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25 May 2019 Roxanne Pallett vs Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Posted by Vassago on May 25, 2019, 7:21 pm



Roxanne Pallett vs Jennifer Love Hewitt
(Kear's Kats vs FCBA Independent)
(10-9, 10 KO vs 51-68-1, 37 KO)
JMD Value: 32C (Natural) vs 38D (Natural)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: British stunner Roxanne Pallett is proud to put her assets on the line against a woman who basically invented JMD but she realizes almost too late that Alamodome is like the last place where she can enjoy a crowd support over Texas native Jennifer Love Hewitt. These guys didn't come here for Hannah Ferguson alone and J-Love is a legend in her own right in the desert! She might have been shuffled out of the Chimera pack lately but she vows to beat the stuffing out of Pallett's inferior rack and suddenly the British actress looks very nervous during the introdcutions as the American takes free digs into her 32C cup.

Roxanne Pallett wears a white bikini set with red trim & red gloves. Long dark brown hair with bangs tied in a custom ponytail. Jennifer Love Hewitt wears a Lone Star-themed bikini set & silver gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a half-up ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Jennifer's bullying approach pays off early in the going as she shuts down the British tourist with classic uppercut drive that makes the crowd raise the volume very fast indeed. Roxy tries to fight back from behind the guard but the high-intensity of Hewitt's attack sends her reeling until she simply has to slug it out almost against her will. It's a risky strategy even at this weight but Jennifer keeps plugging those uppercuts on target and traps her foe along the ropes. Pallett lands a couple of chin shots which only make the older brunette more aggressive and fuel her body assault that cripples the tourist into loud spasms come the final stretch. Ugh! Jennifer bangs one extra on the chin and yells out at the subdued rival and this is an impressive start as the Alamodome crowd could have hoped for!

Round 2:
Roxanne remains shut down underneath a cavalry of uppercuts that Jennifer works in supreme confidence to bang the petite Brit around the ring during the opening minute. The crowd noise goes up as Pallett begins to yelp in pain while her jugs travel in north/south fashion; J-Love keeps plugging away on target until she has the fellow brunette backed onto the ropes but doesn't escape a desperate swing over the top that briefly slows her progress. Roxy pushes from her heels but only clips the monster rack of her opponent and gets pinned in the corner when Love drills the breadbasket instead and rallies to punish the exposed ribcage. Ugh! Pallett slumps into more spasms at the bell however the Alamodome is rocking inside & out now!

Round 3:
Love glues her mitts into the British rack but meets a stubborn reply downstairs as Roxy almost goes too low in her desperate recovery effort. Both women clash heads in a hectic phone booth struggle before Pallett nails the Texas brunette with a thumping uppercut that finds the solar plexus. Jennifer yelps in pain and gets spun to the side when Roxy whacks her on the liver area and piles sudden pressure via the uppercut route. We're going back to JMD basics and it's enough to stall Hewitt's progress while Roxy bumps her off in jug-to-jug contact and finds her rang drilling the exposed ribcage. J-Love tries to swing back from her heels but gets neutralized when Pallett bounces off her jugs and into her chin before a late hook crashes into her chin and silences the crowd right at the death.

Round 4:
Roxy goes uptempo and plugs her mitts just below the American's rack while Love suddenly loses her precision and switches into chaotic mode that badly affects her range. She gets outworked in the phone booth struggle and eats more uppercuts down the stretch before a looping cross catches her on the eye. Ugh! She powers back into Roxanne's chin but the plucky Brit wades in and finds the liver area that stuns Love into loud spasms. "Come here!", Roxy almost drives her knee into the fellow brunette's gut but more importantly follows through between the boobs with a nasty uppercut before blasting her on the chin moments later. Jennifer slumps onto her heels and bounces off Pallett's shoulders as she gets bumped in more jug-to-jug contact. She refuses to back off and slides underneath to punish some Cumbrian tummy but then Roxy drills the solar plexus again and pummels the Texas woman back to the ropes where she adds more ripping shots on the liver area. Ugh! Bell saves Hewitt from more damage but she doesn't look so impressive anymore!

Round 5:
Jennifer thrives on the crowd noise and tries to regain her dominant stance but catches another hooking blast on both jug & chin before Roxy rips a laser blast on the liver to send the former champion into all kinds of bother! Ugh! Love gurgles in sudden discomfort and completely loses her range as Roxy NAILS her on the chin before plugging more uppercut juice on the 38D target... Get in there! Roxy traps the aching foe right where she wants her and lifts those bumpers into the slumping chin which breaks Love's resilience... Home girl cries out in pain after getting her rack pummelled but there's one more hit on the solar plexus that completes the demo job... Oi, Jenny! DOWN GOES THE PRIDE OF TEXAS FACE-DOWN at Pallett's feet!!! Blow the horns, she cannot beat the count... the slowish count still passes the JMD legend slumped on all fours!!! KO5 Roxanne Pallett!!!

AFTER: That's a shocking result for the partisan crowd and Roxy really rubs it into the Texans when she's handed over a leather whip which she uses to send Jennifer face-down again. Kats' coach Gail Kim helps to remove the bikini top from the stunned prey and Roxy whips the bare chest for a couple of seconds before she gets hit with a flying beer can and all hell breaks loose... You just can't humiliate Jennifer Love Hewitt in Texas like that! Gail Kim eventually provides the cover but Roxy still drags the mumbling victim by the ankles and send her crashing down on the judges tables... there's some Pamela Anderson DNA left down there but Gail uses her WWE tricks to jump on target and make Jennifer disappear underneath a wave of security men that act on unofficial Chimera behalf... meanwhile Roxy blows kisses to the hostile audience and vows to smother Jennifer senseless back in the hotel room: "She's all mine, folks! Gonna be a pleasure to have her eat my snatch and get her butt###### by our little tourist committe! Hey, who the hell drinks Budweiser anyway?"

Official Result: Roxanne Pallett def. Jennifer Love Hewitt KO5. 



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