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14 June 2019 Sophia Bush vs Minka Kelly

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Posted by Girls Friday on June 14, 2019, 10:07 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Girls Friday vs Lioness Club of America)

Now a rematch as Sophia Bush looks to get revenge on Minka Kelly from their 2009 fight, Minka won by knockout in the eighth round, they step into the MGM Grand.

Sophia is 36 years old; she stands 5'4, she holds a record of 27 wins, 25 by way of knockout with 22 defeats, she is a former FCBA JMD champion.

Minka is 38 years old; she stands 5'5, she holds a record of 51 wins, all by way of knockout, 26 defeats with 1 draw.

Both women appeared on the FCBA network with Lucy Liu, separately as rumours were when the two shared a dressing room before a supposed appearance together, let's say the dressing room was a mess soon after like the two women.

First up on set was Sophia in a red dress and matching heels, she smiled warmly as she hugged Lucy before they sat down to talk.

The first question was on how Sophia feels about trying to get revenge after ten years, with Sophia answering "to be clear for those wondering, I have wanted this fight for a long time, things never seemed to work out and as you have seen my career has only really took off in the ring the past few years"

Sitting up straighter Sophia adds "now though I am a title contender thanks to the support of my friends, I am ready to shut Minka up after all this time"

Lucy then asks what will she do differently, Sophia tells her "well I am a much more complete fighter now, then I was too one dimensional, now I can box or stick in close to slug it out with you, years of hard work will pay off when I knock her out"

The final question is about how much does this fight mean to her, Bush says "that night I lost to her was my worse ever performance, now I show her what I can really do, the fact she is an arrogant bytch adds fuel to this for me"

Minka is next on set; wearing an emerald green dress with matching heels, she shakes hands with Lucy as they exchange peasantries before sitting down.

She is asked how she thinks this fight will be different, Minka confidently smiles as she replies "Sophia hasn't really changed, sure she thinks she can box now, as soon as I land clean on her the same old dumb bimbo routine will appear and I will batter her for however long it takes"

Minka reminds Lucy what happened the last time she fought Sophia "for those of you with short memories I knocked her out and all the scorecards had me winning all eight rounds, that is how much beneath me she is, she was all talk then and to me she is simply all talk now"

Then Kelly is asked if she will do anything different this time around, which she answers "I will simply walk through her when the opening shows itself, the only mistake I made in our first fight was not ending things sooner, I gave her hope that she could come back to beat me, which I apologize to Bush that I have to give her the same lesson once more"

Fight night; out comes Sophia with Taryn Terrell and Eva Carneiro beside her, she pumps her right fist in the air to the crowd as she jogs down the aisle.

She is wearing a white sports bra with three white stripes up the sides, matching trunks and shoes, black gloves while her hair is pulled into a ponytail.

Climbing into the ring; Sophia jogs over to her corner to mount the bottom ropes, raising her fists in the air as she smiles at the fans, before getting down to begin her warm up.

Minka heads down the aisle with Claudia Schiffer beside her, the two look focused as Minka bangs her gloves together, clearly in the mood to give Sophia another harsh lesson.

She is wearing an emerald green sports bra, emerald trunks with "Kelly" in orange letters on the waistband, emerald shoes, orange gloves and her hair is also in a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Minka raises her right fist at the center of the ring as she stares down Sophia, then jogs to her corner to begin her own warm up.

Soon enough they come to the center of the ring, nose to nose they go as the crowd already are cheering the two fighters, who only have eyes for each other.

When told to touch gloves there is certainly no love shown in the thud of their gloves, returning to their corners they are ready to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
Both fighters come out sticking their jab out, Minka looking to apply the pressure straight away in her southpaw stance, not respecting Sophia clearly as she jabs up and down her targets.

Sophia though is more a boxer now then she was ten years ago, moving her head out the way of a straight to counter with a left to the side of the head.

The Girls Friday fighter knocks Minka back with two more straight shots before she gets on the move, looking to teach her opponent to respect her.

Minka manages to slip inside two land two hooks to the body, Sophia uses her left to shove the older fighter back so she can land a right across her face.

As the round continues Sophia looks to be getting stronger as she moves around Minka up on her toes, drilling one or two punches into the face of her rival.

When the bell rings Sophia already has accomplished more then she did the first time they fought with a great opening round, Taryn bumping fists with her as she sits on her stool.

Round 2:
It looks like Minka has respect for Sophia now as she comes at her more with her jab, the two trade stiff jabs as they move around the ring, eyes locked in an intense stare.

Sophia gets in a good two punch combo to the face of her opponent, moving to the left side to land a straight to the cheek.

The next time she comes in though Minka slips a jab to come over the top with an overhand right across the cheek of Bush, stepping inside to work the body till she gets pushed back.

Minka looks to have stepped up her tempo as she slyly uses her left to nudge Sophia back towards the ropes, then she pushes her head under the chin of the younger fighter to go to work on the body, then switches up as Bush covers up.

The round comes to an end after Minka reminds Sophia what she is up against, this time Claudia is the one smiling as Minka comes back after a strong round.

Round 3:
Things start off scruffy as Minka moves to the inside quickly, they are both using nudges to open up room to land harder punches.

Till Sophia leans out the way of an overhand right to counter with a jab/straight to the face of Kelly, then moves around her as she digs more punches into the face of her rival.

That forces Minka to tighten her guard, which enables her to block more punches, but it is giving Sophia freedom to work which will be pleasing the judges.

Each time Minka is able to get out her guard with one or two punches, she gets caught with a hook across her face to knock her back.

Late in the round Minka deflects a right cross so she can land a straight/left hook combo to knock sweat from the head of Bush.

