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4 May 2019 Emma Roberts vs Vanessa Hudgens

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Posted by The Dollhouse on May 6, 2019 at 3:44am


Emma Roberts
(28, 5’2, 94 lbs, 17:7 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Vanessa Hudgens
(30, 5’2, 108 lbs, 67:33 FCBA, Lookout! Boxing)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & Lookout! & The Dollhouse

We’re gathered in the main press hall and there’s a low murmur as we await the arrival of both competitors before their huge grudge match tonight. It’s Emma Roberts versus Vanessa Hudgens for the Main Event of this Doll Ball, and whichever side of the fence you’re seated on, you can’t deny the tension lingering in the air like a deep breath before the plunge. 

First movement from flutter of backstage curtains and it’s the resident Dollhouse ‘Ice Queen’ emerging from behind with a big smile on her face. She’s immediately met with the cheers from her choice fans gathered in the back of the room, whilst the cameras immediately start flashing to capture her historic moment.

Before anyone can take a moment to breathe, however, the black curtains on the other side of the room fly apart as well, and Vanessa Hudgens emerges with a cocky smile on her confident face. The girls immediately catch a glimpse of each other from opposite ends of the stage, with Roberts starring absolute daggers into Hudgens’ as the brunette takes a seat. Dollhouse management has taken precautionary measures to prevent any kind of physical altercation between these two hated rivals, made evident by the fact that there are at least ten ring officials standing in the gulf between the girls, making it literally impossible for them to engage in any pre-fight shenanigans and as a result, both reluctantly take their seats peacefully at the press table. 

Emma quickly starts the ball rolling first after sitting down: "Thank you for coming everyone. The day has finally come. I know that most, if not all of you, have gathered here today to witness and celebrate the day me, Emma Rose Roberts…” The blonde suddenly raises her voice. ”Completely RUINS and ends the career of this HIDEOUS, disgusting, repulsive COW sitting at the other side of this table.” Roberts turning the barest of glances towards Nessa, both ignoring and glaring at her nemesis at the same time. “I promised before that I was going to wreck this cocky, useless, overrated, cowardly b*tch, and that’s EXACTLY what I'm going to do tonight. And you’re all gonna have a front row seat to history, and more importantly, JUSTICE….being made! Consider yourselves very, very lucky."

Nessa of course caught rolling her eyes repeatedly through Roberts’ rousing address, for some reason managing to contain her growing rage until it’s her turn to speak: "Roberts is right about two things…” the brunette says, holding up two of her fingers. “First of all, while the day is FINALLY here, trust me…it won't be me sleeping on the canvas when we’re done tonight. Today marks the official END to the overly-generous fifteen minutes of fame that has been afforded to Emma “weakling” Roberts. She’s used this time to prove that she’s nothing but a jealous, pathetic, overrated, dumb bimbo ever since she first stepped foot in this league. The only time she's been at-all-relevant was when she’s tried desperately to get my attention. And guess what, Emma? Careful what you wish for….because you’ve freaking got it!” Nessa pauses, staring menacingly towards Emma for a few long seconds before continuing. 

“Second of all, as you can see, there are a LOT of people gathered here today. Some of them – the idiots among them - are here to see me lose, and as usual, they're about to go home f*cking disappointed. But, as a consolation prize, they’ll get to go home in better shape than Emma, when the best-freaking-Flyweight-in-the-world BEATS down the world's biggest b*tch ever, a chubby coward who, for months now, has been ducking me at every chance. There’s nowhere for your overrated ass to run now, Roberts!"

"Run?!” Emma shouting back, her face suddenly turning a bright shade of crimson. “No one's EVER ran from you, because you’re a freaking joke, NESSIE. You’re here for one reason, and one reason only: because I freakin’ ALLOWED it! And the only reason I allowed your smelly ass into this building is because you’re here to pay for what you did to me..and oh how dearly you’re going to pay, you absolute f*cking COWARD. You messed with the wrong person for the first time in your life, and there's no going back now. You're LUCKY Carmen made sure to hire all this security, or I'd wreck your overrated ass right here and now, because frankly - punching your smug, ugly face with my bare f*cking fists would be even more satisfying than what I'm about to do to you in that ring, you stupid WHORE!" Emma looks on the verge of exploding as she tries to contain her anger, at one point even getting up from her seat at the table only to be physically restrained by Kristanna Loken, who jumps out of her seat to calm Roberts down. 

