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31 May 2019 Bridget Regan vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 31, 2019, 11:26 pm



Bridget Regan v Gena Lee Nolin  

(Words: Sceej / Results: Lookout!)

The Bad Girl of Bazz meeting Big Bad Gena Lee – rematch of 2013 bout where the cougar dropped a TKO 5 on the young lioness, just prior to Regs going on the rampage that saw her become a multi time welterweight champion. Nolin complaining that Bazz Boxing wasn’t taking her calls when she challenged Bridget to a rematch with the belt on the line.

Now five years later, the rematch comes and its something of a crossroads fight for both women. After being considered the one woman who could consistently challenge Righetti for welter supremacy, Bridget’s had a rough couple of years and been looking from the outside at that elusive top ten ranking. For Gena Lee, after twenty years of terrorizing the welterweight division, the whispers have started – can’t beat contenders, only beats the tomato cans, five plus years since she even had a winning record for the year – Nolin needs a signature win and Regan would fit the bill!

Fight Night: Bridget Regan to ring in black sports bra and boy cut short, black gloves and boots, accompanied by Angie Everhart and Cassie Scerbo. Regan shadow boxing in corner when arena erupts into “Welcome to the Jungle” and here comes Big Bad Gena Lee Nolin … wearing her leopard print “Sheena, Queen of the Jungle” bikini, tan gloves and barefoot to complete the theme, complete with spear! Cassie Scerbo snark “Uh, ref? Make sure she leaves the spear in the corner?” Gena Lee’s tenuous grasp of the rules of boxing is a matter of FCBA legend.

Round 1: Nolin out of corner in half crouch, weight on front leg, left arm dangling and right hand cocked by jaw – Regan upright, classic boxer puncher and on toes. Gena bobbing, pawing with left, looking to get inside, while Bridget roams perimeter, jabbing at blond pate. Nolin looking to slip the jab, wades through and ties up with Bridget. Blond and brunette wrestle in clinch, Gena Lee clubbing right hand into Bridget’s kidney. “Foul!” screams Everhart from Bazz corner, and ref separates fighters with a wagging finger warning for Gena Lee like she’s never seen THAT before?!!) . Sloppy first round goes to Nolin based on mauling rather than clean contact.

Round 2: Bridgy Regs gets lecture in corner about not fighting GLN”s fight; comes out loose limbed and leggy, roaming the perimeter, peppering older woman with the jab … Pek ... Pek … Pek … frustration factor for Gena Lee as she can’t get set for reply. Nolin with wild left hook, misses badly and Regan taunts her with grin. Brunette matador goading blond bull into ill advised charge. Nolin bobbing, loads up right hand but is beaten to punch by Big Regs - Regan’s own right hand rings up Nolin jaw and shimmies knees. Left right combination and Nolin covering up on the spot, just taking. Big round for Bridget Regan.

Round 3: Gena Lee out of corner, dukes high and cautious, clearly still feeling residuals of last round’s pounding. Bridget focused and purposeful … left jab … left jab … rangefinders … feigns overhand right and skittish blond raises guard and flinches to her own right … and Regan blasts open ribs with right hook. Nolin grunts … frozen on spot … and takes a cuffing left to the temple. Nolin responds with her own hook, clips brunette jaw, but Bridget back with fury! Hard left jab snaps Nolin head back … straight right to the jaw staggers blond … brunette pops hips right and lands that money hook to the liver. Gena groans and clinches, Regan fighting to get hands free and Nolin hanging on for dear life to run out the round … shutout Bridget Regan!

Round 4: Jenny McCarthy, hissing in Gena Lee’s ear as she goes out the fourth, “Do whatever you gotta do, G”. Nolin out in crouch, dukes close to chin. Bridget looking to close the show, comes right at her. Jab … jab … then shoots the right which skids off blond pate and Nolin clinches. Big girls wrestle, then blond wrenches opponent to block ref’s view and digs right hand to the trunks. Regan wide eyed, pale and gasping, half doubled over - Everhart and Scerbo apoplectic in Bazz corner. And here comes Big Bad Gena Lee!!! Nolin places hands on shoulder and bulls stunned Bridgie Regs to the ropes and lays into her – left to the stomach … right to the sternum … stepping back for room and loading up right hand to the chin. Regan swooning … blinking in and out … grabbing with arms to tie up. Nolin violent in the clinch, thrashing head so she butts Regan to the jaw. Referee separates fighters … walks Nolin to mid ring … and he’s deducting a point!!!
Now its Jenny Mac up on the ring apron, screaming blue murder, “It’s not supposed to be a damn pillow fight!!!” as bell rings to end round.

Round 5: Between rounds, Bazz corner icing Bridget’s neck and (ahem) elsewhere and pleading for movement. Bell rings and Gena Lee comes hard – bull in a china closet – Bridget Regan trying to circle away on dead legs – blonde tracks her down and mauls her on ropes. Regan clinches and Bazz corner loudly calling for a break. Nolin pursues into corner, left right to body and again Bridget clinches and again Bazz calling for break. Furious McCarthy scolding ref “Don’t let them call the damn fight! Let them work!”. Pattern continues as round rusn out, Nolin doing damage, especially to body, but can’t find the big brunette’s off switch.

Round 6: Regan’s got her legs back and looking for some payback! Working perimeter and just torturing Nolin with the jab – nothing too hard but cumulative damage. Jab to the nose … jab to the forehead … jab to the jaw … like bee stings. Nolin counters with left hook and catches air as Regan all bendy back. And again the jab. Nolin with right hand … Bridget slips it inside and erupts with the upper cut … catches Nolin clean on chin and BLOND GIRL DOWN!!! Gena Lee Nolin spills to all fours. Bridget screaming “Get up, b*tch!” over opponent until ref walks her forcefully to corner. Nolin on one knee at six … up at eight but glassy eyed and weak kneed. And her comes the Wrath of Regan … hands on shoulders, walks older woman to ropes and just bludgeons the body … left to midriff … right to ribs … grunt from Nolin … shoulder bump to reset … right to sternum … and doubles the hook to the liver … cry of pain from blond … clear to ringsiders that the knockout is there for the taking but Bridget wants the body! Pancakes the jugs with straight right hand and again that vicious left to the liver … Nolin starts to sink … Regan in, arms under Nolin’s arms to lift and stabilize … then guts her with right to the stomach … and the ref has seen enough!!! Calls the fight … TKO in the sixth Bridget Regan.

Bridgy Regs throws arms in air in triumph … THEN POTSHOTS NOLIN TO THE JAW!. Gena Lee Nolin pitches face first … out cold! Ref wrestling Regan back! McCarthy taking off high heels and trying to get into ring as FCBA security for once is alert and prevents melee.

Post Fight: Bridget post fight: “I’m back! Amanda … hope you were watching … my people will call your people! Everyone watching … you just watched the end of an era. Ding dong … the witch is dead! She’s done … finished … mark it down …. tonight Bridget Regan beat Gena Lee Nolin into retirement! ‘Big Bad’ Gena Lee, my ass!”



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