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7 June 2019 Ginny Gardner vs Naomi Scott

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Posted by The Dollhouse on June 7, 2019, 6:04 pm


Ginny Gardner
(23, 5’8, 126 lbs, 9:6 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Naomi Scott
(26, 5’6, 122 lbs, 3:1 FCBA, HISC)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

"This is a must win for me,” Ginny Gardner saying with a nod at the press table. “I'm disappointed with how my previous 2 fights turned out, and so I’m completely focused on winning tonight. Naomi seems tough, so no one can say I chose an easy opponent to bounce back with - she's already 3-1 in the ring, so I'm ready for a pretty difficult fight tonight. At the same time…” Ginny pausing for dramatic effect as she glances over at her opponent from across the room. “...I did all the homework possible, and so it’s quite possible that Naomi is going down HARD tonight!" Gardner ends with a not-so-innocent smile on that beautiful face.

As the blonde tries to put on her most confident impression, Naomi Scott on the other hand having no such difficulties with her facial expression, pursing her lips and then letting out a short laugh in response.

“Well, SHE’s certainly confident….or is she?” Naomi chuckles. “I’m pretty good at doing my homework too. I also just beat Thompson, and to be honest I was a lot more worried before that fight. Ginny is pretty decent and will only get better with time I’m sure, but at this point in time I’m positive I’m at least as good and my results prove it. At the end of the day, I’m the tougher fighter and I’ll prove it tonight. Sorry Ginny, you’re losing again tonight…no hard feelings I hope. Let’s get things started, shall we?” Scott folding her arms, a sly smile on her confident face.

Face-off at the podium is as tense as three grizzly bears returning home to find little goldilocks gobbling down their porridge. Naomi Scott of course letting her recent scintillating portrayal of Princess Jasmine in the Disney reboot of Aladdin do most of the press coverage footwork of her fight, with the cameras going off incessantly as the two girls pose with fists raised at each other.

It’s fight night just a few hours later and Naomi's guest entrance is befitting that of a princess! Scott entering on a throne of gold, wearing an outfit not dissimilar to her on-screen persona's: sparkling from head-to-toe with plenty of jewelry and diamonds, her bare midriff exposed and shaking to Bollywood pop music. Beat that, Ginny Gardner, is what Scott appears to be saying as she enters the ring with a confident smile, before undressing to a sleek black bra top and bikini bottoms, making her final preparations by strapping on a pair of golden gloves.

Ginny however well-known for her more modest and casual approach, entering onto the stage with a brief BANG of silver sparkles, but not much else. Not that the Doll needs to make up for it, preferring to let her fists do the talking instead, the blonde playfully shadowboxing for the fans before making her way to the ring accompanied by trainer Kristanna Loken, the crowd filling the void with deafening cheers. Ginny stretches her hands skywards to acknowledge them, before strutting down to the ring in her blue/grey sportswear and a white shawl fluttering behind her back, her gorgeous long blonde hair in a tight ponytail. Angelic in every way!

In the ring, both ladies square off in the center with a nod as the referee runs through the rules. Naomi Scott's slight height disadvantage here might give her some trouble in this fight, but her toned physique after all that working out on the movie set might just make up for it. Referee sends them back to corners, and with a wave of his hand, HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Defensive start for the Doll as Ginny takes a few small steps out of the gate, perhaps intent on using her longer legs to dictate the pace of this early action. Scott with no such hesitation, comes barreling forward, looking to brawl, knowing full well that she has the necessary power to back up her aggression. First swings at the head lack any venom, as Ginny ducks and weaves out of the way whilst Naomi not the most accurate with her attacks either, her wild lunges showing off pure power but not much else. First two minutes and the shots that actually do land are the ones coming from Gardner’s direction, as the blonde snaps jabs from a distance into Scott’s face, frustrating the Consortium’s power-broker to no end. End of the round and Naomi at least is diligently staying back, covering up her poked-at face, which has turned red from both the abuse and embarrassment after she underestimated the blonde’s boxing ability. Ginny with a wide round for her corner, in a promising start to this contest!

Gardner employing the same strategy here, and what a sound one it is, neutralising most of Naomi’s power and instead hounding the shorter girl to the head like a swarm of houseflies to spoiled meat - she just doesn’t give up the chase in the first minute! Of course, the Doll is FAR from being a pest, starts opening up on Scott’s guard and body with more powerful straight hands pounding in, one or two making Naomi grunt loudly and stop her advance in its tracks. Scott needs to adapt or die as she grimaces for the last time in the second minute, before finally holding back and using more delicate footwork to try again. Ginny’s smirk suddenly disappears as Naomi picks at it with her jab, choosing her shots with renewed purpose and rocking the taller woman to the arms after one too many land on Ginny’s lips. Gardner’s turn to get pushed backwards, grimacing, but after that volley, manages to back away before any of Naomi’s follow-up punches can land on her. Scott takes this round wide for herself, slowly amping up her use of power coupled with some precision.