Nessa, however, not looking too bothered by those cutting words, her grin growing even more sly as she whips her hair back and laughs. "It sounds like running is a foreign concept to you, huh? Instead, the reality is that that’s ALL you freakin’ do, Roberts! If I'd known jumping into the ring and beating your overrated, chubby ass would have allowed me this opportunity to get my hands in your hair sooner, then trust me, I would've done this sh*t a LONG time ago. Let me make this crystal clear to you: You. Don't. Allow. Sh*t to happen. I have tolerated your sorry presence in this league till now, but that ends tonight! I’m not gonna sit here and let you PRETEND that you're superior for one more goddamn minute, because that's all it is: you’re pretending! You know it’s not half-true, but I’m about to prove it to you anyways, prove it to myself and the entire FCBA. Tonight, everyone in the world will witness your complete and utter destruction. With gloves on or without them, either way, I am going to f*cking OWN you tonight. Nobody, not security nor any of your pathetic stablemates or friends is going to stop that either. And you certainly can't, Emma, you weak little b*tch!"

"Just listen to her…” Emma shaking her head, now more in denial at the words bandied back and forth. “Isn't she pathetic? Calling ME chubby? We’re both 5'2 and let me assure you, Nessie, you brainless Neanderthal: you weigh a LOT more than I do, just like your fatass bestie Avril, who is definitely NOT going to be able to help you escape your fate tonight, especially after Cheryl Cole is done with her. I have NEVER been more ready to destroy anyone in my entire f*cking life, and I’m sick of talking. We are OFFICIALLY DONE HERE. Meet me in the ring, you hideous b*tch - AKA your LAST RESTING PLACE!"

At this, both ladies attempt one last try to get their claws into each other, both scraping back their chairs simultaneously and then making a beeline past the wall of security personnel in the middle. But they don’t make it very far, with at least 3 security guards immediately grabbing onto each women and and unceremoniously herding them back to their respective side of the table, before being shuffled through the back-doors. The organisers of this event very wisely putting out the flames once each girl breaks eye contact with the other.

Don’t you worry too much though, because two hours later, and it’s almost time for the actual fight to begin. 

Nessa is first to make her entrance as her music begins playing, with pictures and video segmants of the “Fittest Fly” displayed on the huge Titantron in the arena, garnering huge amounts of boos from the capacity crowd here tonight. Vanessa only smiling confidently at the rising amount of hostility towards her in this arena – the fit brunette enjoying her villain role here tonight as she makes her way towards the ring clad in black fight gear consisting of a black sporta bra, black ankle-length tights and matching black gloves, her pitch-black hair in a tight braided hairdo and her amazingly fit body in top shape and on full display here tonight – Hudgens is looking ready to rumble, a warning sign for anyone attempting to go 10 rounds with her inside that ring.

Nessa is accompanied to the ring by the Lookout! Entourage including Elisha Cuthbert herself and none other than the Dollhouse’s own ‘Queen Lavigne’! The singer striding proudly behind Nessa’s back, fresh from her impressive win against Cheryl Cole just a short hour ago. The presence of Avril definitely lowering the amount of hostility towards Nessa here as the blonde tries to rile up the rest of the audience to their star-studded side.

Inside the ring, both Nessa and Avril take to the center, raising their hands above their heads to acknowledge the fans as if the fight is already won, before Nessa jogs to her corner, with Avril exiting the ring shortly after and taking her place in Nessa’s corner as the girls exchange a few last moment words while waiting for Emma to finally appear. And she sure does! 

Not to be outdone, of course, especially on home turf, Emma Roebrts explodes into the scene seconds later, waltzing into the arena to the sound of huge pink and white pyrotechnics as the crowd goes absolutely wild here! Covered almost entirely in a golden silk robe, her long blonde hair in neat battle bun, Emma sure looking like royalty tonight, as the Doll confidently raises one hand high into the sky, acknowledging the rabid cheers from her many fans in the arena tonight. It certainly helps that Roberts has brought her own entourage with her tonight – The ‘Ice Queen’ is flanked by trainers Carmen Electra and Kristanna Loken on both sides and followed behind by Dollhouse entourage. 

But wait! The audience lets out another gasp of delight as they recognize a familiar face striding behind Emma. It’s non other than Front Street’s Kristen Stewart, the Flyweight champion herself, who has made it a point to show everyone who’s her favourite to win this contest tonight. Kristen smiling and waving to the fans, her Flyweight title belt on her shoulder as she accompanies Emma to the ring, surely here tonight to support one of her close friends and make sure she can complete her objective without fear of being double teamed by the Hudgens-Lavigne duo. 

The slim blonde now confidently making her way towards the ring, hands on hips, surveying the crowd as her face remains stone-cold all the way throughout – clearly only one thing on her mind tonight – getting inside that ring, where she intends to bury her hated rival under the weight of her fists. 

