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31 May 2019 Ana Beatriz Barros vs Kate Upton

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 31, 2019, 11:24 pm



Ana Beatriz Barros vs. Kate Upton

Ana Beatriz Barros: 37 years old, 5’11”, 0-1 since 2019, Fates Boxing

Kate Upton: 26, 5’10”, 56-20, 55 KO since 2011, Lookout Boxing


(Words: Fates / Results: Lookout!)



The question that everyone is asking themselves tonight – will Barros be able to step up to one of the most successful welterweight fighters? Ana Beatriz made her lackluster debut in a loss to Bo Krsmanovic and is looking to make a splash in the division.

“Upton is a good fighter, I will give her that.” Barros tells the press. “But she needs to be knocked down a peg. Or several. It’s time a model who knows her way around beats some sense into her and her jugs for good.”

Kate merely laughs when she hears Ana Beatriz’s comments. “I don’t mean any disrespect, but you look at the rest of the Fates roster and it all makes sense. But Barros? The woman is well past what would have been her prime. Fates clearly picked her because she was a model, and he is going to pay for not carefully choosing his stable members. I’m taking her out within five.”

Upton comes to the ring wearing a black sports bra with matching trunks and gloves, hair in a ponytail. Barros donned a blue sports bra with red trunks and gloves with her hair in a bun for the match.

Round 1:

Kate wastes no time going after Ana Beatriz, but Barros is ready for it and smokes the blonde with a hook that stings Upton right out of the gates. Upton gets her guard up and Barros quickly starts pounding her gloves into Kate’s body. Kate stays strong, jabbing smartly to prevent Ana Beatriz from wailing away without consequence, but the Brazilian takes it in stride and just punches back. Midway through the second, Kate sets her feet and connects with a powerful punch to Barros’ jugs and the Brazilian drops back. Upton throws another punch at Barros’ body, but the Brazilian reads Upton like a book and smacks a right into the blonde’s chin, driving her back! Ana Beatriz again pursues Upton who is going in defensive circles, landing several jabs on the younger model. Barros works Upton into the ropes just as the bell rings and takes the round on points, wide.

Round 2:

Kate emerges from her corner nodding, clearly getting specific instructions about how to deal with Barros. Ana Beatriz is the first to launch an offensive, landing some good jabs in until Kate hammers home a left that catches Barros by surprise. The three-time welterweight champion shows her ability by threading a jab through Barros’ guard and landing it right on the Brazilian’s nose, forcing Barros to give up more ground. Kate pounces and starts punching away at Barros’ chest and midriff from close range as the older model tries to escape from Upton’s powerful punches. Kate bullies Ana Beatriz into the ropes and tees off until Barros clinches and the ref separates the two women. After the separation, Barros works her jab to try and keep her distance, but Upton is able to land more blows despite her shorter range. At the bell, Upton smiling as she takes the round, wide.

Round 3:

Barros and Upton emerge from their respective corners to start the third and Kate launches a jab that catches Ana in the jugs to start the action. Ana Beatriz squirms a bit and Kate follows up with another punch to the jugs, but Ana nearly drops Kate with a vicious left as punishment. The blonde woman staggers back and the brunette is all about business, driving the American back into the ropes. Upton gets her guard up and soaks the punishment that Ana Beatriz unloads onto her body before she can clinch and the ref has to separate the two women. As soon as the two can resume, Barros feints with her right and Kate falls for it only to get another vicious left hook to the chin and Kate wobbles as Barros smacks right and left crosses into Upton head and body! Barros may have just turned 37 while Kate is only 26, but she wants a big win against one of the top fighters in the division. Barros keeps on pursuing Kate around the ring, absolutely refusing to let the blonde get in any offense before the bell rings.

“Your time is up, Kate!” Barros bellows as she returns to her corner after the round, winning it by shutout.

Round 4:

Ana Beatriz practically jumps out of her corner to go after Kate to start the fourth, using her height advantage to launch off some powerful jabs. Upton weathers the storm, jabbing back and landing some punches that clearly sting Barros, forcing her to begin circling. Barros feints with her left but Upton reads her like a book, smacking a jab straight into her mouth. Kate turns on the offensive, punching Ana Beatriz in the chest, drawing a moan out of the Brazilian. Barros lowers her guard a bit as Kate begins to target Barros’ ribs and midriff, and Upton takes the opportunity to split Barros’ guard with a jab that smacks her in the nose. Ana quickly launches a pair of jabs back at Upton that forces the blonde to back off. The rest of the round is spent with the two women launching jabs at each other from a distance until the bell rings. Kate takes the round on points, close.

