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18 May 2019 AJ Lee vs Sasha Banks

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Posted by caspian2 on May 18, 2019 at 10:48pm


2. Guests: AJ Lee vs Sasha Banks (Flyweight)


(32, 5’3, 8:2 FCBA, Free Agent)

(27, 5’6, 2:1 FCBA, Free Agent)


It’s rare to see these WWE wrestlers out of their usual Boxermania cards that happen annually, but these two getting into the same ring is perhaps one of the most highly requested clashes that the fans have wanted for years, a dream match that will never take place in the WWE ring today with Sasha Banks preoccupied with Alexa Bliss and Bailey, whereas AJ Lee long since hung up her wrestling boots for a career as an author.

“People have been asking me to fight Sasha forever,” AJ grinning at the press conference. “I can’t remember how many fantasy matches I’ve watched on Youtube and fanfiction.net that have the two of us squaring off against each other.” 

A reporter then asks the former Diva’s champion a cheeky question next, wondering how often AJ actually reads or watches those fantasy matches in the first place, and of course, how many times has she noted actually winning against Banks. 

AJ’s smile only widens. “9 times out of 10, I win, of course. And hell yeah, I’ve often wondered myself how I would do it. Square her away with a Small Package? Make her tap out with a Widowmaker? Guess we’ll find out later, won’t we?”

“How about punching your lights out with a right hook?” Sasha interjecting, a smirk of her own on her purple-painted lips. “The fact is, you’re old news, AJ. You were once champion and all that, but let’s face it, you’ll only get yourself decimated if you were to enter the ring with any one of the Four Horsewomen. I promise I’ll make tonight as painless as possible, grandma.”

AJ visibly seething as she’s escorted from the table to the middle stage, for the traditional photoshoot. And uh oh - that devious smile on her face is well known and beloved - an evil concoction that’s brewing in her mind now as she ponders how to punish this upstart wrestler that’s stolen her spotlight. Sasha with no such pretensions, actually sticking her hand out to shake AJ’s, when she gets slapped on the face by Lee’s lunging open palm.

“Why, you little--AARGHH!!” 

Before Sasha can reply, AJ leaps upwards into the air and dropkicks her clean to the chest, sending Banks tumbling off the stage in a mess of hair and limbs. Sasha groaning as she recovers, has to be restrained by officials as she looks ready to rumble with Lee right here and now. AJ continuing to smirk as she too is quickly herded backstage, her hands up in the air and pointing down at herself with cockiness. “Come get me, hotstuff.” 

Later in the ring, plenty of ring officials still on hand to make sure things don’t escalate again. AJ and Sasha both making their final preparations in corner, looking like they can’t wait to get things started either. Sasha in her traditional purple, pink and orange body-hugging wraps that encircle her taut figure and showing off plenty of arm, leg and midriff. She’s donning white gloves on both hands as she cocks them upwards and front. AJ dressed in her usual black crop top, dark blue denim hot pants, patting that toned tummy of hers with a pair of red gloves. Remember girls, no submission holds of knee-lifts - not this time! With a wave of the referee’s hand, HERE we go with ten rounds of Flyweight action!


AJ uses her superior agility to dictate the pace of the early engagement, running circles around Sasha and hopping about on her left and right as Banks tries to pin her down with jabs. It’s made harder of course with Lee’s constant blows to her head, both frustrating and hurting Sasha in the first minute when she can’t seem to land any punches back. AJ just too fast, used to flying off the ropes at top-speed and leaping off the turnbuckle during her time in the WWE ring. Here in the boxing ring though, she can’t quite rely on that dropkick of hers no longer, and finally lets out a cry and a grunt when Sasha scores a one-two licking combo to her face, before a hook crashes into the side of the smaller girl’s head. But AJ simply jumping out of the way of follow-up punches sent her way, and Banks is left picking up the pieces, being contented with a close round for her opponent.