Finally inside the ring, Emma struts to the center, already shooting death stares at the amused Blonde\Brunette duo in the opposite corner, before unrobing with a quick sudden movement, drawing huge cheers from the crowd as Roberts reveals her slim pale figure underneath, clad in her pink and white sports bra and hotpants combo and matching gloves. Emma waving to the crowd one last time then turns towards Vanessa, making her intentions clear as she does the ‘cut-throat’ motion with her arm before turning her back to the brunette and walking towards her corner, where Kristen Stewart is already busy with some last moment pep talk. 

Finally, both women seem ready to start this showdown, which can ONLY end in a knockout tonight - according to the special rules stipulated by both competitors. These two STILL can’t keep their eyes off of one another, not in the traditional sense of the phrase of course. There’s little cordiality lingering in the air, and a touching of gloves is totally out of the question. The referee is aware, and finally gives his consent for these girls to get down and dirty! HERE we go with one of the biggest fights of the year and the Main Event for tonight - ten rounds of top tier, hate-filled Flyweight action!

JUST LOOK AT THESE TWO GIRLS GO! The bell hasn’t even been rung yet and they’re already screaming out of corners, arms and legs shaking, brimming with energy as they literally DASH forward! Loud grunt that ECHOES throughout the arena as these two hated rivals FINALLY get their hands on each other, after months and months of back-and-forth insults! Ladies snarl in each other’s face as they wrap up in a clinch and start swinging wildly, the initial force of the collision actually sending BOTH of them crashing down to the canvas simultaneously! What the hell, ref?? Is this counted as a first minute, double knockdown, or what?? Not your textbook scenario here but both fighters don’t seem to give a crap, rolling over each other on the ground with little concern that this here’s an actual boxing match. All they seem to want to do is pin the other girl down before unleashing punches to the face over and over again! Ring officials have to intervene, sliding into the ring after a good thirty seconds of not-knowing-what-the-f*ck-to-do-paralysis. Emma still kicking and screaming as she’s pulled off Hudgens below, both girls yelling, “f*cking LET ME AT THIS b*tch!” before being returned to their corners. Emma getting told off by her corner that she has to behave and play by the rules if she wants to BOX in this match. Vanessa also shrieking vulgarities as she’s torn away from Roberts by the referee, Emma’s clingy fingers still tugging hard on her tresses until the last possible second, the Disney star’s face filled with rage as she’s calmed down on her stool by her trainers, eyes alone murdering Roberts from across the ring.

Looks like this fight is getting a reset, folks! There goes the bell again and what’s the freaking difference, with both ladies storming forward and heading right back at each other! Ring officials holding their breaths for a moment, wondering whether they’ll have to break up another catfight and put this match on hold indefinitely. But they breathe easy when the two fighters get straight to blasting each other senseless across the face, in mutually assured destruction! There’s no preamble for this fight as they jump straight to tenth base, the hooks flying as one girl hopes to rearrange the other’s facial features permanently! Sudden ROAR from the crowd as Vanessa makes a tactical error, swings a her right hook a little too high, gets BELTED across the cheek by a vicious return hook from Emma, that's filled with every drop of spite and malice. Hudgens goes sailing off to the side with a HNGGHH, mouth open in shock, almost embarrassingly in danger of going down to the canvas right there and then if it weren’t for the ropes she manages to latch on to! Roberts being held back by the referee again as the bell rings to end this first exciting round, the Doll still hurling vulgarities across the ring, goading Nessa to “I’LL MURDER YOU, b*tch!”

Phew! And that's the first round, folks! 

A second go at making this fight actually work, but increasingly difficult with both ladies just refusing to play by the rules. SPLAT of bodies in the middle of the ring when they crash into each other once more, wrapping up upper torsos and then using whatever leverage they have to fire away with shots to the body. Hudgens in particular steaming that she got caught by that late hook in that last round, now gnashing her teeth as she goes to town on Roberts undercarriage, swiping at the belly, but then gets her head shoved to the left when Roberts returns the favour plugging leather into the side of her face over and over. Emma with an equal look of hatred as she drives her body into Vanessa's, hoping to shove her back or even off balance, but also grunting as Vanessa keeps up the leather slamming into her side unabated. Some success for the Doll again when she scores another clean swipe or two across Vanessa's defenceless face, AGAIN sending her stumbling off to find her footing, the sheer momentum of Emma's swings really catching her off guard. Hudgens rotates back round just in time to have Roberts SLAM into her again on the ropes, and the two hellcats spend the last minute of this round snarling and clawing at each other, rotating along the ropes and digging more fists into the body whenever possible. 

