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31 May 2019 Kaya Scodelario vs Evangeline Lilly

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 1, 2019 at 11:56am


Kaya Scodelario versus Evangeline Lilly

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Girls Friday vs Lookout! Boxing)


With the FCBA bantamweight title on the line later tonight, two contenders do battle tonight, Kaya Scodelario and Evangeline Lilly fight once again.

Kaya is 27 years old; she stands 5'6, she holds a record of 31 wins, all by way of knockout, with 7 defeats, she is a former FCBA bantamweight champion.

Evangeline is 39 years old; she stands 5'5, she holds a record of 56 wins, 32 by knockout, 30 defeats with 2 draws, she is a former six time FCBA bantamweight champion.

Back in December of 2017 these two fought, Kaya knocked out Evangeline in seven rounds, since then both have been two of the most unstoppable forces in an FCBA ring.

They met face to face at the press conference, eyes burning through the other as they posed for cameras with their fists up towards the other, then head off to their tables to begin the press conference properly.

Evangeline surprises a few by taking the first crack at Kaya; telling her "I've been waiting to finally put your name on my list of beaten opponents, guess you weren't as confident when I begun winning huh?"

Chuckling before replying "trust me if you had something I wanted before now we'd have fought, you are just a means to get to the bantamweight title" Kaya smirks over at Evangeline.

Kaya adds "anyway last I checked I beat your arse, so what's with the confidence now, you never asked for this fight since you started this Hall of Fame crusade, sure you are not the scared one?"

Now Evangeline cockily smirks as she says "I'll admit you caught me good, problem you have is I am back to my best, so all this crap about me being scared of you, you'll see how scare I am as I make you cry at the center of the ring as my hand is raised"

Leading to Kaya asking "really?" Making both start jaw jacking as they edge closer to throw down now, their management team sees this as they rush to keep them apart, not wanting any fines from the FCBA committee as neither looks ready to back down.

It takes their management to calm them down enough that they leave at separate ends of the stage, later they make predictions that this fight won't last long when making final statements to the press, with them knocking the other out in brutal fashion.

Fight night; out comes Kaya first with Taryn Terrell and Eva Carneiro beside her, no lack of confidence on her face as she heads down to the ring, waving to the fans as she can be seen chatting to her coaching team.

She is wearing a black sports bra, black and white chequered shorts, black shoes, white gloves with black thumbs, while her hair is up in a ponytail.

Stepping into the ring; Kaya jogs her corner to mount the bottom ropes, flexing her arms as she yells "Evangeline's dreams die tonight" hopping down so she can begin her warm up.

As Evangeline begins her walk to the ring with coach Julie Benz beside her, her piercing stare is locked onto the ring as she looks on seek and destroy mode.

She is wearing a black sports bra with yellow trim, matching trunks and shoes, her gloves are yellow with black thumbs, while her hair is also in a ponytail.

After getting into the ring; Evangeline runs her right hand across her throat in a threatening gesture to Kaya, silently telling her that her dreams of gold end tonight as this is quickly becoming personal.

When they are brought today by the referee, their eyes are locked in an intense stare as neither seem to care about anything other then destroying their rival.

They swipe gloves when told to touch, not much respect behind that as they return to their corners, ready for 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
Both fighters look to start off on the front foot, meeting head to head after a series of stiff jabs, where they throw punches across the others face.

Stepping back Kaya dips a straight from Evangeline to land to the body of the older fighter, then moves to the side to not be an easy target.

Kaya is looking the slicker fighter as she moves around Evangeline, drilling single punches into the gaps of the defences of Lilly.

The wasp times her attack as she parries a right to counter with a right across the face of Kaya, then steps in close to knock Kaya back towards the ropes.

But Kaya gives her opponent a small shove to the face with her left, moving off the ropes while she returns back on the move around Evangeline.

Who tries to close the gap again; this time getting caught with a right across her face as Kaya looks the faster fighter.

The bell rings to end the round with Taryn nodding at Kaya as she returns to the corner, while Evangeline just takes a breath to keep calm as Julie gives her advice.

Round 2:
It's Kaya that's starts off the quicker; digging punches into the top of her opponent's head as she moves side to side, not wanting to get into a fire fight with the veteran.

A straight knocks Evangeline's head back; when a left cross comes in though the American dips under it to come up with an overhand right across the side of Kaya's head.

Evangeline uses her shoulder to push Kaya backwards, throwing punches into the body and across the chin of the Brit to bully her into the ropes.

That makes Kaya clinch up with Evangeline; the referee needed to step in to break them past as they trade insults.

Evangeline is keeping Kaya behind her guard as she throws punches towards the face of Scodelario, with the bell ringing with Lilly just staring through Kaya before returning to her corner.

Round 3:
Now they trading more stiffer punches, nearly bumping heads when they come in close as Kaya isn't looking to move as much early on, maybe trying to show Evangeline she won't be bullied back.

Evangeline knocks Kaya backwards with two punches to her face, AS SHE MISSES WITH A RIGHT HOOK THOUGH, AN UPPERCUT SENDS LILLY ONTO HER BACKSIDE!

The crowd look stunned as Kaya smirks heading to a neutral corner, 1..2...3... Evangeline punches the canvas in frustration, 4...5...6...7...8.. Getting up Evangeline thuds her gloves together as it was a flash knockdown.