Sasha not gonna take that lead of AJ’s lying down, of course, now sailing out of her corner with even more energy and another full blown attempt to take the other girl down by any means necessary. AJ caught by surprise by the sudden charge in her direction, like a WWE diva barreling into her on the ropes, only this time she can’t drop to the canvas or send a superkick into her face. AJ freezes instead, has to contend with a flurry of punches that Sasha harrasses her head with. She’s covering up, struggling to keep herself away from Sasha this time round, soaking up damage to her arms and particularly to those taut abs of hers, and with nowhere else to put it, allows Sasha to bully her all the way to the ropes. Girls still used to wrestling and locking up arms, and they do exactly that for the last minute of this round: hands locked around the neck and waistline, with stray gloves punishing the body from the sides. Bell rings and Sasha’s done enough to steal the round back for herself.

AJ determined to come back, however, flying forward early in the third and firing more jabs at Sasha’s head, not letting her get away with her cocky attitude. Sasha defending herself well, no choice but grunts as some leather slips in and thumps her body hard, as Lee continues to combine speed and power, dancing around her foe. Sasha responding in kind with a hard swipe across the older girl’s face, all of a sudden wiping that smirk clear off when she timed her shot well. She’s telling Lee that she hasn’t won this match just yet, and both girls get into another wild melee in the center, pushing gloves up into the chin or lips, other arm seeking leverage around the body or tugging and pushing at the shoulder. Lee takes the round at the end of these three minutes, but doesn’t look too good as she rubs her jawline on her way back to corner. That burst of energy might just cost her in the long run...

Case in point: Sasha leaps back into the fray once the bell for the fourth sounds, still brimming with energy by comparison and reversing the assault she just endured, now shooting jab after jab into AJ’s arms and occasionally straight into the middle of her shocked face. Lee’s lips opening in surprise as a third such lightning jab stuns her painfully on her mouth. She’s being beaten backwards from the taller woman’s aggression, and doesn’t seem to have an answer to it besides trying to clinch up with Sasha again. If this were some WWE match of sorts, this would be the moment where AJ easily manages to lock up her opponent in her trademark Black Widow submission move. Here though, all she has left in her toolbox are Mrs Left Hand and Right, which she’s only using now to block half of the incoming blows. Another two straight hands land on her tummy and AJ’s had enough, bowing over in pain, rooted to the spot, then narrowly avoiding a finishing hook to the face when she jumps backwards and out of the way. Sasha growling almost chasing after her wayward foe, but eats a right hand to the face in a small measure of payback on AJ’s part, before the bell rings and saves her from a knockdown.

AJ visibly tiring, her body hurt as she cradles one side and limps slightly forward. Sasha still bouncing up and down on her feet as she readies herself and POUNCES, resuming the stacking of jabs into Lee’s face, unabated. AJ’s head is getting snapped backwards by those crisp and short punches, button of a nose eating leather as Lee can barely keep up her arms from the constant barrage. She makes some half-hearted effort to swipe back at Bank’s head and body, but her rival simply sidestepping the low shot or taking the brunt of the blow no problem. Last minute and Sasha JUMPS in for the kill, breaking Lee’s guard in half with a loud GASP from her lips, then silenced by a hard hook into the side of AJ’s face, which sends her sprawling down onto the canvas! And just like that - it’s all over! AJ blubbering protests on her chest as she tries to lift her head, the throbbing pain too much for her to handle. The referee waves her chances off!

Official Decision: Sasha Banks defeats AJ Lee via KO5!


Banks letting out a loud laugh of celebration as she throws up both arms into the air. She heads back to her corner and mounts the second turnbuckle, shouting out loud “I f*cking TOLD YA SO!” For now, she’s put this rivalry to rest, and boy is she intent on keeping it that way. AJ still breathing hard, face sweating and in abject shock as she slowly sits back up against the ropes, suddenly sees Banks approaching her fast and tries to scramble away and out of the ring. But Sasha’s simply faster, grabbing hold of one of her squirming legs, before tugging the struggling woman roughly into the coveted Bank’s Statement, two arms cross and lined over AJ’s face, lifting her head and torso clear into the air at a god-awful angle. Sasha straining her arms backwards whilst keeping Lee’s legs pinned down behind, showing everyone who’s the ultimate female wrestler in control here. AJ screaming out in pain, hands slamming down on the canvas in a sign of submission in another ring, but Banks continues trapping her in the hold until the ring officials physically intervene to break these two hellcats apart. Banks still laughing all the way up the ramp later, watching as AJ writhes and groans in the middle of the ring! 



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