Girls dance back-and-forth in the first minute, eager to surge ahead in terms of points but not so keen on being the first one to get knocked the hell out. Ginny punching with plenty of jabs at the face, but still focused and attentive enough to leap backwards at the first sign of the raven-haired goddess’ aggression. Scott letting out another growl of frustration as this happens for the third time: she defended well against a flurry of punches from Ginny, before her own return-hook barely snatches at the air in front of the Doll’s face. Ginny just too fast and too alert for her to land anything that’s career-ending, and she knows it, smiling as she allows the clock in the third minute to play itself out all the way to the bell. Gardner hanging WAY back and letting time secure this round for herself. Naomi at least slightly contented when she manages to score a low-hanging hook to her body, though it wasn’t enough to slow Ginny down.

Naomi’s corner trying to give her advice in between rounds, but truth be told, what the British starlet needs instead is a stroke of luck and a little magic carpet ride of her own, with her bulkier frame making it difficult to land any significant shots on the leaner, quicker Ginny. First two minutes sees a repeat of previous rounds, with Ginny using hit-and-run tactics to batter her foe into submission, like taking part in a demolition derby as the Doll comes in hot with a one-two-three rapid flurry to the face and body, then swirls herself out of the way, rinse and repeat. Gardner trying to put her opponent away before the first half of this fight is wrapped up - call it pride or a stamp of approval, but this makes her swings a little slower as well and easier to predict, the perfect sauce for Naomi to absorb to the middle of her forearms, before BLASTING the Doll right back with a cross-arm to the face! OUCH! Gardner certainly felt that one, with Naomi’s glove almost disappearing! Ginny letting out an anguished cry of pain and goes reeling backwards! Shout of triumph from Scott’s corner as the British wonder trying to capitalise, but the bell ringing a few seconds later, leaving a charged and enraged Scott awkwardly putting on the brakes too early. Ginny saved by the bell, that’s for sure, but is still left draped over the top rope, checking her own nostrils for signs of permanent damage!

Ginny slightly more cautious after eating that nasty amount of leather… and she’s right to be with Naomi looking like she’s gotten a taste of blonde and wants some more! HISC starlet comes positively CHARGING out of her corner, heading straight for her! Ginny grunting as she takes another straight one-two clean to the forearms, pushing her back slightly, but she can’t get completely away this time, her body pounded on some more as Scott goes to work in close quarters. Once the punches start landing and the damage starts to mount, Ginny’s resolve always takes a beating, with her strength and speed advantage beginning to melt away. Naomi knows this, wails away continuously, doing as much damage as she can within the first minute alone by backing Gardner into the ropes before tossing her upper torso left and right with big, strapping hooks... Gardner needs to get outta the pocket and fast! Scott burying another left glove into her midsection, further frustrating her efforts, making her knees buckle enough to allow another BIG HOOK to slam into the side of her face! AND DOWN GOES GINNY GARDNER!! She’s sprawled onto her side by British power, and what a KNOCKDOWN from Naomi Scott!

Ginny gasping, face betraying her disappointment, desperation, and let’s not forget, the sheer amount of pain she must be currently experiencing, still valiantly trying to push off her chest and recover. Naomi huffing and roaring up above, more content to let out her own shouts of victory that she doesn’t see Gardner getting back up by the count of 8 and the referee waving to resume this fight!

Look of surprise on Scott’s face as she sees her opponent breathing hard at the other corner of the ring. There’s a new resolve on Ginny’s face as she holds her guard steady in front of her face, daring her opponent to bring it on again. Last few seconds of the round and Scott tries to put her down once more, this time hoping to make it permanent. But Ginny not so careless this time round, scoots left and right and doesn’t allow herself to get trapped against the ropes. Bell rings and Scott is SURELY taking it due to her knockdown attempt, but curiously, the Brit is the one who’s left tired and worn out by the end of three minutes, no longer celebrating on her way back to corner.

Let’s hope that fall of Ginny’s was just a minor setback. The blonde looks more focused than she was before, keeping her cool and going back to running circles around Naomi Scott. Ginny not looking to start an offensive war just yet, instead trying to keep herself at arm’s length for the first two minutes, occasionally hitting nice and clean jabs into Naomi’s face as retaliation for whenever the Brit tries to cross No Man’s Land to get to her. Not many punches scored either way by the end of the sixth, but those that do land really take its toll on the receiver. By the end, there’s still a clear winner here: Gardner with that smile on her face, still bouncing with energy, whereas Naomi looks as though she’s about ready to collapse due to her constant exhaustion more than Ginny’s punches hurting that much.

