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31 May 2019 Title Ch Alessandra Ambrosio vs Anllela Sagra

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on May 31, 2019, 11:08 pm



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Holloway Boxing vs Girls Friday)


The FCBA lightweight title is on the line now, Anllela Sagra is looking to take the title from Alessandra here tonight on PPV.

Anllela is 25 years old; she stands 5'9, holding a record of 13 wins, all by way of knockout, with 3 defeats, she is a former Queen of the Ice Hotel.

Alessandra is 38 years old; she stands 5'9 ½ and holds a record of 36 wins, all by knockout, with 7 defeats, she is the current FCBA lightweight champion and the BBU lightweight champion, making her second defence of the FCBA title.

The fighters have fought before last October, the good news for Anllela is that she won that fight by knockout in the eighth round.

The build up to the fight saw both meet at the press conference, going nose to nose as they stare the other down, Alessandra with a title on each of her shoulders.

When Anllela turns to stare at the FCBA title, making Alessandra tell her "this is as close as you get to it" making the American reply really as they begun exchanging views on the title.

Their management steps in when their heads touch, knowing that things might be about to explode, the two separate to head off to their tables to begin the event properly.

Anllela speaks her mind first; telling Alessandra "I have had one thing on my mind since day one I came here, the FCBA is one of the pinnacles of celebrity boxing and I feel I am the best fighter in that ring"

Pointing at her abs before flexing her arms, Anllela continues "I am by far the fittest fighter in the organization, a fact I already showed you last time we met"

That makes Alessandra nod as the champ admits "you definitely might be the hardest hitter I have been in the ring with, my jaw hurt for a week after you caught me"

Then she smirks as she holds up both belts, telling her challenger "you see these two beautiful gold belts? These are all the proof I need that I am the best damn lightweight in the world, not you honey"

Anllela tells her "we'll see how long you hold that belt bytch" as tempers start to rise again as they trade insults while explaining why they won't lose, talking over each other as they again need management to hold them apart, taking them off the stage before they go at it.

Fight night; Anllela comes out first with her coach, she looks fully focused on the task at hand judging by her laser like stare on the ring as she comes down the aisle.

She is wearing an electric blue sports bra, matching trunks with white stripes down the sides, blue gloves and shoes, while her blonde hair is tied into a braid.

Climbing into the ring; Anllela poses for the cameras with both arms flexed, showing off her mighty physique before she heads off to her corner to warm up.

Suddenly famous samba singer Seu Jorge comes out singing his hit "Carolina" at the top of the aisle, before Alessandra comes out to dance next to him as Taryn Terrell and Eva Carneiro stand behind her.

Alessandra then begins her march to the ring with a confident smile, Taryn holds the FCBA title as Eva holds the BBU one, pundits wondering if all the show is to get into Anllela's head as the younger woman looks annoyed by the spectacle, especially as Alessandra walks a lap around the ring as Anllela shouts at her to get into the ring.

The champ is wearing a black sports bra with gold trim, a gold AA badge on her left bra cup, black trunks with a gold waistband, yellow gloves, black shoes while her brunette hair is braided too.

Finally getting into the ring; Alessandra poses with her arms out to her sides as her corner crew hold up her titles for Anllela to see, then heads to her corner so she can get into fight mode.

When they meet at the center of the ring; straight away they bump bodies as the referee has to step between them, warning them to stick to the rules as they trade insults.

Both turn without touching gloves after they look at the belt, this is purely about taking home the gold tonight as they return to their corners, ready to start 10 rounds of FCBA lightweight title action.

Round 1:
Both girls know each other well from their first fight, so they don't feel the other out as much with jabs from the off, instead Anllela is looking to pressure the champion from the bell.

Throwing straight shots towards the head of Alessandra, who is keeping her guard tight and keeping on the move, looking to be patient it seems.

Which looks to pay off as Anllela goes for a right hook, Alessandra sidesteps before rifling two punches straight into the face of the challenger, opening her up for a right across her face.