It's only the third round and already Robert's body looks pockmarked all over with red welts - such was the ferocity of Vanessa's body-hunting as she picks at her weak spots without mercy. Finally, we get some semblance of order in the ring (or at least from one girl), with Hudgens holding back this time at Robert's charge, keeping pace with retreating footwork whilst sending more straight jabs into the Doll's oncoming face. Roberts still like a crazed banshee as she simply rushes at her foe over and over, letting her blind rage dictate her overall strategy so far in this fight. Well, it's gotten her some success in the early rounds, especially in overpowering Hudgens, but that was back when the Lookout star was playing ball. Here, Robert's aggression falls flat as Vanessa leads about by the nose, literally slapping leather repeatedly into her nostrils. Result is a sudden turn of tables, with Robert's body not the only thing left reddened and sore by the end of three minutes! 

Carmen Electra trying to calm her girl down in between rounds, maybe focus some of that rage into a much more sustainable strategy. Roberts still visibly shaking with energy as she dismisses her advice with a snap: “Just get OFF my back and let me rearrange her stupid face!!”, but Kristen Stewart quickly coming to the rescue, doing what seems to be a better job at calming down her friend a bit with some pep talk.

Bell rings and here we go again. Hudgens calm, steady, guard absorbing Emma's punches no problem as she backs away, pristine body taking shots but those abs can sustain the end of the world no problem. Vanessa scoring back with hard shots sent into Robert’s face, using the space in between to batter gloves in over and over. For a moment it looks like the Doll is about to go down herself, her face twisted to the side as Nessa uses more and more power. But that all changes when Emma deftly DUCKS under another hook, ROCKS the Lookout girl right back with an uppercut sent straight into the chin! 

DOWN NESSA GOES, simply floored by that upward blow that rocked her head back! Her head bounces off the canvas as she lands on her back with a thud, eyes squeezed shut, grimacing in pain! We expected plenty of knockdowns in this fight, but not this early! Emma huffing and beating her chest above, parading around her downed foe and barking at her “STAY THE f*ck DOWN, WHORE!”

Roberts quickly herded into corner by the referee, while Vanessa makes a slow recovery back to her own feet, shaking her head and pushing herself up to all fours, then uses the ropes to recover her dignity by the count of 8. Roberts taking this round wide, obviously, but she doesn’t look too happy about Hudgen’s recovery, snarling in the corner and wanting to get back to punching her face in as soon as humanly possible. 

Roberts set to charge in swinging again, but even she can’t sustain this adrenaline rush for five rounds running. She’s clearly getting winded, her speed affected as a result, moving forward eager to knock Vanessa around but getting jabbed straight to the nostrils as Hudgens stings back with vengeance. Vanessa not in the best shape either after getting felled in the last round, but she knows an opportunity when she sees one, defending against Emma’s errant hooks and landing plenty of fast jabs into the Doll’s face when Roberts ain’t looking. Last minute and Roberts incredibly frustrated, rushes forward in a last ditch attempt and a small valkyrie-like shout, manages to surprise Hudgens with a hard hook slamming into the side of her face, then continues wailing away at her raised guard until the bell rings. Vanessa covering up well and moving, but still can’t help but take more swipes at the tummy before she manages to scamper away. That last rush by Emma might just have stolen her this round overall!

Second half of the fight and it begins as though we’re watching a completely different one altogether. Instead of Roberts charging forward blindly, Nessa’s the one who initiates, not giving the Doll any time or breathing space to react with a sudden flurry sent into her face! An audible gurgle escapes Emma’s lips as she’s stopped right in her tracks, her momentum vaporised in an instant. Vanessa hounding her backwards, steady fists shooting in at her head, each subsequent punch taking more and more out of the Doll’s spirit. At the end of the first minute, Nessa plants her feet, before powering a right cross aimed at the chin, which DAZZLES Emma momentarily with an UGHHH!. Vanessa wasting no time, jumping in with another superman punch that bounces off the Doll’s forehead - Emma reeling and trying to steady herself on the ropes, but another left-right cutting into her midsection does the trick - DOWN EMMA GOES to her knees, mouth open in shock at this REVENGE KNOCKDOWN for Vanessa Hudgens!

These girls are going back-and-forth here, and it’s Vanessa’s turn to roar to the rest of the arena at that dominant rush she just displayed, pumping her fists and shouting out a victory cry. Emma still fumbling on her knees, hugging her middle and eyes brimming with pain as she struggles to get back up to her feet. Vanessa not helping things by refusing to head to neutral corner, continues slapping her hated foe on the shocked face with leather glove, in more taunting than punishing fashion as she shows the Doll who’s the one in control. 

“Give up, Roberts. You’re never beating me…” Nessa coos at her with a smile.

Roberts’ corner protesting as Vanessa has her full way with their girl, still on her knees, by attempting to grab onto Roberts’ hair and shove her face clean into her pulsing tummy. But thankfully, the referee intervenes, stepping in between them and physically forcing Vanessa back towards her own corner. Hudgens of course cursing and swearing at both the ref and Emma, her hated nemesis right where she wanted her to be (smothered by her abs) if not for the abrupt interference. 

