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25 May 2019 Title Ch Hannah Ferguson vs Kate Upton

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Posted by Vassago on May 26, 2019 at 7:11pm



 (26, 5’10, 130, 31:6 FCBA, VIXENs)

(28, 5’10, 56:19 FCBA, Lookout! Boxing)

Results: Lookout!; Words: Caspian


We’re backstage in the famed Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, and left wondering whether the choice of the champion’s home battlegrounds was picked in order to give her some advantage in tonight’s fight.

“It's finally down to this,” Hannah saying with a nod and smile. “And regardless of date, time or place, I’m giving Upton a beating she won’t forget.”

The blonde is busy putting the finishing touches on her outfit for tonight’s fight: black wrestling boots, the rest of her body wrapped in a tight pink lingerie brassiere and panty-set.

“We're both tied for the most number of JMDD defences, and I thought it would only be more fitting to smother Upton out in front of my hometown, at the same time breaking her old record. Poetic, no?” Hannah says with a laugh.

“The b*tch doesn't know what she's talking about,” Kate responding in her own locker room moments later, seething as she hears what Hannah just said over the live broadcast. Upton fully dressed for the occasion as well: cotton white bra set and laced underwear making sure her assets are on full display.

“There's a reason why Hannah has NEVER beaten me in a proper fight, and that's because she f*cking can't. It's not physically possible to compete with me, on ANY level, and she’s gonna learn that tonight. I guarantee that the outcome will be the same as any other: her face beneath my tits, begging me to let her go.”

Upton the first to stride into the arena and striking a pose befitting a Queen, now with the addition of a long white shawl flowing down her back, with her hands from her hips, commanding all the respect in the room. All that's missing is a tiara, no doubt!

Champion's turn to enter next, and Hannah explodes from behind the curtains to a mix of fireworks and punk pop music. Cocky stride down the ramp of her own has her shaking her hips like walking the runway, side to side, fully confident that that magnificent chest of hers will still be wearing the diamond bra by the end of the night.

Referee holds up that diamond-infused trinket to the rest of the audience, whilst the two competitors, now glaring at each from opposite sides of the ring, take last jealous glares between each other and the prize, estimated to be worth at least $1,000,000.

Referee waves a hand for this Main Event to commence. Hannah raising her red gloves, Upton, hers in black. HERE we go with ten rounds of JMDD action! For the JMDD Title!


Hannah looking cautious at the bell, knows how dangerous Upton can get when she gets into close quarters, those tummy-tenderising hooks in their last encounter still vivid in the champion’s mind. She pokes at Kate's face and rack whenever possible, keeping the other blonde at bay for the first minutes. Upton, however, adapting quickly and returning fire in kind, as the two girls clash in the center of the ring in a wild explosion of fists flying in both directions, in short bursts of intervals. This is Welterweight gold at its finest, with these two Queens wearing each other down a little bit at a time, determined to be the last royal standing in a queendom fit for one. Ferguson fighting smart towards the end, backtracking and letting Kate try and rush her, all the while shooting more punches into her chin until the bell rings, overall earning her a great opener to this fight.


This is what happens when you get two veteran heavy-hitters in the ring: it's not your usual slugfest, but more a calculated stalking of one’s opponent. They’ve fought each other once before, officially in the ring. But who knows how many undocumented encounters have taken place between these two, with each woman having that first same thought of slapping the other girl hard across the face the moment they lay eyes on each other in a same physical space? Kate doing exactly that here in the ring, expert footwork cutting Hannah off with sudden leaps to the left and right, then slamming punches into the champion’s arms, scoring points when Hannah ducks and covers only to take shots into the chest with Kate in control this round. Hannah forced into defensive mode in the third minute, no choice but to hide her rack between those locked arms, incidentally giving Kate exactly what she wants: a further stationary target to unloads lefts and rights into, punishing the champion further, all the way until the bell rings.


Hannah has to keep moving if she wants to stop this bleeding, and trainer Steve Boyd must be telling her exactly that as she catches her breath in corner. Bell rings and the girls fly up from their stools, wading into the middle once more to throw down, but Hannah opts to turn the aggressor, UNLOADS on Kate's face right from the very start: left-right-left quick straight hands slam into the nostrils, stunning the big blonde and throwing her shots off center. Kate's return swing to the head misses wide as a result, and Hannah ducking underneath with ease, rocking Upton's chest with a painful, dual uppercut (or two) to either orb, then further humiliating Upton with a third swing into the chin! All this action happening in the span of a minute, and Upton is sent unceremoniously flying backwards, looking hurt! Here comes Hannah, bashing two more hooks into her covered arms, before swiping low at Upton's chest in spades, threatening to knock those glams out of their sockets good and early! And it's not even the first half of this fight over! Kate left blubbering on the ropes, still shaking the shock from her head, and thankfully the referee rings the bell soon after, leaving a look of pure hatred on Upton's face - clearly doesn't like getting manhandled like that!


