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14 June 2019 Wallis Day vs Ali Larter

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Posted by Girls Friday on June 14, 2019, 10:06 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

The unbeaten Wallis Day looks to continue that run against the tough Ali Larter, both women step into the MGM Grand tonight for this fight.

Wallis is 24 years old; she stands 5'8 ½, she holds an unbeaten record of 4 wins, all by way of knockout, she is the 2019 New Blood lightweight champion.

Ali is 43 years old; she stands 5'8, she holds a record of 20 wins, 12 by way of knockout, 14 defeats with 2 draws, she is a former three time FCBA lightweight champion.

The two fighters were interviewed face to face on the FCBA network, Lucy Liu sat between them as they first got videos showing highlights of their fights, then they got down to business.

First up Wallis was asked how training had went, smiling the Brit replies "it was great, we went over some of the mistakes I made against Giselle (Bundchen) in my last fight, so I feel confident going into this one"

With Ali being asked the same question, she looks relaxed as she sits back on her chair, answering "I worked my butt off as I always do, while I have miles on the clock I am still as fit in my eyes as I have always been"

Then the subject turns to what does Wallis think of Ali, she replies "I have of course been studying Ali's videos of her fights and simply wow! She was something special.

Ali interrupts "the key word is was, you think that I am too old now right?" With Wallis not looking too happy at being interrupted as she stares hard at the American.

"OK you want me to be totally frank with you? While I respect your career and your titles, I also see someone who has slowed down, who doesn't seem to have that same drive that got them what I want, so yes was is the right word" Wallis tells Ali as her face turns a little red.

Ali laughs a little before she fires back "now its my turn to be frank; all I see is some stuck up little British cow that won a meaningless tournament and sees herself now as something special"

Leaning forwards Ali adds "all you are to me is a workout, I don't fear you one bit because you are younger, I pity you that you are so deluded" making Wallis stand up and Ali following suit.

Both big blondes look ready to explode, instead they calm down enough to tell the other that they'll show the other whose the better woman soon enough.

Fight night; Wallis is out with her trainer behind her, she looks focused as she heads down the aisle, throwing a few punches as she goes as her eyes are on the ring.

She is wearing her customary dark blue sports bra, Union Jack patterned trunks, red gloves and blue shoes, her hair is short.

Stepping into the ring; she bows to each side to the crowd, then gets into her corner where she can begin to warm up as her coach tells her to prove her opponent wrong.

Now out comes Ali; the former champion looks intense as she marches down the aisle, a laser focus on the ring as she goes.

Once inside the ring she threatens Wallis that she is gonna knock her f***ing head off, showing that this is going to be a far from friendly fight.

It is further proven as they step to the center of the ring, continuing to trash talk each other as the referee tells them to stick to the rules.

When told to touch gloves they quickly swipe them together, before returning to their corners, the bell is rung to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
As expected from the bell Wallis looks the faster fighter, darting inside to land double jabs before moving back outside to move around her opponent.

While the veteran Ali is keeping herself compact, watching for Wallis to come in before she moves her head to dodge then counters in a cagey opening minute.

The Brit's work rate looks to be giving her control of the action, she feints with her left before throwing a right hook to the ear of Ali, followed up by two punches straight up the middle into the face of the American.

Ali looks to be gritting the gumshield annoyed already, she isn't landing many clean shots as she likes, forced to study her opponent as Wallis moves side to side picking angles to strike from.

Late in the round Wallis gets too keen with her attacks, stepping in to throw a left cross, Ali deflects it and counters with a jab to the nose, then lands an uppercut to knock Day onto her heels.

Ali finishes the round strong as the bell rings, the two women march past each other to head to their corners, Wallis's coach tells her to keep fully focused on Ali as one big mistake and her head will be taking off.

Round 2:
Wallis again starts off quickly; dancing around Ali with two or three punches being thrown by her at a time as she is looking to keep her opponent under wraps.

Ali slips a straight to come inside with her left shoulder bumping the younger woman backwards, then throws an overhand right across the face of Wallis to turn her head.

Suddenly Ali has the momentum; forcing Wallis to trade on the inside as they rub heads, the American looking to bully her opponent back to the ropes.

Wallis nudges Ali back before she moves off into space, landing a double jab off the lips of the veteran to keep her back on the outside.