The drama however allows Emma some time to recover, not to mention escape the tummy smother. Roberts slowly rises back up to her shaky feet, arms still hugging at her body when the referee waves for the last two minutes of this round to continue. Emma blurting out a final taunt at Hudgens: “DO YOUR WORST, b*tch!” before Nessa obliges, BARRELING into her with a crash! Roberts turtling up, keeping her head low and arms locked over her face and body as Hudgens going into overdrive, sensing this might be her moment to shine. Roberts taking the abuse with chortled cries from her throat, as her sides are battered and head knocked about from side to side, but she’s still holding on! Last minute the Doll even stuns Nessa back with a right hand into the lips, forcing Vanessa to hold back and reevaluate her outlook. Both girls end up at opposite ends of the ring, breathing hard. What matters most however is Roberts survives this round!

All that energy expended in the early rounds now spelling doom for Emma Roberts, who’s stumbling out of corner breathing hard. She needs some time to catch her breath badly, and Vanessa Hudgens definitely not planning on giving that to her. Wild charge towards the Doll leaves her doubling back, trying to block and parry, but some of Nessa’s quicker jabs getting through and stinging the nose and cheek. Hudgens looking for another knockdown here and potentially scoring the last one of the night, but can’t quite pin Roberts down in one spot to go ape-sh*t on her ass. That doesn’t mean Emma’s in control this round - not one bit - just struggling to keep her head above the water as Vanessa takes the round by being the only one left throwing punches. Final thirty seconds and Nessa, out of frustration, rushes forward, swinging a double hooks at the head, sending Emma reeling off into the ropes with a loud GASP. That combination didn’t do much damage, but still left Roberts in the most precarious position possible: Emma crying out loud as Hudgens gets in close and batters the body unabated, left hooks slamming into hers sides with thud thud THUMP, and Vanessa’s uppercuts crashing into the guard up high, trying to break down the door. Vanessa giving it her all, and STILL Emma remains standing by the time the bell rings! Roberts however gurgling as Nessa not giving a sh*t about the bell, continues slamming her fists into the poor girl’s body, and the referee has to pull her off! Slight deduction in points for the Lookout starlet’s post-bell swings, but heck if she cares, letting out a scream of frustration as she heads back to her corner, not being able to secure the win outright in the seventh. Roberts on her last legs as well - not looking too great as she’s patted down and cooled on her stool, eyes fluttering and mouth hanging open, with Carmen Electra surveying the damage wrought to her girl’s body, wondering how much of this abuse she can take.

Girls stumble into each other, grunting as they take wide swings at the head that often fly overhead, missed by a long shot, or ducked under by invasive shots to the tummy forcing them to double over rather than swerve deliberately to avoid. Neither girl wants to back down at this point and that’s gonna spell trouble for one of them. In the pocket, Vanessa still swiping hooks at the deteriorating Doll’s tummy, rapidly reddened the skin and sapping Emma’s remaining strength with every THUD of leather landing on flesh. In her zeal, however, her head snapped back when she reacts too slowly to Emma’s Hail Mary upwards swing up into her chin, ROCKING her badly with her eyes glazed over. Nessa stumbling back in shock, and Roberts only realising what she’s done after a few seconds before using her remaining strength to leap forward and BOUNCE another right cross off Nessa’s face, sending her flying backwards and crashing onto her back with a loud THUDD! 

THIRD KNOCKDOWN of the night, and it’s for Emma Roberts! COULD THIS BE IT?? Emma too tired to even celebrate this time, stumbling to the ropes and holding onto the top one to steady herself, eyes flickering towards Hudgens prone form and hoping to God that she’s not moving. Hudgens however still stirring on her back, head spinning as she tries to sit back up, or at least turn over to one side, those sweat-licked abs pulsing as every muscle in her body attempts a recovery. Referee getting closer to the count of 8 and Hudgens is still on her knees, eyes squeezed shut as she wills herself back up in the nick of time 9! 

“NO! NONONONO!!” Roberts half-screaming, shaking her head with rage as she storms back into the fray without waiting for the bell, looking to finish what she started all those months ago when those first shots were fired from both girls. There’s still two minutes on the clock and the tables have certainly turned, with Hudgens now letting out soft cries as her tummy’s abused on the ropes, both arms locked over and protecting her head, leaving Roberts with the space needed to crash inwards, fists popping into belly flesh down under, a last-ditch attempt to send her foe down for the third time running! Roberts’ own swings slowing down as exhaustion sets in, fifth pump into Nessa’s belly doubling the Lookout girl over in half, and girls wrap up in each other’s arms, clinging onto shoulders and waistlines - anything really, in order to remain standing. Emma still spitting venom into her her rival’s ear, screaming “YOU’RE DONE, NESSIE! GO DOWN ALREADY!!!” But Hudgens just hissing back, “You’re the one who’s finished, Roberts.” before plugging her own fist into the poor girl’s paunch. Emma’s eyes widen in shock, her own knees starting to buckle under the assault. Thankfully, the referee’s intervention at the bell means neither girl is in danger at the end of this round, though Hudgens perhaps stealing the moral victory at the end with that tummy-tucker of an uppercut.