Hannah still smirking to herself when the bell rings, coming forward only to get BLASTED across the face by Upton’s right hand, the challenger wasting little time in exacting her revenge. Sudden aggression is both a surprise and shocking, Upton moving forward like she didn’t take any damage at all last round, working Hannah’s breasts with stiff shots, then shooting in fists into the rest of Hannah's body, generally doing a good job of toying with her foe, who’s in an immediate retreat all of a sudden. But Hannah decides that she’s had enough of the other blonde’s insolence in the second half, comes roaring back with a right cross of her own sent straight into Kate’s nose, before going for another knockout with an uppercut smashed hard into the middle of the guard. This time, however, Kate prepared for the shot, grimacing as she’s rattled backwards, but remains steady and firm. Bell rings soon after, denying either girl a perfect comeback, but at least Upton has managed to challenge the champion’s supremacy at the end of three minutes.


First minute of the fifth sees Kate rushing in again, trying to surprise the champ and score a genuine upset: jabs homing in on Hannah’s head, however getting parried and blocked as Hannah backs away and fires her flares. What Kate doesn't anticipated is for Ferguson to bite back soon after, jabs of her own own stinging into the face and body as Hannah proves she can hold her ground in a one-to-one firefight with her. Don't need me to remind you good folks what's on the line tonight, besides bragging rights of course: that diamond-studded bra still hanging out at the referee’s table, along with the clear record of longest reigning JMDD champion, period. Hannah swerves to avoid another Upton-killer-hook that flies towards her face outta nowhere, instead BELTS Kate across the face and sending her into shock once more. Two can play at this power-game! Hannah pounds on her puppies unabated, sending Upton stumbling backwards with a squeal, before a textbook hook half-disappears into Kate’s face!! ROAR from the Texas crowd as Upton goes crashing into the ropes, punch-drunk and still hoping to rally! Hannah ON her case, not letting her get away, more fists crashing in the deteriorating guard, hoping to DROP Upton in record time, gets her wish fulfilled when she streeaks a right around the flimsy guard, SMACK into Upton’s nostrils straight, AND DOWN GOES Kate Upton as she falls to her knees, gasping for air as she drapes one hand over the ropes in agony, knees o the canvas and her face exploding into a bloody mess!

KNOCKDOWN for Hannah Ferguson! But BOY can Kate Upton take some punishment, can she?? It's made all the more remarkable from the fact that she just survived a series of bouts with another hated nemesis of hers, Ms Kelly Brook. And no doubt Ferguson already thanking her lucky stars at fortune for her corner, especially at the sight of Upton breathing hard on her knees, red streaks coming down her nostrils, over those ruby lips. Referee asks her if she wants to continue when she finally makes it back up, and Kate simply growling at him to get the f*ck outta the way. Ferguson takes this mid-round with that sensational knockdown, and looks poised to retake the diamond bra if she keeps this abuse up!


Another round of insane action resumes, however, as Upton shows everyone that she's still in this fight, damned and over her dead body if she's gonna go down to Hannah so early and easily. Her nose already patched up by the medics mid-round, and the pain doesn't seem to bother her as she rallies forward to resume her heavy swinging! Ferguson perhaps the most shocked when she's ROCKED by one such overhand punch by Upton out the gate, the force of which stumbling her embarrassingly to the side and forcing her to cover up. She knew she'd be in for a fight of her life when she challenged Upton to the bra, but regardless, an injured Upton suddenly looking more dangerous than the version she faced at the start of this fight. More stiff shots into Kates lips and that injured nose of hers don’t seem to faze the big blonde, who TORQUES the champion's face to the side as she gets in close towards the end of the round, sending the crowd into a feeding frenzy. Upton hungry for payback as well, follows her hated nemesis all the way into the ropes, not giving her time to recover with pumping fists into her chest, just because she f*cking can, enjoying Hannah's frantic squeals as the Vixen tries covering up from the rabid onslaught. Girls wrap up arms in the final seconds of the round, bodying each other up on the ropes with elbows and hips shoved into flesh, further rocking their rival’s body whenever possible: strapping hooks buried into the midsection or breasts, with Hannah actually succeeding in this regard by specifically targeting her opponent's orbs, taking the last thirty seconds to threaten Kate's bikini top fabric to call it quits by itself, forcing a loud snap any second now. But Upton paying her rival back with growling shots buried into her midsection, painful digs into Hannah’s ribs, arguably dealing more damage than the champ actually scoring points here. Ref has to break the pair up at the bell when it's clear that an enraged Upton has no intention of stopping her attack at the bell. End result is Hannah limping back to corner, holding her bruised tummy with one hand, shooting Upton a look of hatred that’s only matched by Kate's satisfied taunting from across the ring:

“Next round, you're eating my tits, Ferguson!!” Kate shouting on her way back to corner.


