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31 May 2019 JoJo vs Jennette McCurdy

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Posted by The Grand Wizard on May 31, 2019, 11:54 pm




"Yeah, I've had a few opportunities," says Jojo with a shake of the head, "But, never consistent work. Well, maybe after I trash McCurdy, that changes..."

"Gotta love the confidence," says Jennette with a head shake of her own. "Problem is, it's misplaced."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Demonstrate' by the lovely brunette coming to the ring as we speak, JoJo!"

McCarthy: "And, we might set a record tonight, because SHE has an FCBA win, too..."

Tess: "She actually has FOUR of them..."

McCarthy: "Stop reading that PROPAGANDA Weirdo feeds you!"

O'Dell (sighing): "Joanna Levesque into the ring and helped off with the robe to reveal a lavender and teal number that shows off a body that's clearly been worked hard for this big opportunity, and, that's 'Lust For Life' by Iggy Pop you hear hammering through this arena, and that can only mean that 'The Answer', Jennette McCurdy, is on her way to the ring..."

Cassie: "And, this is obviously a big fight for Jennette, with a possible stable reorganization looming and only one of the four flyweight positions at Front Street nailed down..."

O'Dell: "And, Jennette looking like meaning business as she's quickly down the aisle and into the ring to be helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve. McCurdy wearing that black and white striped number we've seen before, and the crowd liking what it sees. And, we're about ready to go. Time for some picks. Tess likes Jennette. Mac?"

McCarthy: "I hate to pick against a girl whose last name begins with 'McC', so, McCurdy!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "Unanimous again. And JoJo immediately setting out to prove our ladies wrong. Canadian stepping to Jennette and letting the hands go and McCurdy not backing up an inch and we are HAMMER AND TONGS in there early in the first round! BOMBS being thrown back and forth, Mac!"

McCarthy: "JoJo's got nothing to lose here, so why hold anything back?"

O'Dell: "She definitely isn't doing that, and Jennette's not doing much of it, either. Front Streeter giving as good as she gets in what's become a slugfest immediately. JoJo backs up Jennette with a solid right hand, steps forward and lets ANOTHER big flurry go! A WHOLE lot of punching going on right now, Cassie!"

Cassie: "And, this is who JoJo is. She's a physical flyweight with a lot of power."

O'Dell: "And, she's bringing it to bear on Jennette. McCurdy holding canvas, however, banging right back at the Canadian. American not going to get bullied around in there. Ten seconds left in an absolutely BRUTAL round. One more big exchange, and there's the bell. Close in the first, but JoJo."

Tess: "And, she leads 10-9, but, if this keeps up, there won't be any need for scoring."


O'Dell: "Right back to hot tossing as we start the second. Nothing arty here. Ladies just meeting in the middle of the ring and letting the hands go! JoJo backs up McCurdy again with a hard right hand. Jennette stepping right back forward, however, to fire back at the Canadian singer."

Tess: "Going to say it again. This isn't going to go on like this for long."

O'Dell: "ANOTHER hard right from JoJo that backs the American up, but again, McCurdy steps right back to and lands a solid combination in response. Neither fighter slowing down at all. Both continuing to fire bombs at a terrifically high work rate and MCCURDY STAGGERS JOJO with a right hand!"

Cassie: "Uh oh..."

O'Dell: "JoJo covers up and Jennette just winging away and DOWN GOES JOJO! Canadian singer dropped to her back by a straight right hand from McCurdy! Jennette quickly to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. JoJo rolling to her belly. Pushing to hands and knees at seven. Eight. Nine. TEN! It's over! JoJo still on all fours as the count passes her by! And your winner by KO2 is 'The Answer', Jennette McCurdy!"

McCarthy: "Big punch, but that could have gone either way."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Jennette McCurdy, and, Jennette, what a fight!"

Jennette (smiling): "I thought she might do that. She likes to bang and she can hit, so I thought she might come right after me. But, Wiz has a rule. We don't get bullied, EVER. We might lose, but we DON'T get bullied."

Tess: "And, you didn't."

Jennette: "No way. I can stand and slug with any flyweight in the FCBA. She wasn't going to make me blink. No matter how physical she got. And she got VERY physical."

Tess: "What's next for you?"

Jennette: "I can't WAIT to find out!"



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