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31 May 2019 Marina Sirtis vs Gates McFadden

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 1, 2019 at 12:33pm


Marina Sirtis vs. Gates McFadden(Words: GBS / Results: Lookout!)

This fight was an on set bout from the Next Generation set. These two women seemed friendly but they both wanted to win. Sirtis was the shorter, bustier woman who seemed to be a short closer inside puncher from sparring tapes shown. Definitely a brawler type was the consensus. McFadden was taller and possibly a fighter with more range from her tapes. She did seem to snap off the jabs and crosses using her length pretty good.

Marina comes out in a purple two piece with red gloves.

Gates shows in a blue two piece with red gloves also.

Round 1:

These two came right out at the bell. The fight opened with the jabs and quick movements from both fighters. Gates did seem to get her jabs in before Marina. She did seem to carry the round until late when Sirtis got in a terrific straight right to Gates’ midsection. She added in 2 hooks before McFadden flattened Sirtis’ attack with 2 quick crosses to her head. It was a feeling out round for the most part. But a close one carried by Gates.

Round 2:

Again both fighters came out quickly just as in the 1st round. But this time Marina got there first with a right and left hook combination after a swapping of jabs and crosses between the two boxers. This causes Gates to back pedal as Marina follows with some more leather. After a couple more hooks, Gates slips one and circle around. Then she starts to set the paces with some shots to Marina’s ribs and face. Sirtis goes to counter punch when she can and then is where the round ends. Another close round but Marina carried it.

Round 3:

Gates came out for the third round as she ended the last by getting in front and working on Marina’s body. But Sirtis was defending for that but got smacked on her nose for it. Soon McFadden was going to Sirtis’ face with punches and landing them. Marina is soon backed into the ropes. Gates then goes back to thumping Marina’s body and ribs. Marina clinches up with Gates but it doesn’t last long. After the referee breaks it up, McFadden nails Sirtis with a sharp uppercut. This does end the round gratefully for Marina. Gates won that round widely.

Round 4:

Marina recovered well during the break and seemed better as the bell rang. Gates came out looking to end this fight now as her success in the previous round. Sirtis got a left straight into Gates’ face after exchanges of jabs between the two boxers. She added a quick right hook and soon Gates was off balance. Then she paid a price as Sirtis went in on McFadden’s face with some terrific crosses. Gates’ plan was falling apart as Marina put on a gorgeous display until the bell sounded, ending the round. Marina answered back beautifully in this round taking it widely.

Round 5:

Gates was worked on heavily during the break and came out slower than last round. Marina was bouncing on her feet as the bell rang to open the fifth round. She easily slipped a couple of Gates’ jabs and returned with a couple strong right and left hooks to McFadden’s body. Gates went to protect her body and got smacked with 2 successive uppercuts to her chin. AND GATES GOES DOWN! Marina moves to a neutral corner and watches as Gates tries to rise. But she doesn’t beat the count reaching for the middle rope as Gates is counted out.


Marina is declared the winner and her right glove is raised. She bounces about for a bit before leaving the ring. Gates watches before exiting herself and she is defeated but wants to box again. Already there is talk of a rematch. Ever since the days of Nichols, Whitney, Jackson, Banks, and others there has always been boxing on Star Trek sets or around it. There will be more in the future. 



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