It’s not even a fight at this point, with both Nessa and Roberts taking thirty seconds from the ring of the bell to even get up from their stools, let alone stumble towards one another in the middle of the ring for a proper showdown. Tired swings at the head either lacking power to bring the other girl down, or missing entirely as their limp arms flail about in the air. Girls stumble into close contact, as though the last sight of a hated woman’s face giving them a sudden surge of energy, reminiscent of that first round encounter when they simply locked up, arms around the neck, wrapped around the waistline, twisting and snarling as they attempt to secure the other woman long enough to PLUG leather glove into the belly or CHOP a snap uppercut into the base of chin. They’re knocking each other completely senseless in close quarters, and it might just be a matter of who prevails at the end of three minutes and ten rounds. Girls continue punishing each other for another minute or so, mutual grunts filling the air as Roberts bats another fist off of Nessa’s jawline, thinking that right there might do the trick, but Vanessa disrupting her victory by doubling her over with a fist buried into the body, and then the bell rings to signal the end. We’re not sure anyone’s really the victor this round except for the fans, and that lucky referee, who has to get in between both of them, who are absolutely refusing to break up the clinch.

The fans have absolutely been loving this, of course, and not just these past nine rounds, but the entire build up to this fight that’s certainly Fight-of-the-year contender! That’s if, of course, these two can square things away by the end of the tenth. Well, they’re certainly gonna try! Bell rings and Emma comes out swinging again, must be revitalized by that victory line in sight! Vanessa still shaking off the pain throbbing in her face, braces herself for the best as Roberts’ fists come sailing in pik pak pik pak, alternating between her arms and those bruised stomach. First minute and Roberts absolutely dominating the exchange, pushing her enemy backwards with victory closer and closer in reach. For a moment, Vanessa looks butt-hurt, her head reeling as another one-two jab-jab combo stuns her on the nose. But that look of pain suddenly morphs into that of hatred, growling as she bats a right hook across the Doll’s face, screaming in from the side - another left swing caves in Emma’s cheek, and then a FINAL one rotates the poor girl 180 degrees on her feet! OUCHH!! Emma shellshocked for a moment, eyes fluttering, mouth working, wondering what the hell hit her! HERE COMES HUDGENS, not caring, toned guns digging deep, PLANTING LEATHER all over Emma Roberts, with swipes across the face unanswered and then double hooks pouding off the body sacks the Doll’s toros forward. Emma swaying in the wind, trying to steady herself and not go down, but the last nail in the coffin has her head blasted upwards, a BEAUTY of an uppercut from Hudgens lifting her chin into outer space! IT’S LIGHTS OUT! DOWN EMMA GOES LIKE A TREE, her back hitting the canvas with a THUD as the crowd gasps in shock and disappointment! The ‘Ice Queen’ now completely sprawled out on the canvas, arms and legs spreadeagled and unmoving, her head lolling to the side with eyes closed, she’s out! She’s completely out! Emma Roberts is done! Good lord! Referee begins his count as a smiling but exhausted looking Nessa high-fives an absolutely ecstatic Lavigne as they patientily wait for Vanessa to be declared the winner. The count is only a formality though as Roberts is still unmoving, sound asleep on the mat as the count reaches 10 and It’s f*cking OVER!!

Official Decision: Vanessa Hudgens defeats Emma Roberts via KO10!

Vanessa Hudgens releases a primal scream as the results are announced, beaming as she almost wants to sink to her knees in excitement, but doesn’t. “Yaaasss Queennn!!!” are the words coming out of Avril’s mouth as the Canadian jumps up and down in excitement, clapping her hands and applauding her friend for this major win tonight over someone they both truly hate, while at the same time giddy with anticipation for some well-earned revenge coming up. Not wanting to give Emma the satisfaction of knowing how much this meant to her, Vanessa settling instead for a fist pump as she leans against her corner, giving Avril a big hug, with the mix of boos and cheers in the arena rising to deafening levels right now. Not, of course, that Emma would be able to see any of that at the moment as she is completely out cold and in the process of being revived by Kristen Stewart and the Dollhouse medical team in her corner, while Avril is busy whispering (probably evil) words and ideas into Nessa’s ear after the two of them broke the hug, with Nessa now fully planning on breaking Roberts.

