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10 May 2019 Tractorpull FNL Gold Rush Comments

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Posted by Tractorpull on May 10, 2019, 8:33 pm




The first thee bouts gave definite message to the losers, two who definitely need to go and a third who should consider it.

Ashley Tisdale lost her tenth in a row and her twelfth out of the last thirteen I don’t think she has management anymore, so someone should tell the poor girl that despite being a champion seven years ago, her days are over.

Giselle Bundchen is in the same boat as Tisdale, She lost her ninth straight and her seventeenth out of twenty-one bouts. She and Tisdale now serve the purpose of being a “gimme” If you want an easy win, call them. They need to go. The FCBA would be better off without them.

I admit I was surprised by the result of the Johansson/Taylor-Joy fight. I wasn’t too surprised that Johansson lost, but to who she lost to. This was Johansson’s sixth straight loss and her twelfth out of the last fifteen, This fight indicates that her glory days are over and have been for sometime She also doesn’t seem to have management. If she insists on still fighting, she needs to fight opponents like Tisdale.

I really don’t know all that much about Turner. I’m one of the few people who won’t see Game Of Thrones or Avengers Endgame. She has a winning record, but had lost four of her last six. I just didn’t see her beating a fighter like VanCamp. I’m putting her win in the upset class.

The Ren/Sagra fight was worth the cost of admission. Sagra was behind on the card and had been decked twice by ren going into the eighth In that round and exchange of hooks went Sagra’s way and the fight was over Beside being for a title match, this was the rubber match between the two. I don’t believe Ambrosio is too happy with this result, as she has already lost once to Sagra.



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