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31 May 2019 Margot Robbie vs Minka Kelly

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 1, 2019 at 12:16pm


Margot Robbie vs. Minka Kelly


 (Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


Two of the hottest bantams on the planet meet, and, while both have had what could fairly be described as "up and down" fortunes the past couple of years, the Aussie blonde is oozing confidence in the pre-fight. "Minka's time has come and gone," Margot says with a near sneer. "You get demoted by your own stable behind a talent as middling as Dobrev and, well. It's all over but the official announcement, isn't it?"

"I may be closer to the end of my career than the beginning," says a hard-eyed Minka, "But, I'm far from finished. As she will soon see."


Cue recon. Ladies both showing caution and respect early, looking for openings, weakness. Probing with the jabs. Moving the feet. Getting punches out and back quickly. Then. BOOM! Margot FINDS and opening and ROCKS Minka with a right hand! Kelly stumblin', rumblin', fumblin' as Robbie goes all in 90 seconds into the fight. Kelly backed up against the ropes almost immediately as Aussie blonde gets off lusty, hammering away with both hands. Minka showing slick defense despite being clearly buzzed. She's rolling with punches, blocking others, leaning back into the ropes, jabbing back here and there, doing enough to keep the referee at bay. Robbie ups the pressure in the final seconds, looking for the killing blow, but, it doesn't come. Minka survives the round. But, the blonde takes the points wide and leads 10-9.


Margot pressuring early, stepping to the brunette. Minka giving a little ground for about half a minute, then begins to firm up and hold canvas. Robbie doesn't let up on the pressure, though, and we've got a FIREFIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Ladies hot tossing, sweat flying, leather hammering home, and MARGOT IS ROCKED! Minka returns last round's favor with a BLISTERING right! Aussie immediately covers up and Kelly calls in the heavy artillery, letting the blonde have it with both hands. Robbie backed up repeatedly, but manages to stay off the ropes. She does NOT manage to avoid taking a thorough beating from the brunette, who's giving back everything she got in the first. By the final seconds, Kelly's got Margot scuffed, but the Aussie makes it to the bell. Kelly, meanwhile, seems content to have taken the second wide and evened things at 19.


Minka walking Margot down early. Robbie buzzed, legs still not back, and Kelly taking full advantage. Athletic Aussie trying desperately to hold ground, but can't get it done. Instead, Kelly bullying her around the ring, thumping her to both head and body, piling up both points and hurt. Margot reduced to countering in spots, scoring points here or there. Minka, meanwhile, has it all put together. She's working the jab, setting up hard right hands, sitting down on plenty of punches. Blonde manages to stay off the ropes, and that's about the extent of the good news, as, by any measure, Kelly's given her a complete and thorough working over by the time the bell ending the third finally rings. When it does so, Minka's taken the points wide and pulled into the lead 29-28.


Minka back to work early, backing up Robbie with hard right hands. Margot STILL unable to hold canvas, getting thumped with heavy leather and then, BAM! A short hook buried under the ribs by Minka and MARGOT IS HURT TO THE BODY. Robbie bunches up and nearly goes down and Kelly's all in to finish this thing. She's banging away at every legal inch of blonde body, letting the hands go completely. Margot in deep trouble, looking ready to go at any moment. Eventually, she's backed into the ropes, where Minka goes all body all the time looking to simply make the Aussie's awesome frame quit. She's banging belly and ripping ribs, only going upstairs enough to keep the blonde honest. Margot a picture of suffering, but, somehow she hangs on to the bell. When it rings, Minka's tossed a shutout and leads 39-37.


Minka back to work reducing Margot. Robbie again in retreat as the American sits down on punches, thumps her to both head and body. Robbie again having problems holding canvas, shaking off all the damage Kelly's done over the past three rou...BOOM! Right-hand counter from Margot and MINKA IS HURT! Where did THAT come from? Kelly all wobbly-butt as Margot goes over to the offensive, swinging for the fences and DROPPING MINKA WITH A RIGHT HAND! Kelly blown to her back, stunned, glassy-eyed as Robbie heads to a neutral corner. Referee counting down. Minka seemingly unaware of what's happening, but, she figures it out just in time, gets to her feet in time to beat the count. Ref gives her the mandatory and waives on Margot. Aussie a buzz saw, blasting away at the American, forcing her back into the ropes and abusing her for over a minute trying to end the thing. Minka hangs on to the bell, however. But. When it rings, Margot's won the round 10-8, evened the cards at 47 and turned the fight with one punch.


Margot pressing the advantage. Minka a wreck, buzzed, wobbly-legged, looking ready to go with the next punch. And, Robbie just keeps throwing leather at her. Kelly's taking a serious thumping, but, the American is holding on. She's doing almost nothing offensively, but, she's blocking punches, rolling with, playing for time as she tries to shake the cobwebs and get back into the fight. For the Aussie's part, it's not about points now, but about HURT. She's determined to get Minka out of there, and, as such, she's committing on every punch, taking chances, gambling that the American won't be able to take advantage of the openings. And, that gamble pays off in the sixth. Minka's unable to fire back, and, instead, simply takes a beating. When the bell rings, Margot's pitched a shutout and gone back on the lead 57-56.


Aussie right back at it, stepping to the American, backing her up, sitting down on punches, looking for the finisher. Kelly still giving ground, firing back here and there now, making this a fighting retreat at the least. But, a retreat it is. Margot's taking canvas in large swathes, and there's nothing Minka can do about it, despite her best effor...BOOM! Right hand, MARGOT and Minka's HURT! Kelly stumbles backward and IS DROPPED by a BLISTERING flurry from the Aussie! Minka again down on her back glassy-eyed as Margot BOUNCES to a neutral corner. Referee counting down. Kelly shaking her head, tries once to sit up, but SLUMPS BACK DOWN and it's OVER! Minka can't get off the deck the second time and it's OVER. And your winner by KO7 is Margot Robbie!


Post-fight Margot definitely showing plenty of signs of the damage Minka did during the contest on her lovely face, but, listening to the blonde, you'd think the thing was a walkover. "I TOLD you! Her day is DONE! She's a second-team bantam in a stable where the FIRST team bantam isn't really any GOOD. It's time for Minka to hang up the gloves. Because she can't compete with REAL fighters like ME." 



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