Nessa’s eyes narrow as she strides towards Emma’s corner, a little smirk on her face when she reaches it, seeing Emma’s eyes start to flutter slightly beneath a worried Kristen Stewart. As she approaches, Hudgens gives Kristen a shove. Stewart’s nostrils flare as she hisses, “Don’t you dare, Nessa…” but Vanessa just reaches out, patting the champion’s tummy as she purrs, “I’ll be coming for your title and tummy soon enough, until then - stay out of my way…” Stewart’s eyes flash, almost lunging for Nessa but here comes Avril !!! The blonde quickly getting in between the champion and former champion, shoving her chest into Stewart’s and shoving her away “Get the hell outta here, Stewart!” the singer hisses into Kristen’s face. “Nessa won fair and square, deal with it! She gets to do whatever she wants now, and you’re not going to do anything about it!”

“Get your hands off me princess.” Stewart responds calmly. Avril in turn placing her hands on her hips, doing her best to stand in Kristen’s way for the time being, allowing Nessa a few long seconds to herself. “It’s Queen Lavigne for you Stewart. You’re lucky you fight for Front Street, or I’d punch your lights out right now!” Avril taunts the champion. “Try it, princess.” Is the only response from an unfazed Stewart.

This leaves Nessa and Emma all alone for the moment, besides the packed arena which is chanting wildly. But Nessa ignores them all, eyes fixed only on Emma as she goes to slowly mount the corner ropes as Roberts starts to wake, eyes struggling to focus - but when they do, it’s taut tummy that fills up their vision with Nessa standing on the bottom ropes. Nessa reaches down to spur Emma awake even further, yanking at her tresses and is rewarded with a little yelp. Eyes widening in horror as Nessa raises one palm, then slaps it down against Emma’s face as she snarls, “Welcome back Ems. Tell me and the fans who just kicked your fat ass”

“My…..ass….isn’t fat, you....b*tch!!” Emma squeals out in between slaps, as Nessa keeps raining down slaps to her face while hissing, “Answer. The. Freaking. Question.”

Emma bites down on her bottom lip, trying to block the slaps and turn her face away - both from the onslaught and from the threat of oncoming tummy until she finally shouts “Get the f*ck off me!!!

“We haven’t even gotten started, you pathetic sl*t!” Hudgens shouts, “You are going to apologize for every dirty, cowardly thing you’ve said and done, Emma…right freaking now. Because I’m the fittest and best flyweight in the league, aren’t I?”

“You mean you’re the ugliest and dum…” Emma started to retort, but didn’t get to finish it as Nessa just lowered her tummy down right into the blonde’s screaming face. Gripping two handfuls of hair as she started to scrub her iron abs back and forth, just grinding her slick tummy as she tugs Emma’s face forcefully up into her tummy, the blondes desperate muffled shrieks can only be heard by those standing inside the ring now. Arching her hips backwards a bit and then driving her tummy forward, Nessa just mashes Emma’s face with her tummy as she feels Emma shoving at her hips and abs, trying to turn her face. 

But, everywhere her face goes, there is an avalanche of tummy muscles as Hudgens uses her grip on Robert’s hair to steer her deeper into her abs. Just stuffing her face into her abs, tightening her fingers on Emma’s locks until her knuckles are practically turning white, gliding her abs back and forth in confident circles, with Nessa hissing down at Emma all the while - “You’re weak. You’re pathetic. You’re soft. You’re helpless. You’re mine. And you can’t do sh*t to stop it.”

At the moment, that appears to be completely true as Emma’s frantic shoving and squirming is reduced to resting on Vanessa’s hips as Hudgens smirks, listening to her rival’s muffled sobs against her taut abs. Bringing her arms up over her head as she curls her biceps in a double bicep flex, just arching her hips backwards as she then pivots them forward to slap against Emma’s face four times in quick succession, punctuating them with “I. Own. You. B*tch.”

No response from Emma, other than more muffled cries and her arms falling down as Nessa peels back, looking down at Robert’s glassy eyes as Nessa snickers. “I know one of your worst nightmares was getting smothered by me. Tonight, it’s about making your nightmares come true and my dreams become reality, you chubby wh*re.” With a savage yank of Robert’s hair, Emma staggers forward out of the turnbuckle and then sprawls down to her knees, struggling to recover as Nessa releases her hair. Seeing Emma stagger to all fours, trying to stay upright and crawl away as Hudgens positions herself behind her, shoving her right foot forward as she sends Emma crashing facefirst down to the canvas. 

Nessa wrinkles her nose, “That dumpy ass is SO gross…” as she reaches down to give it a little swat, then yanking up on Emma’s bottoms for a little wedgie and tug of her hair as she rolls her towards her back. Going to straddle Roberts as she licks her lips, a mischieveous smile playing across her lips as she bounces her posterior across Emma’s rack slightly, “So, are you sorry yet?”

