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31 May 2019 Katheryn Winnick vs Julianne Hough

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 1, 2019 at 12:04pm


Katheryn Winnick
(41, 5’4, 120 lbs, 22:5 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Julianne Hough
(30, 5’4, 116 lbs, 21:12 FCBA, Empire Boxing)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

It’s starting to look like Ms Winnick’s 2019 might be her best year yet at doing this boxing thing, coming off a list of impressive wins and still going strong. Two fights booked back-to-back in the coming weeks alone have some of the reporters worried about the 41-year-old’s safety record, but there’s nothing but a smile on her face at the pre-fight press conference.

"Yeah…I do have a HUGE fight coming up on the Doll Ball, but I'm 100% focused on Julianne tonight. I'm fighting a former champion in this league and she's only 30, so I’d better give her my full attention if I don't want to get my ass kicked, and I certainly don't.” Katheryn chuckles as she continues. “Julianne’s very athletic and in amazing shape… I'll have to do my best to keep up with her, and hopefully my best is enough. So yes, Juli, you've got my full attention, unfortunately for you. Do your worst!"

Kat ending her side of things with a smirk, and boy has she gotten the attention of her opponent right back, with Julianne seen glaring back at Winnick at first from across the table, before flashing a plastic smile towards the audience to hide her animosity.

“Oh, I’m certainly going to do my worst tonight. 2018 was pretty bad for me, but it’s been a full year since the last time I fought and I’ve had plenty of time to work on my game. I think I’m going to surprise a lot of people tonight. I know Katheryn has been all the rage and has beaten plenty of big names, but she’s a bit too old to keep up with me, and this will be a great opportunity for me to get back into prime boxing shape. Can’t wait, let’s go do this!”

Girls escorted from the table to the middle of the stage, where they pose for pictures. There’s a ten-year difference between these two blondes, but what Winnick lacks in youth, she makes up in terms of skill and dicipline. Hough not looking impressed though in her sports bra and mini-denim hot pants exposing the younger blonde’s immaculately fit body, coldly shaking the older woman’s hand before they depart backstage for last preparations.

Hours later, the arena erupts as Julianne Hough first appears through the curtains, holding up two black gloved hands as she smiles wide for the cameras. It’s quite clear by this point that the blonde loves the attention, waving and pumping her fist repeatedly as she makes her way down the ramp clad in a black sports bra and purple short tights, blonde hair in a messy high ponytail, her muscular iron abs on full display here, perhaps on purpose as the hefty cheers from the fans confirm Julianne is doing a lot right here already. Winnick’s motto, on the other hand, is ‘Modesty’s the Best Policy’ and it absolutely shows, with muted silver lights flashing from the stage and a shower of confetti the only things marking her entrance into the arena. As usual, she’s fighting out of the white/black corner, in a white sports bra of her own and gym tights for bottoms, with her hair in tied back a very tight ponytail for maximum efficiency. After the rules are read out loud by the referee, both women nod their approval to get things going. HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Winnick showing some surprising aggression early on, coming forward eagerly and initiating with jabs to the head. This is different from her usual strategy of wait-and-see, but we’d also be remiss to say that that policy hasn’t always benefited her in the past. She hounds Julianne to the side of the head with some hard blows, surprising her opponent too. Hough had probably assumed that Winnick would be fighting defensively like last time. Julianne, however, recovering quickly, exchanging fire right back with a flurry of punches that slip past Winnick’s flimsy defenses (hey, that’s what happens when you focus on your offense instead) and scoring some points for herself by the time the first three minutes are up. Not the best round for Winnick, we must say - once Julianne managed to adapt to her attacks, the younger blonde simply hung back and tagged the Doll’s face whenever she came roaring in. Close round goes to Hough overall.

Kat has proven her capability to hang and bang with girls twenty years her junior, but she smartly notes that it isn’t wise to try and do so for ten rounds straight. More aggressive tactics from the Doll as she continues to overpower the 30-year-old as early as she can. Julianne doing her best to contain the punches, but succumbing to the quantity in the first half when her face gets torqued to the side by an errant hook she didn’t see coming. Crowd roars as Katheryn tries to rush in after her in order to capitalise, but Julianne wisely covering her head up and then establishing more distance between them. Winnick not to be stopped, however, moving forward steadily, still jabbing at the body and head. But Hough back in the driver’s seat by keeping her own right hand stuffed into Kat’s face each time she gets near, then delivers a right hook of her own that lands clean on the older woman’s cheek, thereby also stopping her advance in its tracks. Overall, it’s a good round for both these two, as they finish feeling each other out. Whether Winnick likes it or not, she’s dealing with a smart, talented opponent tonight. It’s up to her to deal with it!

Julianne’s turn to get prissy as she rushes forward with renewed energy! Perhaps the younger blonde is starting to think the Canadian is getting a bit tired already. Katheryn initially stunned when a flurry of punches land on her forearms in quick succession, but then quickly recovers enough to harangue her opponent back with swings to the side of her head, bashing on the ears and maybe making Julianne think twice about trying a stunt like that again. Julianne letting out another grunt as she’s almost blown off her feet from a third right hook, Katheryn not mincing her power as she takes stinging jabs to her chin but then dishes back threefold in close quarters! 

Hough in trouble in the second half of the round, when Winnick doesn’t give up her pursuit and continues slamming leather into the middle of her forearms, knocking at the gates with a battering ram. Thirty seconds left on the clock and Hough looking shaky and wobbling, getting pushed back over and over again by the Doll’s continued aggression and accuracy… ANOTHER right hook comes flying in from Winnick, bypassing the guard and hitting Julianne right on the temple! JULI IS HURT! Her high guard disintegrating and WINNICK WITH A HUGE UPPERCUT! OH MY! The older blonde easily splitting Hough’s guard with a beautiful textbook uppercut sending Julianne’s chin into space - AND DOWN GOES HOUGH!! 

The American floored by that one solid punch, crushing to her back, gum shield flying out of her mouth as she hits the canvas spread-eagled, eyes glazed over as she stares up at the ceiling. Referee orders Winnick to a neutral corner and begins the count, but Julianne is barely conscious and barely moving as the count easily passes her by!!! It’s OVER!!

Official Decision: Katheryn Winnick defeats Julianne Hough via KO3!

Wow! A dominant performance from Katheryn here as she makes short work of the rusty younger blonde in less than 3 rounds! Uncharacteristically aggressive approach from Winnick tonight probably catching Hough off guard, and turns out the Doll knows exactly what she’s doing in there. As expected from Kat, however, a modest celebration to accompany this magnificent win tonight, smiling briefly and waving at the audience’s chanting her name, before returning to her corner, just satisified at besting another woman who’s ten years her junior. Later outside the ring, Kat letting that smile loose when reporters ask her how she’s really feeling...

“I expected her to last longer…but I saw an opening and I took it. I don’t think she was ready….” Katheryn chuckles before continuing. “Not much time to celebrate for me unfortunately….I have a big fight coming up….gotta stay focused! So…Sarah Carter…I hope you’re watching! We have a date next weekend…and sparks are gonna fly baby!!!” the pumped victorious blonde shadow boxes straight into the camera before turning to head backstage to the sound of her fans chanting her name. 



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