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27 April 2019 Tractorpull April PPV Comments

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Posted by Tractorpull Magazine on April 27, 2019, 9:23 pm




The April PPV was another huge card that featured four title fights.

Kristen Stewart successfully defended her flyweight title against Sarah Carter. That bout might well be Carter’s last chance at another title as age is becoming a factor. Carter should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame after her last fight, but wasn’t due to an error in calculation. Her induction should happen this week.

Demi Lovato took the bantam crown from Dobrev, but she has to be looking over her shoulder at Lilly, who has now won her last eleven.

Ambrosio defended her lightweight title against Lima. Lima is another who may have had her last title chance as she will be forty this year.

Righetti won a tough bout over Brooklyn Decker to retain her welter title. Righetti has now won fourteen straight mostly over good opponents. She may well be the most dominate fighter in the FCBA.

In the flyweights, Panettiere and Vanessa Hudgens had big wins which should get them consideration for a title match. Kunis also had a win, just not as big as Panettiere or Hudgens. Portman donated her time in a bout against Kate Mara that she claims was to help Mara and her new stable. What a crock. This was nothing more than a gimme. I wonder just how much Portman’s KO of Mara helped either Mara or her stable.

In the bantams, beside Lovato taking the crown, the big noise was made by Lilly and her win over McAdams. Chopra and Scodelario had big wins that could get Lovato’s attention. Winnick continued her quest to get a title shot by beating Pressly. Unfortunately her win over Pressly probably won’t help her. Pressly, at 42, is way past her prime. She has lost nine of her last ten and has been so bad that as member of the Hall of Fame, her win ratio has dropped below the required ratio. Fortunately, we don’t kick fighters out of the Hall just because they don’t know when to quit Scherzinger’s loss guaranteed her continued employment at LCA.

In the lightweights, Kendall Jenner made the big move for title consideration, closely followed by Yvonne Strahovski. Yustman’s win should move her back into the top ten. Taylor Swift won her bout which was a gimme that should have never been schedule. Her win shouldn’t help her.

In the Welters, there really wasn’t a “big fight” Rhoda’s win was expected as Brook is on the downhill side. Regan beat Patton in an unexpected bout to even her record for the year. Strijd’s win and that of Hill should get them more attention.



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