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9 June 2019 Emily DiDonato vs Cara Delevingne

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Posted by Fates on June 9, 2019, 6:07 pm



Emily DiDonato: 5’10”, 28 years old, 6-4 (6 KO) since 2017, Fates Boxing
Cara Delevingne: 5’8”, 26 years old, 8-6 (8 KO) since 2016, free agent

And closing out the card is lightweight action between Emily DiDonato and Cara Delevingne. Earlier in the day, Cara was quoted as saying: “DiDonato is overrated. She may be on a hot streak, but those always end,” and promised “to knock that b*tch out.” Emily’s response was candid: “Let me see. Since 2018, I’m 6-1, beating Aldridge and Lawrence and I only lost to Ambrosio, who is now the lightweight champ. What has she done for top competition? Only Ambrosio last year.”

Cara first out wearing a black sports bra and matching trunks, pairing the black with red gloves. Delevingne’s hair is tied up in a single ponytail. Emily then emerges from the back with a white
sports bra and blue trunks with blue gloves. DiDonato has her hair up in a bun.

The two models shoot daggers straight at each other in the final moments before the bell dings, and it’s clear these two models are bent on putting their opponent on her back. It’s just a matter of who is going to be lying down as the bell dings and we are underway.

Round 1:

Emily starts by taking a massive swing at Cara, but the younger woman simply dodges out of the way punches Emily right in the mouth to start the first. Delevingne wastes no time shooting another jab that smacks DiDonato in the nose, and the SI model has to get her guard up and drop back. Cara pounds Emily’s jugs as she corrals her opponent into the ropes to start off the first round. DiDonato eventually clinches and forces the referee to break them apart. After the break, Emily is more cautious, keeping her punches to mere jabs to try and keep the smaller Cara at bay, and lands a couple of shots that prohibit Cara from getting close and punishing the taller woman too badly. Delevingne still manages to find some solid body shots on Emily though, and as the bell rings to end the first, it’s Cara who takes the round on points, wide.

Round 2:

DiDonato more cautious to start the second, keeping her jab working to use her height and reach advantage over Delevingne. Cara dodges a right jab and closes the distance to land a hook on Emily, but DiDo hammers home two punches right to the Brit’s body, driving the air out of Cara and forcing her to get her guard up and retreat. Emily pursues her opponent and unloads into her body as she drives Cara into the ropes. Delevingne counterpunches smartly and manages to escape from the ropes. Emily somewhat bewildered as Cara quickly jabs Emily’s chest, but DiDonato responds in time and lands a solid hook to Cara’s face, driving her back into the ropes again except Cara is forced to clinch this time. After the two women are broken apart, Delevingne keeps her distance until the bell, and Emily unsurprisingly takes the round wide.

Round 3:

Emily again remains cautious as she begins the third round, trying to keep Cara at a distance through her reach advantage on the jab. Cara however learned about Emily’s jab from the second round in particular, and forces Emily to have to commit to land her punches. DiDonato tries closing the distance and Delevingne quickly pops a pair of punches right into Emily’s mouth. The American model gets her guard up to prevent any serious damage from the Brit, and while Delevingne lands a few more punches on Emily, DiDo punches back and prevents Cara from gaining too much of an advantage. DiDonato settles into circling and Cara follows suit and the two women trade punches with each other. Delevingne maintains the upper hand throughout the trades, but never is in a commanding position as the bell rings. Cara takes the round on points, close.

Round 4:

Cara emerges confidently from her corner and wastes no time in going after Emily’s body, keeping the distance between the two women close so that Emily can’t abuse her reach advantage. Emily stays calm and launches a right hook Cara ducks out of the way of only for the British model to get smacked by a left cross. DiDonato jumps on the offensive, pounding away at Cara’s breasts and body as the Brit gets her guard up. Delevingne throws a punch to try and force Emily away, but DiDonato connects with another cross that drives Cara into the ropes and the younger woman has no choice but to clinch. Once the two women are separated, Cara stays away and manages to score some shots, but Emily remains firmly in control until the bell ends the round. Emily emerges with the round, wide.

Round 5:

Both women start the fifth more cautiously, starting by circling each other. Cara and Emily trade jabs for the first thirty seconds, then Cara feints with her left and Emily falls for it only to get clobbered by a right from Delevingne. DiDonato staggers backwards and Delevingne hammers away at the American’s body, pounding leather into Emily’s midriff and breasts, drawing some moans out of the model. DiDo drops her guard momentarily and Cara pounds two hooks into Emily’s jaw and DiDonato goes down on her back! The ref starts his count. One. Two. Three. Emily starts to roll over. Four. Five. DiDo gets her arms under her. Six. Seven. One knee. Eight. Emily gets up and waves the ref away. The round resumes and Emily keeps her distance from Cara, using her jab to good effect until the bell. Cara takes the round courtesy of the knockdown, wide.

Round 6:

Emily is slow to get out of her corner and looks warily at Cara who has excitement written all over her face, knowing that if she hands Emily a loss, she may land herself a contract. Delevingne the first one to press her opponent, trying to corral Emily into the ropes, but DiDo slams a right into Cara’s nose. Delevingne throws out a wild punch as she tries to keep her balance but only connects with air and Emily drives a vicious left into Cara’s jaw and now Cara goes down! Emily quickly retreats as Cara lies facedown on the mat as the ref begins his count. At five, Cara has flipped herself over and propped herself up on her arms with a scowl on her face. At eight, she gets back up and shoots a look at Emily. The ref checks in with Cara and then motions that the match can continue. Emily quickly after Cara to press her advantage, but Cara forces Emily to keep her distance by getting her jab working and the two women exchange blows. At the end of the third minute, Emily is able to get two solid shots in on Cara’s body, but the bell rings before she can capitalize. DiDonato takes the round on points, wide.

Round 7:

Now it’s Emily confidently starts the round, immediately starting by jabbing at Cara. Delevingne tries to keep her distance, but Emily starts to connect on her jabs, targeting Cara’s body and drawing moans of pain out from the Brit. Cara starts circling and Emily continues to pursue her around the ring. Delevingne keeps DiDonato at bay for the better part of a minute until DiDo closes the gap and plugs leather into Cara’s tummy. Emily drives Delevingne into the ropes and batters Cara before the younger model finally clinches and the ref has to separate the two women. Emily immediately returns to Cara’s body and the Brit’s guard drops. DiDo smashes a left hook into Cara’s jaw and follows up with an uppercut to the chin that sends Delevingne sprawling onto her back! Emily moves quickly to the corner as the ref begins his count, but Cara is not moving. The ref reaches ten just as Cara begins to stir, and your winner by KO7, Emily DiDonato!


Emily raises her gloves and takes a few minutes to pose for the crowd before going over to check in on Cara. Delevingne embraces DiDonato and the two women exchange a pleasant exchange before Emily raises Cara’s hand before going over to Taylor Swift for an interview.

“Thanks for joining me, Emily,” Taylor smiles as she welcomes her fellow lightweight. “Tell me about Cara.”

“She’s a great fighter, and I think someone should sign her.” Emily compliments her opponent. “She gave me a great fight, and she will go far. As for me, onwards and upwards.” Emily pauses and asks Taylor, “Should we call this?”

Swift nods and announces, “Yup. Thank you all for coming to the Facing Fates PPV. That does it for us and we hope to see you all again!”



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