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22 June 2019 Alyssa Lynch vs Bryana Holly

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Posted by caspian2 on Jun 22, 2019 at 11:20pm


VIX: Lights Out @ The Memorial Gymnasium

1. Alyssa Lynch vs Bryana Holly (Bantamweight)


(23, 5’7, 120, 18:7 FCBA, VIXENs)

(25, 5’7, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

Alyssa Lynch a VIX staple since the very start, and it’s a shame that the brunette’s biggest achievement thus far has been in putting away nemesis Alexis Ren, and little else. Well, one could imagine that getting a title shot against the (now former) champion Nina Dobrev has been a highlight of her career as well, but of course, coming in second place in a race is far less exciting.

“Hmprh. I resent the label that I’m a one-trick pony,” Alyssa speaking first at the press conference. “Yes, I didn’t manage to clear Dobrev, and yes, I struggled Olsen either. That doesn’t mean Holly’s gonna beat me tonight.” 

“On the contrary,” Bryana saying with a sly grin of her own from across the table. “I fully intend on making your life a miserable hell tonight. No one may know who I am just yet, but rest assured, they will soon enough. Even if I end up losing tonight, going up against a 25-fight veteran like Lynch on my first rodeo? Something SURELY must be wrong with you, Lynch, if you’re resorting to fighting rookies like me.”

Those words not sitting well with Lynch, obviously, as the brunette scrapes her chair backwards and begins shouting obscenities from across the table, “Say that to my face, blondie, whyduncha??”

This new girl already winning the psychological war before we begin this fight. Tensions running high as well at the photo-op, with a ring official having to hold Alyssa back from full-on delivering a tight slap to Holly’s face, whilst Holly is laughing her ass off her and goading the Vixen to do her absolute worst. There’s something about cocky blondes that gets Alyssa's blood boiling for sure, and the two girls almost come to blows prematurely if not for cooler heads that prevail. 

Back in the arena, Alyssa looks dressed to kill in a black bra and lingerie set, more than a little sensual for her tastes but making her brim with confidence as she struts down the ramp. Bryana’s first time to the arena but good lord does the blonde aim to please as well, wearing a cotton bra and laced underwear, pure and silky white as snow, unlike her black heart that managed to fire Alyssa up earlier. 

Girls refuse to touch gloves even at the behest of the referee, and look as though they both can't wait to punch each other’s face in. Referee obliges with a wave of the hand. There goes the bell and HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action! 


Alyssa goes to work early and starts bandying those punches into Bryana’s face, as though she ain’t worthy of being in the same ring as her. Bryana repeatedly getting shocked to the system as she struggles to deal with the constant flow of jabs landing hard, barely throwing any punches back at her foe for all her tough talk earlier. As a result, Lyssa getting in some good licks to the blonde’s face in the first few minutes of this fight, her grin growing bigger and bigger by the minute. The last minute however sees Bryana’s having enough and gotten the message, keeping her distance from Alyssa and trying instead to reset and jab back at her from opposite the ring, still breathing hard she composes herself. Alyssa still coming forward and firing that jab, but the distance between them means Holly manages to deal with them a little easier, even shooting back a couple of shots into Alyssa’s lips before the bell rings to end this first round.

Here comes Alyssa again, quicker on her feet this time, hoping to wrap things up early to show her dominance in the division. However, her jabs landing on the arms as Holly’s gotten with the game by this point as well, deftly moving backwards on those longer legs, and keeping her face well-guarded. The blonde leads the Vixen girl around the ring for a good minute, before rocking her repeatedly to the face with well-placed right hands, and then another and a third landing in quick succession, suddenly putting the brakes on Alyssa’s advance. The two adversaries exchange loose fists in the center, refusing to give up any ground, until Bryana manages to swerve back to avoid a hook from the side, before snapping Alyssa’s head upwards with a well-timed uppercut to the chin. UGHH. Alyssa getting a taste of her own medicine as she stumbles backwards, all beat up and humbled by the newcomer’s power. Bryana the one left grinning slyly as she comes forward in the final seconds, but is held back by the referee before she can do any more damage.

So far, it looks like both women have underestimated each other to a fault. Third round and they hope to break the stalemate. Girls circle for a few seconds, a far cry from the wanton aggression seen earlier, before they jump right back into the action as though the silence is killing them both. Mutual grunts as they each land stiff shots to the face, before wrapping up in close quarters and trying to physically push the other girl back using only their shoulders and hips for leverage. Alyssa taking big swipes at the blonde’s belly below, been in a wrestling match more than once with another big bad stupid blonde, and knows how to force leather down their throats, or in this case, buried into the tummy directly. Bryana’s body shivering as the hooks sting her body, but not to be outdone, pulls Alyssa in close cheek-to-cheek before slamming leather up into the side of her face as well for payback. These two girls groaning out loud as they’re quickly separated at last by the wayward referee, who lets them resume from afar in the final minute. Girls each taking a beating this round, content to jab at each other for the remainder of the round.