It’s Scott’s turn to hang back in her corner, keeping her back to the ropes for the majority of the round and daring Ginny to come get her. Gardner however knows it’s a trap, hesitates and cautiously moves left and right instead, anywhere but forwards. The girls tap at each other’s face with one arm always outstretched, hoping to be the first one to score a devastating blow that might signal an OK to rush in quickly and finish the other girl off. But fortunately (or unfortunately for the fans), neither one of them trips up this time, and it’s only after Ginny’s corner shouts at her from behind, insisting that she sally forward to put a wounded Scott away, does she paw forward with a quick combination. But Scott not that troubled with the jabs, grunts when her body takes a couple of licks, but then gets her ‘revenge’ when she catches Gardner with a patented hook to her raised guard, sending her spiralling away with little result and back to square one. No harm really done, besides making Ginny panic at the prospect of Naomi charging in after her, but the bell soon rings, ending the Brit’s opportunity to capitalise anyways.

Good lord - is it really the eighth already? This might be well be a first time for Ginny Gardner, with her furthest endeavours in the ring only reaching the seventh round if we ain’t wrong. Naomi, however, having reached this milestone in her previous fight (and lost) to Anya Taylor-Joy of this year, but she ain’t looking too happy either for crossing that line tonight, looking tired and stealing deep breaths before stepping forward. Ginny looking slightly more spritely by contrast, starts picking up the pace (by comparison) and pokes at the face. It’s a good moment for Ginny to show some aggression, with Scott looking like a lost lamb in there once the jabs start landing smack on her nose and lips, getting herself pushed backwards from the torrent of punches with little answer in return, as the Brit simply covers up and backs away. One or two more retaliatory swings at Ginny’s body are either blocked, lacking in power or missing entirely, as Gardner absorbs and takes the fight to her all the way instead. At the bell, Ginny realising she’s still lacking the power to put Scott away fully, but at least it’s a clear demonstration of what she CAN do given the right tools and conditions.

Naomi desperate for some breathing space, but she ain’t gonna find any in the final two rounds. Not when Ginny’s out for blood. It’s her turn to reveal her preference for some wanton aggression, smells defeat on her foe’s battered frame and decides to pounce like a lethal leopard. The taller girl heads straight for Scott in the opening seconds, resumes those snap snap snap jabs aimed straight for her nostrils and lips. Scott just too far gone to respond effectively, her return hooks lacking any sort of power or precision that we saw in the very first rounds. Her guard already beginning to waver in front of her chest, too slow of a reaction to prevent Ginny’s quicker-hands from landing shots into the face. Another hook from Gardner lands stiffly to the side of Naomi’s head, sending her stumbling off to the side with a loud UGGH. HERE comes Ginny Gardner, throwing rapid punches, trying to finish her off... manages to slip a doozy of a cross in between the arms - BLAST straight into Scott’s face, in wicked payback for earlier, thereby sending her reeling backwards. Scott rebounding on the ropes before crashing face-first down to the canvas!

A beauty of a KNOCKDOWN from Ginny Gardner as she puts the British actress away in style! Naomi left grasping at straws on the floor, barely left with any strength to push herself off her chest as the referee goes all the way, uninterrupted, to the count of 10! It’s all over for the Disney Princess!

Official Decision: Ginny Gardner defeats Naomi Scott via KO9!

What a milestone win for Ginny Gardner, having pushed herself all the way to the ninth round and still managed to put away a tough opponent like Scott! Some pundits will definitely try and diminish the Doll’s accomplishment here tonight, by highlighting the fact that it took her NINE rounds to put down the newbie in the first place… but heck if we and the Dollhouse corner give a crap, as Ginny’s teammates quickly flood the ring, full of smiles and hugs as the blonde high-fives anyone she can.

Clear relief on Ginny’s face after the referee lifts up her hand to make it official, and thereafter, that’s when the exhaustion finally starts to kick in, as Gardner seim-collapsing back-first into her corner in exhaustion, tired arms draped across the top rope as she takes a much needed breather.

Naomi rolling herself onto her back, her eyes still squeezed shut as the blinding arena lights shine down on her. Medics are already by her side, checking for any lasting damage. Luckily for Scott, Ginny prefers to win in style AND grace, or perhaps she’s just too tired – because for the most part, the Doll ignores her fallen adversary, only shooting some occasional glances towards the fallen brunette from time to time from across the ring.

Minutes later and Gardner raises her hands to acknowledge the cheering crowds on her way out of the ring, where she is immediately met by the press. “That was…wow…” the panting blonde begins, wiping her still sweaty brow. “Naomi is one tough chick. I expected tonight to be easier but you know what? I won, and that’s all that matters. She’s only gonna get better and that’s a pretty scary thought, but I’ll happily give her a rematch in the future if she’s up for it. I’m just happy I’m back to whooping some butts, that’s all!” Ginny ends with a tired laugh as she’s helped backstage by her crew after this impressive, yet hard earned and draining win.



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