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31 May 2019 Megan Fox vs Annalynne McCord

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 2, 2019 at 1:05am


Megan Fox versus Annalynne McCord

(32, 5’4, 114, 43:25:1 FCBA, VIXENs)

(32, 5’7, 7:17 FCBA, The Fighting Academy)

“A gimme-fight or not, there’s a score to settle here,” Fox saying with a smile at the press conference, looking confident for someone being constantly attacked for her choice of opponents. “Let’s be clear - I DON’T consider Annalynne to be in the same league as me, but I begrudgingly have to accept the fact that she managed to score a win back in 2009 - it’s one I cannot take lying down in good conscience.”

“Aw, come on, Fox. You certainly ‘laid down’ real good back then. Why don’t you be a nice little lady and do the same tonight?” Annalynne sniping at her opponent from across the room. “You’ve had some successes since the last time we fought, but all I see is the same overrated girl who thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread. And I’m not only referring to your acting skills.”

Face-off at the podium is as tense as an over-tuned guitar used at a Black Sabbath rally, as the two women come together for their photo op, hands on hips, setting each other with death stares. Megan coming into this fight at a three-inch disadvantage - maybe there’s one reason why she fared so badly the last time round. 

Into the arena proper, and Fox is stretching in her corner of the ring in a red/black bikini, her black hair tied upwards into a bun, donning white gloves on both hands. Annalynne looking slender and fit as well, despite her recent losses. She’s bouncing on her toes in a white swimsuit bikini, wearing black gloves to brawl. HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Not the most highly anticipated rematch, this fight is, if we’re being completely honest, but the stakes certainly couldn’t be higher for both ladies, as Fox looks to redeem her honour and Annalynne hopes to score a big win against a former Flyweight champion. Might be a reason why Annalynne’s looking so tense when the bell sounds, shoulders hunched over as she keeps her arms close to her chest, anticipating Megan’s charge directed her way. Fox by contrast calm and steady, big but regular strides towards her blonde opponent before BLASTING hands away at her frame. Perhaps this was what Annalynne was anticipating, but even she’s looking shocked by the sudden power and ammunition thrown her way, visibly grimacing as Fox unloads on her guard with strong jabs and even stronger hooks into the sides. 

Not sure if Annalynne’s bluffing here, but she’s realllllly getting ragdolled early in the very first minute, constantly retreating or getting blown off to the left and right, and worse, barely hitting back with jabs of her own. This inaction only emboldens Megan further, as the superstarlet lands another one-two straight jabs into the blonde’s midsection, then steps in and KNOCKS Annalynne’s head upwards in a beautiful uppercut to the chin! 

$@#%^ - ANNALYNNE GOES DOWN HARD!! That one blast to the jawline completely cleaning her clock! Holy hell - it’s a KNOCKDOWN for Megan Fox in the second minute of the first round! Is this how the rest of this fight is gonna go?!? Crowd ROARING their approval as Annalynne struggles to get a sense of where the f*ck she is, head spinning as she squirms off her back and onto her side. She manages to find the ropes with one hand clinging and pulling on hard, but hell if she’s already looking too dazed to get back up properly to her feet. Referee already at the count of 8 and the poor girl’s still only on one knee, choking back tears and sweat as she struggles to steady herself enough for one last push in time. But... no dice! Ref hits the count of 10 and WAVES THIS FIGHT OFF! WOW - MEGAN FOX WITH A BIG KO1 WIN!

Official Decision: Megan Fox defeats Annalynne McCord via KO1!

Might this be another record broken for Ms Fox, folks?? If not in the entire FCBA, then a personal best for Megan, who demonstrates that she still has the stopping power to put away girls in such dominating fashion! She allows herself a controlled, measured smile as she waves to the audience, before heading back to corner with that same calculative confidence that must have won her this fight so easily! What’s next for Fox? Who the f*ck knows, but whatever it is, we can guess that it’s gonna be equally explosive! 



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