Late in the round Ali dodges a jab to come inside with an overhand right to the cheek of her opponent, then drills in two body shots as she puts her head under the chin of Day.

The bell rings after the two trade stiff shots to the others face, Ali nods over to her corner as her crew smile after she showed she can get at Wallis.

Round 3:
The speed of Wallis continues to allow her to get out the gates the faster, drilling her punches into the face of Ali as she continues to move up on her toes.

The experience of Ali is giving her the sense to look for openings after dodging punches, slipping a right cross to counter with a right to the abs of the younger woman, then an overhand left lands that pushes Day backwards.

Ali takes the center of the ring as she smartly starts to cut the ring off, forcing Wallis to plant her feet to trade with her as sweat flies off both fighters.

Blocking a straight; Ali steps in with a right across the cheek of her opponent, followed by two more punches that knock Wallis into a corner.

Where the youngster has to cover up as Ali goes to work on the body, forcing Wallis to clinch up to make the referee to step in to break them up.

As Ali steps forwards to throw a left hook; Wallis leans out the way then counters with an uppercut that knocks Larter onto her heels.

The round ends with Wallis pushing Ali back with three punches to her face, the two fighters give each other a glare as they pass by to return to their corners, faces marked up as they are cleaned up by their coaches.

Round 4:
They start off trading jabs at the center of the ring as Ali looks to cut off the ring, swinging several hooks as Wallis tries to sidestep her.

When Ali steps in close Wallis surprises her with an uppercut, knocking the head back of the American as Wallis follows up with a two punch combo on the nose of Ali to cause blood to trickle from her nostrils.

Ali looks hurt when Wallis keeps breaking through her guard to smack her on her nose, ending up backing Larter now into the ropes.

Where Ali has to cover up as Wallis throws a flurry of punches at her, when they get through the guard blood and sweat flies off the face of the veteran as she is being beaten badly now.

Clinching up with Wallis; Ali is shaking her head as she looks over at her corner, looking worried as the referee steps in to break them apart.

Ali doesn't seem able to mount any sort of attacks as Wallis keeps catching her on her nose, causing more blood to flow from it till the bell rings to end the round.

Larter's nose is worked on by her corner team as she has a pep talk from her coach, her face is marked up to make it look even worse.

Round 5:
As they come out; Wallis is able to strike the nose of Ali to open her guard up, WALLIS LANDS A LEFT HOOK BEFORE AN UPPERCUT PUTS ALI ONTO HER BACK!

"Come on!" Yells Wallis as she smiles as she turns to head to a neutral corner, 1...2...3...4.. Ali turns to her side as blood runs from her nose again, 5...6...7.. She uses the ropes to drag herself up at 8.

The referee checks on Ali and allows her to continue, with Ali throwing jabs defensively as she looks shook up still from the knockdown.

Wallis feints with a left then comes up with an uppercut that sends Ali into the ropes, ALI'S GLOVES ARE DOWN AS WALLIS POUNDS ANOTHER TWO PUNCHES INTO HER FACE, THE REFEREE HAS SEEN ENOUGH, STEPPING IN TO STOP THE FIGHT!

Winner Wallis Day TKO Round 5

Another win for Wallis as she continues to grow her record, she raises her fists into the air as she stands right in front of Ali, then tells her "you are the deluded one bytch" then returns to her corner.

While Ali's coach has to rush over to help her back over to her corner, she looks badly dazed as her legs are wobbly.

Once she sits down on her stool; Ali looks glad as she gets washed down, her nose patched up as her coach tells her "next time you'll win" which makes even Ali chuckle, maybe thinking that retirement might be in her future.

Across the ring Wallis is already thinking about her future, joking "so when do I get a title shot?" Winking as her coach pats her on the back as they talk about the fight.

As soon as they are ready for the announcement they both come to the center of the ring, Wallis gets her hand raised as she poses with the other arm flexed.

Showing class Ali heads over to shake Wallis's hand, admitting "I was wrong about you" which makes Wallis nod and raise Ali's hand in a show of respect.

Ali leaves the ring with help from her coach, heading up the aisle to a round of applause, she looks to be fighting back as she hopes tonight isn't her swansong.

Inside the ring Wallis poses for the cameras, before telling them "open to anyone who wants a crack at me!" Winking as she waves for anyone to bring it.

Then she leaves the ring with her corner team, maybe looking to take another step up in her next fight as she looks to end the year in the top 25.



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