As they resume fighting; Kaya steps forwards looking to bash Evangeline around the face, the two step in close work with the Brit landing punches to the body.

Evangeline shows that she isn't badly hurt by nudging the younger fighter back with her left, a right hook smacks Scodelario across her face as the American powers forwards.

The two go toe to toe as seconds tick away in the round, the bell rings with both women calling the other a bytch before marching back to their corners, Evangeline looking pissed off as she sits on her stool staring across the ring.

Round 4:
Kaya looks to build off the last round, coming forwards behind her jab as she tries to bully Evangeline back, SHE MISSES WITH A LUNGING RIGHT HOOK THOUGH AS EVANGELINE DIPS DOWN, COUNTERING WITH AN OVERHAND RIGHT TO SEND KAYA TO HER BACKSIDE!

After a bad round this is a big statement for Evangeline as she gets to a neutral corner, 1..2...3....4... Kaya shakes her head trying to clear it of cobwebs, 5...6...7.. She begins to push herself up as she mutters "lucky bytch" 8... Beating the count with eyes locked onto her opponent.

When they resume they go in hard on each other, a mistake for Kaya as Evangeline knocks her head to the side with a right hook, blood runs from the lips of the Brit as she is knocked backwards.

Kaya clinches up with Evangeline, some dirty boxing going on though as they exchange rabbit punches behind the others head, the referee needing to break them up.

Now Kaya looks more wary of coming forwards, Evangeline stepping forwards behind her jab as she is picking her punches more with the freedom she has, only taking a few punches clean in return.

As the bell rings they exchange a glare before passing each other to return to their corners, Eva having to patch up Kaya's lips as Taryn asks "what the hell happened?"

Round 5:
As the action resumes; Kaya is looking to get the fight back primary on the outside, dancing side to side as she flicks out her jab at the head of her opponent.

Evangeline is dodging them nicely though, timing her attack to come in with a right hook across the cheek of Kaya that opens her up to a two punch combo on her bloody lips.

The Marvel movie star knocks Kaya along the ropes, the Brit covers up but is definitely taking more clean punches as Evangeline looks a surgeon with how precise her punches are cutting through the defences of her opponent.

Forcing Kaya to go dirty; holding the right arm of Evangeline while throwing her right into the side of her opponent's head, till the referee can get in there to break them up.

Once apart Kaya is able to land a two punch combo to the face of Evangeline to knock her head back, finally getting some control of the round.

But Evangeline doesn't look flustered as she waits for her chance, feinting with a left opens up Kaya to a straight to her gut, then the overhand left comes crashing into the cheek to send sweat flying.

The round ends with Evangeline again finishing strong, Kaya looks up to the heavens for an answer how to stop Evangeline, Taryn giving her a pep talk as across the ring the Lookout! Corner looks much more relaxed.

Round 6:
Kaya looks more assured as she keeps it simple, working behind her jab as she relies on her faster footwork to dodge before landing clean punches to the cheeks of her opponent.

They both land clean shots into the others face, with Evangeline trying to close down her younger opponent, just missing with her power shots.

A missed right from Lilly leaves her open to a left across her face and lands an uppercut that knocks her head back, allowing Scodelario to power her onto the ropes.

They slug it out as Evangeline tries to fight her way off the ropes, sweat gets knocked off both fighters, Kaya stepping in with her head down to batter the body of the older fighter.


It's late in the round; Can Evangeline survive? 1...2...3... Evangeline blinks as she stares at the ceiling, 4....5...6.. Turning to her front, she shakes her head as she begins pushing herself up, 7...8... Beating the count with a small wobble, the referee allows her to continue after checking her.

Maybe luckily for her the bell rings before Kaya can get at her, Kaya heads back over to her corner getting a nod from Taryn as Evangeline gets washed down by Julie, who is working to fully wake her up.

Round 7:
Kaya comes out stalking Evangeline around the ring, drilling several punches through the mitts of her opponent to knock her head back.


Now can Kaya survive after being caught out? 1...2...3...4... Kaya groans but isn't moving much, 5...6...7.. Kaya turns to her side, 8...9.. She doesn't move any further 10 ending up counted out!

Winner Evangeline Lilly KO Round 7

Another step towards the Hall of Fame, maybe another step towards another title with this win for Evangeline, though she knows she has been in a war.

Heading back to her corner; Evangeline gets a hug from Julie as the coach congratulates her fighter on job well done tonight, before Julie begins cleaning up Evangeline on her stool.

While Kaya has to be helped to sit up; she is coming around from the knockout and looks pissed off at herself, telling Taryn "I left myself way too open for that c***" the coach just nods before helping Kaya up and back to her stool.

Both fighters get washed down and refreshed, with their eyes locked across the ring, showing things haven't calmed down yet.

As they come to the center of the ring; Evangeline gets her hand raised in victory, while Kaya yells at her "never time you won't be as lucky! I'm knocking you clean out!"

Evangeline just ignores Kaya as she returns to her corner, making the Brits face turn red as she turns to storm out of the ring, telling Taryn "the bytch won't disrespect me next time!"

Inside the ring Evangeline poses for the cameras with Julie, thanking her for helping giving her a second wind in her career, which makes them hug with tears running down their eyes.

They leave the ring together with a chant for Evangeline, she bows at the top of the ramp before heading to the back, 11 fights needed to get to 100 fights, only 1 more win to get the wins required to make the hall of fame! 



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