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25 May 2019 Courtney Tailor vs Kelly Rohrbach

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Posted by Vassago on May 26, 2019 at 7:16pm


Courtney Tailor vs Kelly Rohrbach (JMDD)

(Odds & Ends vs VIXENs)


Results: Lookout!; Story: OddManOut

Before: “So she beat a fighter who’s won two fights in two years and she wants a title shot? No way. I’ve got more wins than she has fights and I’m going to send her back down into the kiddie pool where she belongs.” Kelly quite confident about her JMDD debut.

“Hannah and Alex see what I’m bringing, and they’ll throw their whole stable in front of me to try and stop it. And you know what? It won’t be enough! I just hope they show the video of them fighting over who has to lose their title to me!” Courtney a girl on a mission, thinks her time has come and willing to roll over anything in her way!

Kelly in leopard-print bikini, black gloves, hair back in battle-bun. Courtney in her pink with gold ties Alex-smotherin’ bikini, white gloves, hair in a pony.

R1: Courtney plowing in; bobbing at the waist and hooking hard out of the crouch, loud spanking impact to gut, follow-up to tits drive Kelly back in “Welcome to JMDD” collision. Rohrbach gritting her teeth, digs in near the ropes, clubbing back in tight side to side rips, crossing her arms, also bending at the waist. Crisp, smashing to-and-fro—both women clubbing away at each other’s breasts, occasionally ringing the chin with clipping little hooks and rights inside, At the bell, Tailor grinning , she got into Kelly’s trunks, outworked her and kept her back to the ropes bell to bell—Yankee-girl smoldering, already crabby in her corner.

R2: Kelly setting her feet and driving overhand rights in flat to Courtney’s hulking bulge, keeping the left at her stomach as she leans forward and pumps, rapid-fire effect finally has Texan taking her first backward steps. Rohrbach stalking, jabbing into chest-high gloves, slamming away muscular right cross against the guard, falling in with the left to the hip, Tailor driven in stages to the ropes. Kelly slowing things down, riding her guard into Courtney to smear her sideways on the ropes, using an extended left elbow to prop her in place, then plugging openings with chugging leather. Tailor finally covers up, sagging into the ropes, Rohrbach able to rest her chin on slumping head, fists pumping away downstairs to belly, and throbbing breast meat at the bell…AND BEYOND! Kelly with some catching up to do takes a little extra as ref gets involved.

R3: Courtney slugging with free-swinging abandon--she’s been tagged, but clearly has no respect for her opponent. Kelly acting the veteran, keeping her dukes up, moving her head--getting underneath haymakers and ripping short, concise counters to the ribcage. Tailor steadily beaten back to the ropes: Rohrbach takes a little slide to her right, angles-up and HOOKS THOSE JUGS! Kelly setting her feet, going rack on Courtney over and over again with tidy-biting fast hooks! Tailor rights herself slugging and soon the two are cheek-by-jowl, pumping at each other! Vicious, jiggling back and forth: Courtney getting up in there with 3 and 4 chugging right hands in succession, Kelly responding with similarly vigorous scouring hooks. Tailor bundles Rohrbach up in a close clinch, props a foot against the ringpost, braces her butt against the cables than launches herself, driving the pair back to the center for a ref’s break.

HAMMER AND TONGS MIDRING! Girls fall in and form up fight’s first Cauldron--both riding left arms up around each other’s necks, heads held in tight, right hands pumping and digging to tender middles and pouting racks. Constant tug ‘n’ slug rotates women in random patterns around the ring--neither able to get an upper hand. Fight spills into ropes, girls burbling along--now Courtney on top, now Kelly, Cauldron more or less held together as both girls convinced she can make a go of it. Bell: nobody notices--both girls trying to bull the other back mouth on shoulder.

R4: You-punch-my-jugs, I'll-punch-yours erupts - girls mindlessly wallowing in cheek to cheek, taking turns digging up into bulging rack, trembling tummy. Heads, shoulders in constant grinding contact, almost as if girls fear bodily separation might lead to hypothermia as the fight tumbles along apron as girls swing-reverse each other. Squirming, wriggling, tucking punches and more often than not, Kelly's getting the better of it, wrestling Courtney's back to the ropes and piling on the extra blow. Bell: Rohrbach on top, slugging late - ref tugs her elbow and warns her about cheap practice with a hand in the middle of Tailor’s chest as she tries to start the next round early!

R5: Girls rush off their stools like starving women unleashed in a Vegas buffet - they squish together, grapple and stagger, then spin out and come up hustle-punching each other to body&breasts. Breathy hup-hup-hup underneath - girls laying in with sweaty blonde tousles, eyes frowning shut, lips curling back from teeth - fists just packing blind into squirming blonde tummy and jug meat. Kelly getting frisky below the belt, while Courtney working short uppercuts inside - just left, left to the tits, right stroking away on the chin and ROHRBACH'S KNEES GIVE WAY! Kelly suddenly wobbly butt, spasming away with a groggy eyes - Courtney breathing hard, wades forward with renewed lust, swinging hard at Rohrbach's noggin. Kelly's head rocking back - her body following it...she crashes to her back…knees coming up as she comes to a full stop in the VIXEN corner. She rolls to her right hip, trying to beat the count but IT'S NO GO! KO 5 as Courtney makes sure nobody gets her name wrong again!

After: Courtney dropping to her knees as soon as the ref drops her arm, grabbing pulling Kelly upright by her bikini straps and forcing their chests together before planting a quick, mocking peck on her lips. The smother itself is a simple front sleeper, folding Rohrbach’s head forward into her conquering cleavage. When Kelly goes limp, plastered against Courtney’s body, the Texan hauls them up on her feet, then lets Rohrbach fall forward, drawing an involuntary whimper as her punishment-pinked rack bounces off the canvas. Tailor walks over to her corner, acquires a Sharpie, comes back over to the slumbering Kelly, and drops to her knees. Courtney folds down the back of Rohrbach’s bottoms, and scrawls across her bared derriere, “COURTNEY 2, VIXENS 0” 



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