First thirty seconds and Hannah dominating the exchange right back, keeping her distance and then stunning Upton on the nose repeatedly, hoping to deal enough damage to send the challenger down for the count one last and final time. But Kate like a bulldozer that keeps on steamrolling along, literally barrelling into Hannah seconds after, not bothering with any of that precise swinging on her part, simply content to wrap up body-to-body with the champ, one arm snaked around the back of the head, the other buried into Hannah's body over and over and over again. Good lord, is this dejavu?? Something about this reminds us of their previous encounter in the ring, where Kate's special targeting of the midsection proved to be Hannah's downfall. Like the previous outing, Kate using her significant bulk to back our champ into the corner, hooks buried into the gut shoving the blonde backwards helpfully, Hannah's bulging eyes visible even as she tries to cover her head. Upton switching targets with leather knocking the champ’s breasts side-to-side, with reckless abandon and further escalating the issue here, as Ferguson's upper torso is almost blown over the top rope by her power hooks. Things are certainly not looking rosy for the champion, as she tries to wrap up in desperation, arms trying to pull Upton’s head inwards as she wraps them around the back of the beck, but Upton’s own strength holding Hannah back with one arm on her shoulder, then cupping the back of the head to hold her steady, BASHES that bruised body silly with WHUD WHUD WHUUUDD thuds of leather on skin. Rage and fury in Kate’s eyes as she does this, and the fifth such uppercut into the belly FINALLY has Ferguson falling down to her knees for the third round KNOCKDOWN!

Hannah with her mouth open, eyelids fluttering, both hands hugging the body as she collapses down onto her butt and curls into the fetal position - not the best imagery we want to have of the champion’s last stand in the seventh. Upton ushered to neutral corner, massive chest heaving itself as she catches her breath and wonders if she’s done enough? She really put in all her effort into that last, massive blitz, and it seems to have worked! Hannah struggling to even get back up to her knees, but that battered body refusing to cooperate! Referee reaches the 10-count and WAVES this fight over!! We have a new champion, ladies and gents!!

Official Decision: Kate Upton defeats Hannah Ferguson via KO7! Kate Upton is the NEW JMDD Champion!


Looks like the JMDD title record for consecutive wins swings back into Kate Upton’s court! The Lookout starlet grinning devilishly as she’s once again handed the diamond-studded bra, and if we’re keeping track, she’s already managed to set a new record for being a three-time JMDD champion in her own right. She roars as she raises her hard-fought prize to the cheering crowds, before turning her attention back onto Ferguson in the corner

That look in Upton’s eyes says it all: some girls, like Ferguson, need to be broken and made an example of. If not, they’re just gonna keep on climbing back up the ladder and nipping at your heels. Upton licking her lips as she stands over Hannah, tugging roughly on her hair and bringing the moaning girl upwards to her knees, doing what the former champion couldn’t just moments ago with her body in this condition. A hard slap or two into Hannah’s face draws a loud grunt from Hannah’s lips, and no other resistance, but Ferguson caught half-glaring at her nemesis, lips curled in both pain and a growing rage.

“Just try it, Ferguson. Just try to fight back. I dare ya,” Upton cooing from above, her fingernails still buried in blonde hair as she presses the defeated girl’s chin into her pulsing belly, tugs her head back in order to meet those defiant eyes. “Already told ya you weren’t worthy of being in the same league as me. And I’m gonna enjoy proving my point.”

A knee suddenly crashing into Hannah’s chin, dazing her badly as she lets out another groan, her hands grasping fruitlessly at the back of Upton’s thighs and butt cheeks, trying to steady herself on shaky knees. But a second knee-lift from Kate sends her completely onto her back, squirming and cradling her jawline. Upton stalking after her slowly, that evil grin growing wider with each step. Finally, at the top of Hannah’s head, the new JMDD champion launches herself upwards and over, her body SLAMMING down into Hannah’s with a satisfying WHUMFHHH of air driven from the victim’s lungs.

And we all know what’s coming next, folks: Upton locking the struggling blonde in her place beneath, positioning her winning set of jugs directly over Hannah’s face in the signature Reverse Breast Smother that Hannah herself frequently enjoyed employing with her victims in the past. Upton cooing as she snakes both arms beneath Hannah’s head, elbows locked in tightly as she shoves Hannah’s entire face into the depths of her massive chest, putting all her remaining strength into this humiliating smother.

Hannah’s glistening body visibly thrashing and twisting in last display of protest, those red-slicked muscles pulsing and straining for air as she tries a last-ditch effort to wiggle out of the hold, but Upton’s weight bearing down on her too much, that smile on Upton’s face never once disappearing as she presses her own cheek into Hannah’s own chest up on top, pinning her victim down completely.

A few last shudders from Ferguson’s body and it’s all over, that sweat-slicked belly of hers the only thing left pulsing up and down as the last vestiges of resistance are abandoned with the lack of oxygen to the brain. Upton still grinning with satisfaction, rising back up to her haunches and catching her own breath, posing at Hannah’s head with her thighs on either side of the snoozing woman, arms flexed for the cameras. Then, she pats Hannah’s jugged out face with one hand, blows a kiss down at her hated rival.

“Better luck next time, Hannah… NOT.” 



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