The round comes to a close with the two exchanging insults as they pass by to return to their corners, their corners cleaning them up while telling them what they need to fix.

Round 4:
It looks like Sophia read the charge from Minka, stepping to the side as she digs in a double jab into the side of her face.

Minka gets in a right to the body with a left across her face as she slows down and picks punches, looking to push back Sophia with more body shots as that seems to be the gameplan.

As Minka drives Sophia to the ropes, she gets shoved back by the smaller fighter, when she comes back at Sophia, BUSH MOVES HER HEAD OUT THE WAY BEFORE LANDING AN UPPERCUT TO KNOCK KELLY ONTO HER BACKSIDE!

Sophia yells "that get your respect bytch!" At Minka, the referee needing to nudge her away to begin the count, 1...2...3... Minka sits up shaking her head annoyed that she got caught by the looks of it, 4...5...6...7.. Minka punches the canvas before beginning to shove herself up, 8.. Beating the count with the referee allowing her to continue after a check.

Stepping after Minka; Sophia jabs at Minka before landing a right around the guard, standing to knock the older fighter around the outside of the ring till she is clinched up.

After the referee splits them up; Minka just looks to get out the round as she covers up and let's Sophia come at her, till the bell rings to end the round.

Sophia gets a nod from Taryn for a super round for her, while across the ring Minka looks to be fuming, Claudia tells her to be smart about this, don't live in the past.

Round 5:
Stepping out her corner doubling up her jab, looking to break that guard of Minka open, Sophia looks to have a laser focus on her rival.

Drilling a right into the top of Minka's head, Sophia now pushes her back towards the ropes as she looks to bully Kelly back.

Minka though doggedly fights back off the ropes, they touch heads as they rip in body shots, groans can be heard escaping both fighters lips.

But Sophia starts throwing uppercuts to the body, making Minka pull her into a clinch, with Sophia heard taunting Minka "you're the one not in my league now" the referee pulls them apart.

Sophia keeps the pressure on; taking shots before she smacks Minka up the middle with two or three punches to knock sweat off her head.

The round ends with Sophia staring down Minka as the Lioness fighter returns to her corner, Sophia looks like she wants to prove this is her ring tonight as she returns to her own corner with an intense look.

Round 6:
Stepping out their corners both fighters trade stiff single shots at first as Minka isn't letting Sophia back her up as easily.

Slipping a straight Minka comes in with two more hooks to the ribs, ending the combo with a right to the gut of her rival to make her gasp out.

Sophia does get in a good two punch combo to the face of Minka, when she goes to follow up with a right hook though it is easily read and again she takes a right to the gut.

Minka is starting to turn things around it seems as Sophia looks to be lost in going for the knockout, leaving her open to counter shots, with her body continuing to take the brunt of the Lioness fighters attack.

Late in the round the two fighters scruffily nudge the other before throwing their rights, the referee needing to step in when they start grappling along the ropes, heads grinding together.

With Sophia catching Minka with a jab/right cross combo just before the bell to further swell up the cheeks of her opponent.

As they return to their corners; Sophia is visibly starting to breath harder, while Minka's corner team work on reducing the swelling around her cheeks.

Round 7:
At the bell Minka is quick to get into the face of Sophia, both grinding away in phonebooth style exchanges, Minka looking the more comfortable as she throws uppercuts into the body to cause Bush to groan out loudly.

They shove apart then exchange stiff straight shots as they circle each other, Sophia seems to have slowed down a little, ENOUGH CLEARLY FOR MINKA TO DUCK A RIGHT HOOK, THEN SHE HAMMERS THE LIVER AREA WITH A ONE TWO COMBO, SOPHIA STEPS BACK THEN FALLS TO HER KNEES HOLDING HER STOMACH!

"F***ing bytch!" Yells Minka at Sophia before she heads to the neutral corner, 1...2...3....4.. With Sophia trying to mutter something back but cradles her body as her forehead now touches the canvas, 5...6...7...8.. Minka bounces on her toes ready to get at Sophia, 9...10 as a famous MMA commentator says "it is all over!"

Winner Minka Kelly KO Round 7

Tens years has passed by between fights with the action changing, the result though stays the same as Minka raises her arms in the air while angrily staring at Sophia.

Then Minka marches across the ring to put her right foot into the back of Sophia, pressing her down flat onto the canvas face down as she yells "stay down bytch!"

When Minka rubs her foot into the face of Sophia, Taryn has seen enough as she barges past the referee pleading with Minka, then grabs the winner by her hair to pull her off of Bush.

There is some shoving between the fighter and coach, Claudia drags Minka away as she tells her to let the weak bytches look after each other, earning her a scowl from Terrell.

With some order restored Minka goes to get cleaned up in her corner, while Sophia gingerly stands up, then returns to her own corner where she catches her breath.

Understandably Sophia is upset in her corner, saying sorry for being too weak; which gets her yelled at by Taryn, who points out that she was on top through a good portion of the fight, that last part let her down.

In the opposite corner Minka gets a pat on from Claudia, who tells her "she'll never be in your class" as they smile while chatting.

The fighters come to the center of the ring for the final announcement, as Minka gets her hand raised she turns to Sophia to tell her never to bother her again.

Leading to Sophia calling Minka a bytch, they come face to face again with the referee needing to step in before they get into it again.

Taryn pulls Sophia back so they can leave the ring with the rest of their coaching team, Taryn telling Sophia not to let tonight get her down, that she'll come back stronger.

Inside the ring Minka hugs her corner team; before posing for the cameras as she says "one more title run" grinning as she holds up the index on her right hand.

Then the Lioness team leave the ring together, Minka high fives some of the people in the front row before she heads up the aisle back to their locker room.



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