Anllela moves back with a visible scowl on her face, it looks like Alessandra has a game plan to take out the powerhouse though, letting her come forwards before countering with her own punches.

The champion controls the tempo as Sagra gets annoyed, starting to throw more looping shots as she looks to catch Ambrosio out, the mind games from Ambrosio seem to be working as she is drilling shots through gaps her opponent is leaving.

Late in the round Anllela does manage to catch Alessandra with a left across her face, stepping in close as they rub heads while trading to the body to the bell, where Alessandra jogs back to her corner looking much more relaxed of the two.

Round 2:
Again surprisingly the early action is cat and mouse stuff, Alessandra normally a physical fighter is baiting her challenger to come at her with flicking jabs before countering.

Problem is Anllela looks to have learned from her mistakes, she feints with her left more, then strikes up the middle when she sees her chance with a straight onto the nose of Alessandra to open her up.

The crowd roar as they get a fire fight between the two, fists flying as they plant their feet till Anllela lands two straight punches that knock Alessandra's head back.

Anllela drives Alessandra onto the ropes, where the champ has to cover up as she is under assault from the fitness model, who rips in body shots when she can't get up top, Alessandra clinching up to stop it.

After they are slip apart; Alessandra manages to catch her opponent with a left cross, following up by stepping in shoulder to shoulder while testing the abs of the challenger, who steps back and smirks as she taps her abs.

The two let their hands go in the dying seconds of the round, which ends with Anllela looking much better that round, her coach seems to agree but both know plenty more work to go if that title is going around that toned waist.

Round 3:
Now they are warmed up both are landing stiff shots as they fight around the ring, again Alessandra looks happy to give up real estate in the ring as she looks for angles to strike from.

Parrying a straight from Anllela; Alessandra counters with an uppercut, following up with a left across the cheek of the American.

Changing gears Alessandra now powers her opponent backwards, showing the power she has as Anllela covers up more tightly, giving the champ more freedom to work.

When Anllela's back touches the ropes, she comes out swinging as they simply brawl, heads get turned as sweat flies off them, cheeks getting marked up as the crowd stand to roar them on.

As it looks like Anllela is getting her way off the ropes, Alessandra uses her left shoulder to bump her back into them, ripping two right hooks to the ribs till Anllela can shove her off.

The round ends with some scruffy shots as the two nearly clash heads, eyes burning through the other with hatred at the bell before they return to their corners to be cleaned up.

Round 4:
Alessandra is looking to be more aggressive now, maybe thinking she has worn down Anllela's defences to be able to land her own power shots.

But both are landing some good crisp shots across the others face, the Girls Friday corner yelling at Ambrosio to stick to the plan, but she is working more in the pocket now with her opponent.

Who lands two uppercuts to the body that make Alessandra groan out, Anllela adds a left across the ear of the champ to force her to the outside, with Anllela keeping right into her rivals face.

Anllela bullies Alessandra into a corner; landing a good left/right cross combo that sends sweat flying off the champ, Alessandra grabbing onto her again to force the referee to intervene.

"You're getting weak champ!" Yells Anllela as she moves straight on Alessandra, landing a straight on the nose of the Brazilian, followed by a left to the side of the head.

Alessandra stuck behind her guard in the remainder of the round, till the bell rings to seemingly tie things up again, with words being exchanged between the fighters as tempers are rising.

Round 5:
Both look to have a laser focus on the other as they fight in close, eyes locked as they work the others body in the early going.

The champ shows off her experience by leaning out the way of a right cross, slamming two punches right into the nose of Anllela, causing blood to trickle from it.

Alessandra targets that nose with stiff jabs making Anllela wince, the American covers up more as she tries to protect her nose from more punishment.

But Alessandra is sending punches around the gloves of her challenger, landing into the sides of her head as she starts knocking her around the ring.

