deliberate steps, then swinging at her head, and another jab-jab combo stings Keira on the nose before the Brit narrowly avoids a blowback as a right hook sails a few inches from her face. Knightley not easily giving up, however, bites back with sudden jabs into Chastain’s cheek whenever possible, and by third minute, both girls could equally claim to have taken this round for themselves, though the judges are gonna swing in the red aggressor’s favour. Chastain by a small margin, as we concur.

Here comes Chastain, hoping to mop it up and call it a night. At 42, that engine still purring smoothly, and this time, she marches straight for Keira, hoping to surprise her long enough to score a knockdown. It’s definitely too soon, however, and Jessica underestimates her opponent’s resolve - Knightley side-steps out of the way and then ROTATES her head with a bangin’ right hook out of nowhere! OUCH!! Jessica left off-skilter, made worse when Knightley leaps after her to keep on going! Short but effective jab-jab-jabs sent into the face as Jessica tries to cover up and scram back to her corner, but her body taking a beating on her way out! What the hell just happened in there?? Keira the one driving her foe backwards into the ropes, suddenly wailing hard on the Doll’s arms, hoping to score a victory where her foe couldn’t before… Chastain hanging on in close quarters, clinching up mid-way and starts to push those shoulders back, gloves batting at Keira’s sides as she succeeds in immobilizing the Brit in a tangle! What a crazy round that was when the bell rings, with both girls separating roughly and looking spent as they stumble back to corners!

Chastain’s age starting to act up as we enter the middle portion of this fight. She doesn’t look too hot; neither is she on fire any longer as she rises from her stool with a loud groan, only to be met with a sudden onslaught that is Keira Knightley! Good lord - Keira playing the aggressive conqueror card as she almost runs forward on those long legs, begins BLASTING Jessica’s arms right down the middle as though she were a demolitions expert and Chastain’s arms the forest needed to be cleared! The Brit’s hoping to score a big upset as she bats away, and truth be told, Jessica suddenly’s left with no room to wiggle either, arms getting blown apart by a sudden right cross that squeezes in, SLAMS hard into her mouth, and DOWN CHASTAIN GOES!! Keira putting all her effort into that one punch, hoping that it would be enough to end this fight! And it seems like she’s succeeded, with Chastain FLOORED on her back, arms above her head and eyes staring blankly up at the ceiling! Is this it??

Referee doing his slow-count above, though hesitating to wave this fight off so soon as Jessica’s already showing signs of recovery. The big redhead is making her way back onto her knees, before using the ropes to pull herself up by the count of 8! Shout from the fans shows that they clearly still have her back in this fight, but we’re left wondering if she can really survive yet another two minutes of Keira’s attacks? 

Doesn’t matter, cos HERE we go again! Keira charging straight at the American actress, arms already cocked back, ready to end this. But wait! Right cross SAILS past Jessica’s head as she suddenly slips to the right, bringing her own fist up to PLANT square into the base of oncoming Brit-chin! UGHHH! Keira almost flying off her feet as she’s intercepted like a missile destroying another, suddenly stumbling backwards, eyes squeezed shut in pain - definitely in trouble! All it takes is another follow-up HOOK to the cheek of the dazed girl to send her DOWN onto her side, in a DOUBLE KNOCKDOWN for this Round 5! 

What the what is going on here?! Keira now the one squirming at the Doll’s feet, and Jessica Chastain has barely registered what’s happening herself, stumbling over Knightley on her way back to corner. Who ever said that hatred is the best motivator hasn’t seen this fight! Girls full of mutual respect and STILL left vying to get back up for more action! Keira does exactly that, rising steadily and making it up by the skin-of-the-teeth-nine! This fight’s continuing; let alone this round!

Bell sounds for the third time and minute, and Chastain’s recovered enough to exploit the final stretch! Keira still holding on to the ropes, upper torso bent over backwards as she steadoes herself best for this assault! But she doesn’t look capable of protecting herself at all by this point of time, that pretty face getting swiped to either side by nasty hooks, lean body taking fist-thumping shots into the belly and ribs, and FINALLY the referee JUMPS in to save Keira from permanent damage! It’s all over in early TKO fashion! 

Official Decision: Jessica Chastain defeats Keira Knightley via TKO5!

Jessica breaks into a wide smile at the sound of the bell, wiping plenty of sweat from her forehead raising both hands up high, allowing herself a tired smile when the stadium erupts into cheers at her remarkable feat: she’s put down her 10th victim - a younger, more dangerous foe in Knightley tonight, and that achievement is starting to sink in properly. 

Modest wave to the fans still for their support, before Jessica heads over to Keira’s corner, where the Brit has sunk down to her knees at the referee’s behest, left breathing hard as her head’s checked over by medics. Chastain leans down and close, shares some words of encouragement that draw a small smile and nod from Knightley, who congratulates the victory with a hug.

Later, outside the ring, Chastain’s approached by reporters, all eager to swarm her and her teammates for a comment. “Phew! That 5th round was crazy….she got me pretty good in there, I honestly am not sure how I won this one…but I hope I can keep doing this for a few more years with the same success…there’s nothing quite like this….” The redhead stops for a few seconds , still breathing heavily. “I want to thank Keira for being a good sport and to my fans for believing in me. There’s a lot more to come so stay tuned! Oh and…I guess we’re 2-0 now, USA rules!” Jessica ends with a shake of her fist and a laugh before heading backstage to the sweet sound of the fans still cheering for her victory. 



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