More tummy swiping from Alyssa as she makes it a habit to light up the blonde’s torso, especially scoring frequent combos to the body whenever Bryana defends her face up high instead. Holly getting roughly pushed back each time, dull grunts elicited from her lips as she’s running out of room to run away. Second minute and Alyssa decides to charge at her all at once, one arm defending against her incoming jabs meant to deter her advance, the other ploughing a big hook into the side of the head, which BANGS off the guard to great effect and almost throws Bryana clean off her feet if it weren’t for the ropes at her back. Alyssa not caring either way, jumping right back in and slamming her fists up into the blonde’s exposed tummy, just long enough for Bryana to lower her guard in pain, and a subsequent hook sent screaming into the side of the face! AND DOWN SHE GOES!! Holly sent to the canvas and onto her side as Alyssa scores a big KNOCKDOWN for herself!

Well, that didn’t take too long, did it?! A big smile on the Vixen’s face as she parades her bounty back to corner, already assured that she’s won this fight and done so in convincing fashion. But that victory celebration might be premature, as Holly’s already struggling to make it back up to her long legs,the referee by her side, shouting into her disheveled face the numbered count… Bryana makes it back up by the count of 8, all but glaring at Alyssa from the other end of the ring, to which the brunette’s also shooting her a death stare right back! This fight is set to continue in the next round!


The rookie certainly showing plenty of promise by staying alive thus far, and Round 5’s no exception. Alyssa charging in, predictably, hoping to finish off her blonde fiend, only to get out-run by Holly’s longer legs, the blonde managing to keep her at a distance throughout. Flash of an upset comes in the middle minute when Holly has the cheek to land two jabs in quick succession to Alyssa’s face, giving her fans some newfound hope that their girl might be able to rally and win this fight. But this only enrages Alyssa further, and the Vixen returns her own fire moments later with bang-bang left-right hook that slams off Holly’s guard, with Alyssa using that same power that disoriented the blonde before to send her opponent careening off into the ropes looking stunned as hell, despite the fact that the hooks technically didn’t land on her pale skin. She’s in another precarious position at this point, but manages to absorb the force of double hooks aimed at her body when Alyssa roars in to try and finish her off. Bryana instead wrapping up with Lyssa on the ropes, wrestling with the brunette with twists and turns and plenty of shrieks and grunting, but succeeds in denying her a second knockdown! Maybe it’s good enough for the rookie to have lasted this long, but it’s definitely not spelling victory for the veteran Vixen, who should have put her opponent away by now.

Alyssa tiring herself as she storms out of her corner in the sixth, so far repeatedly rushing towards her opponent and not giving herself time to breathe. Bryana keeps her distance for the first thirty seconds, before realising that Alyssa’s clearly slowing down. Blonde girl decides to suddenly pounce inwards with a flurry of jabs directed at Alyssa’s face, hoping to push the tide back. It works for a while, with Lynch forced to cover up and retreat from the sudden onslaught, and Bryana suddenly eager for payback as she tries her hand at breaking down that guard, even batting fists at Alyssa’s tummy below, drawing some low, painful gurgles. A third such strike to the belly has Alyssa suddenly rooted to the spot, groaning out loud, and Holly takes advantage by dipping her shoulders under Alyssa’s arms, stacking her upwards before firing more stiff uppercuts straight into her body, beating on her abdomen like a drum before the two girls end up in a close-quarters clinch and wrestle for supremacy once again. Referee is forced to separate them at the bell, but it’s clear that Bryana has no intention of going down without a fight!

Another rare occasion where a rookie fight is lasting into the last quarter of ten rounds, and it’s a testimony to the newcomer’s resilience at this point, win or lose. Bryana eager to capitalise on her ground gained earlier, comes charging out of corner intending to punish Alyssa to the body some more, but now treated to the same strategy she employed last time: Alyssa backing away quickly, her arms locked in place over her head, then slapping leather into the blonde’s face whenever she gets in too close. Bryana shouts out loud the third time a glove cuts into her lips painfully from afar, both in pain and frustration - she can’t seem to catch Alyssa like last time. Cue Alyssa Lynch, who takes it as an opening of weakness and JUMPS in to bounce a clean right hand off of Holly’s forehead, sending the blonde reeling about 180 degrees and then falling FLAT down onto her chest! OUCH! She didn’t see that Superwoman punch coming at all! This time, Bryana face-down and lying completely still, her arms and legs sprawled and spreadeagled and unmoving! Referee waves this fight off!

Official Decision: Alyssa Lynch defeats Bryana Holly via KO7!


A great finishing move for Ms Lynch, though she took her own sweet time to get over that finishing line. 

“I put her away, didn’t I?” Alyssa responding to reporters later on. “If you want to talk about those early rounds and all that crap, I suggest you look elsewhere. I’m the kind of fighter you can go ten rounds with before I hand you back your ass on a silver platter. And that’s what I did with Holly tonight.”

Bryana still looking shaken up as she’s brought around by smelling salts, medical staff swarming over her in the ring. A seventh-round KO defeat may not be that bad for a complete newcomer, and certainly, other girls would have tried and given up for even less than that, We hope to see this blonde more often in the future, should she decide to take another crack at other girls in this division! 



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