Anllela lands an uppercut though as Alessandra leaves her own guard too open, the youngster comes back at Ambrosio now as she works her to the outside of the ring.

They slug it out to finish the round; Anllela taps her chest with her right at the bell, telling Alessandra that she can take everything she can throw at her, Alessandra just smirks as they turn to head back to their corners.

Round 6:
Alessandra is looking to target that nose, knowing that it is likely to bleed again if she can get at it, it's too obvious though as Anllela dodges before landing a hard right across the head of the champ.

Who stumbles slightly; Anllela is straight in the face of the champ as she bashes her onto the ropes, a right across the face of Alessandra looks to have swollen her cheek as she clinches up.

After being pulled apart; Anllela is looking for the stoppage it seems, motoring forwards with her head down, drilling Alessandra to the body before landing up top to make the Brazilian go into her shell.

Some worried looking faces in the Girls Friday corner; they are watching Alessandra getting bullied around the ring, with not much coming from her as she can't get out of behind her guard.

The bell rings to end a truly dominant round for Anllela, who as she is being cleaned up tells her coach "she is f***ing mine!" Which makes them smile at her.

Round 7:
Anllela looks full of confidence now, stalking the champ around the ring as she is using her jab to set up her bigger punches.

Alessandra needing to go into her playbook to work out how to stop this assault, ducking a straight to counter to the body, before she gets shoved back and a two punch combo hits her on top of her head.

A duelling chant breaks out as the fighters look to be laying it all on the line now, heads nearly clash against as they come inside to work.

Again the challenger backs the champ up after landing a two cross combo, a straight knocks Alessandra's head back as she is herded towards the ropes by the Holloway fighter.

Holding onto Anllela; Alessandra still looks determined not to lose, the referee pulls them apart as the start grappling onto the ropes.

When they resume Anllela misses with a left hook, taking a right straight into her ear and a left into her nose, making her cry out as blood runs down her face from it.

Back and forth go the fighters till they go toe to toe in the final ten seconds, the crowd at a fever pitch as at the bell the two fighters go head to head, insults flying as this is as much personal as it is about the title.

After the referee breaks them apart, they sit on their stools slightly breathing harder, their faces are looking swollen, the nose of Anllela is bloody, while Alessandra's left eye looks puffy, neither though looks ready to quit.

Round 8:
At the bell Anllela is looking to get right into the face of Alessandra, keep the tempo high as clearly she thinks the champ is tiring badly, early on she forces Alessandra around the outside of the ring with head shots.

Alessandra though shoves her back so she can get into space, this time as Anllela comes forwards, Alessandra dodges a left cross, landing a right across the nose of Sagra to make her cry out.


Winner and still FCBA lightweight champion Alessandra Ambrosio KO Round 8

What a finish for Alessandra! She gets her revenge and keeps her FCBA title to remain a dual champion, she raises her arms in the air partly with a smile on her face, also looking relieved though as Anllela definitely gave her a beating.

The ringside doctor works on waking up Anllela with smelling salts, she blinks to clear her head as she looks around a little lost what happened to her.

Anllela is helped out the ring as the doctor wants to run more tests on her, she gives the fans a wave as they applaud her effort tonight, she definitely has the physical skills, just maybe still a few more fights to be fully ready for the title, which pundits are saying she will win.

Inside the ring Alessandra gets her gloves taken off as she thanks her corner team for their help, she jokes that she won't be doing many photoshoots this week as she rubs her surely soon to be black left eye.

As soon as she is cleaned up; Alessandra comes to the center of the ring where she has the FCBA lightweight title placed around her waist, while her right arm is raised in the air.

Putting both her lightweight titles on her arms, Alessandra poses for the cameras as she smiles for them, though definitely doesn't look her best after this physical war.

Debates are being had ringside over how long realistically Alessandra can remind a dual champion, but she just jokes with the cameras telling them "maybe I should take the ACB title and become the first undisputed champion" winking with her right eye before heading off with her friends up the ramp to the stable locker room.



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