Round 5:

Upton emerges confidently from her corner for the first time in several rounds, and begins launching jabs at Barros, who is sluggish getting out of her corner. Upton lands a few shots to Barros’ chin and the Brazilian starts circling defensively. Ana Beatriz suddenly launches herself at Kate, catching the busty blonde off guard and drives home a cross that nearly sends Kate to the ground. Barros quickly follows up with a left jab that drives Kate’s head backwards before he American can get her guard up. Barros starts teeing off on Upton’s body, driving punches into her breasts and body and coaxing the blonde into the ropes. Kate is able to clinch after some difficulty, and the two women are broken apart. Once the action gets underway again, Kate keeps her distance from Barros, but the Brazilian manages to use her longer reach to still lay some punishment on Upton. Fortunately for Kate, the bell dings to give her a break, and Barros takes the round, wide.

Round 6:

Now it’s Ana Beatriz Barros who is jumping out of her corner, ready to take out Kate Upton and make a name for herself in the FCBA. Ana Beatriz quickly goes after Upton, but Kate smartly punches Barros back, preventing the Brazilian from getting too close and punishing her for greedy moves. Kate lands a solid one-two combo on Barros at the end of the first minute, forcing the brunette back. Upton then moves in to capitalize, driving punches to Barros’ body before sending a massive right hook at Barros that completely misses! Ana Beatriz quickly dodges out of the way and sends her out right hook at Kate that catches all of Upton’s chin and Kate wobbles on her legs! Barros quickly follows up with a left cross and then an uppercut that connects with Kate’s chin AND THE BLONDE GOES DOWN! Barros quickly to the corner with excitement in her eyes as the ref begins his count. One. Two. Upton shaking her head. Three. Four. On her hands. Five. One knee. Six. Seven. On her feet. The referee checks in with Kate who tells him she is fine and he signals for the match to continue. Upton plays keep away from Barros for the rest of the round with the two women only trading a few jabs. At the bell, a huge smile on Ana Beatriz’s face as she takes the round, wide.

Round 7:

If Kate is going to turn this match around, she needs to start doing it now. Barros emerges from her corner confidently while Kate comes out more cautiously. Ana Beatriz gets on the offensive early, driving jabs out at Kate. Upton drops back and Barros pursues and lunges at Upton while the blonde slips out of the way and pounds a vicious cross into Barros’ jaw, and now Barros is wobbly on her feet! Ana gets her guard up, but it’s a bad one as Upton just hammers around it and then drives a punch to Barros’ belly, nearly doubling the Brazilian up. Upton lines up a vicious hook that smacks Barros in the jaw and now Ana Beatriz goes down! Kate goes to a the corner as the ref begins his count. At four, Barros is up on her knees. At six, she has a foot under her. At seven she gets up to both feet, but is pretty wobbly. She tells the ref she is okay and the actions resumes. Kate ducking in and out, driving blows to Barros’ head and moving out as Barros swings at Upton. On the third duck in, Barros lunges at Kate but misses, and Upton drives an uppercut to Barros’ chin, nearly buckling the taller model’s legs and driving her backwards into the ropes. Upton absolutely pounds punches into Barros’s head and breasts and the Brazilian’s guard starts dropping as her butt gets driven into the ropes. The referee jumps in and this one is over! Your winner by TKO7, Kate Upton!


Kate lets out a sigh of relief as she raises her fists. After Lookout gets her gloves off, she goes over to Barros who is clutching her jugs and whispers in the Brazilian’s ear: “This was personal, b*tch. You want to fight me again, you’ll be out cold on the canvas and will get punished for trying to hurt my jugs tonight.” Kate walks up and out of the ring.

In the post-fight press conference, Upton gives the reporters an earful: “Ana Beatriz Barros thinks she can beat the best. Well, she just lost to a three-time welterweight champ. She’s a nobody, and I regret not being able to lay her out on the canvas.”

When asked about what she said into Barros’ ear, Kate laughs, then gets dead serious: “I told her she can’t compete with me.”

Ana Beatriz Barros is reticent in her post-fight, saying “I thought I did a good job early on. Upton’s a good fighter, just not as good as she thinks she is. As for my future,” Barros pauses, “I don’t think this changes anything. I know I can knock down the best. I just need to figure out how to keep them down.”



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