Emma, barely cognizant, shakes her head back and forth as she moans out, “HELL no…” 

Hudgens gives a little wicked chuckle, one that sends a shiver down Robert’s spine as her eyes light up, “Just the answer I was hoping for. You’re not sorry yet, but you f*cking will be. Time for you to learn your lesson, Em…” Hudgens scoots forward, going to wiggle her posterior back and forth above Emma’s face. Tugging up on her bottoms to make sure they fit nice and snug around her butt, lowering them down across her foe’s face to make it disappear as she relishes the look of absolute horror on Robert’s face.

But suddenly, she feels her shoulders being grabbed from behind, turning to see a pissed off looking Kristen Stewart who managed to free herself from tussling with Lavigne for a few seconds and rushed to her friend’s help, toppling Nessa backwards just as Avril runs back towards them, SHOVING Stewart who stumbles over Nessa’s body and its PANDEMONIUM in the ring with 3 girls down on the mat and one Queen Lavigne still on her feet, trying to help her friend up. Incensed, Nessa is almost instantly back on her feet with Avril’s help, eyes filled with rage as she hisses, “Flyweight champ or not, I will kick your ass Stewart..” but HERE COMES KATHERYN WINNICK! The blonde actress slides into the ring and is quickly on her feet, shoving Nessa away from Stewart “Chill, Vanessa! You won, that’s enough.” This allows the champion a brief moment to get back to her feet without danger. “Bring it….” Kristen confidently taunts Nessa, going immediately into her boxing stance, clearly meaning business.

Obviously, the Dollhouse flyweight has some reinforcements tonight but so does the Lookout! star as none other than Evangeline Lilly climbs into the ring, stepping in between Katheryn and Vanessa. Lilly grins as she chests up to Winnick, “Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size, Kat?” the two evenly matched Canadians having a quick staredown before Katheryn grins back, “Happy to, Vangie.” And it looks like they might come to blows right there. 

With Katheryn distracted and Kristen kept busy by another heated verbal exchange with Lavigne, Hudgens spins around to face Emma again but is nearly tackled by Bella Thorne, who is now hurtling towards her. BUT WAIT! Things are getting completely out of hand as the tall redhead is stopped in her tracks by an incoming Demi Lovato. Holy hell! The crowd is going ballistic as the two of them shove whildly at one another, chest to chest, with their jugs mushrooming out to the side as each of them seeks to bully the other back. Bella is clearly taller, but Lovato much thicker as the two of them glare at one another as they each reach for each other’s hair, each of them trying alternatively to either stuff their rival’s face into their cleavage or bully each other back with their boobs into the turnbuckle. 

With these two battling back and forth mid-ring, it appears that that was all the time Emma needed to recover - at least enough to launch an attack from behind on Hudgens as she was observing the confrontations going on around her. Like a tigress, Emma suddenly LUNGES at Hudgens from behind, tackling her tormentor to the mat as Nessa lets out a surprised yelp! Someone stop this madness! Both girls are now rolling around on the canvas, just squealing, slapping and both of them taking turns on top. Nessa is furious as her rightful humiliation given her victory over Roberts is in jeopardy while Roberts is obviously enraged over the humiliation she has received thus far. With Avril and Kristen immediately jumping in to separate the two, the confrontations has finally escalated to the point where additional security has been called for as they now swarm the ring, with Carmen Electra herself entering the ring to take control of the situation. Managing to separate all of the parties takes some significant work, but it’s Emma and Nessa who are separated last just due to the sheer tenacity they exhibited while trying to kill each other on the mat.

Both of them tearing away at hair and tops, disheveled and screaming as they keep kicking at one another. Nessa manges to break free to land another slap against Emma’s face, rocking her backwards but she bursts free for a retaliatory forearm against Nessa’s chest with a loud thump. Refs placing a wall between them now and ladies and gentleman….we have a clear winner here tonight, but this is clearly NOT the end between these two stables or these two fighters as they continue to taunt one another from opposite corners of the ring. 

While Vanessa Hudgens is all too happy to declare Emma Roberts over and quite loudly, Emma is probably more correct when she screams back (at a similar decibel level) that it’s far from over between them. The broadcast cuts off with the two of them being dragged away by security and fellow stablemates, staring daggers at one another, chests heaving, eyes flashing and looking to all the world like they are on the verge of a rematch right then and there...

It’s been a hell of a night for all involved, and although the battle has been won by Hudgens tonight, this WAR seems a long way from over. These two belong in the ring together, and we are all looking forward to the next chapter in their rivalry, hopefully before the year is over! We’re sure Emma will have it no other way! Stay tuned and farewell! 



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