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22 June 2019 Emily Ratajkowski vs Hailey Baldwin

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Posted by caspian2 on Jun 22, 2019 at 11:15pm


2. Emily Ratajkowski vs Hailey Baldwin (JMD)

(27, 5’7, 21:13 FCBA, VIXENs)

(22, 5’8, 1:2 FCBA, Free Agent)

“Alexis can have her little make-belief title,” Emily scoffs loudly in front of reporters, still a little salty over having lost the chance at another title shot. “I have my eyes set on Baldwin tonight and little ol’ Olsen the week after. What happens after that, well… who knows? “What I *do* know is Hailey can’t handle me. Trust me - I’ve had experience with her latest boy toy outside of the ring,” Ratajkowski finishes with a small twinkle in her eye. 

Baldwin puckers her own luscious lips as she greets her cheering supporters who’ve turned up en masse at the back of the room. The blonde’s certainly made a name for herself by getting married to none other than Mr Justin Bieber himself, since then using the spotlight to throw shade on her opponent’s inadequacies.

“I don’t know what this b*tch is talking about, literally. Her words go in one ear and come out the other. Was she talking about how hot my husband looks like seated in the front row? Why, of course I agree. That’s why he’s married to me, Emily, and not you. Ratata acts all tough and sh*t. Let’s not forget how many fights she’s lost this year alone. It’s no wonder she wanted this fight to be under JMD rules - there’s just nowhere else for her to run to crying!”

Girls have to be separated when they get a little too close for comfort at the podium, puffing their chests out in each other’s face and then continuing with the finger pointing and taunts. Ring officials already long prepared for a brawl to erupt, a pair of gentlemen strategically standing between the two ladies from the very beginning. Emily and Hailey are virtually an equal match for each other, with a negligible height difference between them and coming in with similar builts.

Later in the ring, Ratajkowski’s rocking a black bikini and fastening on red gloves, her long black hair tied up into a fighting bun. Hailey going for a dark blue navy swimsuit, with white gloves on either hand. They are both locked and loaded as they bounce on their feet and cock their hands forward, waiting for the bell to get things started. HERE we go with ten rounds of JMD action!

Girls remain guarded in the first round, the actual fear of mangling their good looks taking effect as they stay away from each other for the most part, only occasionally pawing and hitting the jab into the arms. Emily striking first blood with a first jab to the face, though we doubt that punch is gonna draw liquid any time soon. Hailey left seething however, scoring back with a one-two glancing combo into the brunette’s face, and then they’re both back to circling mindlessly. Crowd’s getting restless, and so are both girls’ trainers, who begin shouting at them to get it on. Last minute and there’s a quick escalation of action, girls getting TOO close to one another and begin sticking gloves into the face and head with reckless abandon. They probably overestimated the distance traveled and began swinging away in a panic. Hailey taking the first round if we’re keeping count, but we wouldn’t trust our own tally with the wild flurry of punches flying in both directions back there.


Emily still measured and in control, those long legs of hers moving in tandem with Hailey’s advance towards her. Baldwin trying to resume her forward momentum, but now finding less success as she’s controlled by Emily’s jabs to her face. The blonde’s grunts grow louder as Emily taps at her cheek and chin repeatedly, a victim of her own success as she lets Emily score aplenty before she stops her brazen march forward, choosing to cover up instead and target Emily’s chest from afar. Emily with a grin however as she begins her own attack, returning fire of her own as she scores with a left hand to Hailey’s breast, further pushing the wounded blonde backwards. Hook to the face is the stiffest blow that lands so far as both these women exchange a last minute flurry in both directions. It’s Emily’s round for sure as she managed to control the action earlier with ease.

Back to a slower pace as they resume their circling, fists poised and ready to sting each other’s jugs. Someone should remind them that we’re playing by JMD rules, as they’ve seemed more content thus far to knock punches into the chin instead of the chest. Hailey is the one who does the reminding when a sudden one-two punch combo lands on Emily’s chest, making the Vixen gasp out loud in shock and pain, before her face blown to one side by a follow-up swipe from Baldwin. Hailey on the prowl as she follows her and continues shooting the jab, leaving Emily grimacing, covering and blocking, then immediately returning the favour with a right hand of her own swiping hard across Hailey’s assets. Girls both suddenly covering up her own chests with an arm to defend, and with that mutual reminder in place, now the both of them can’t seem to get ENOUGH of the chest-swiping action! They end up in a clinch in the final seconds of the round, with Hailey ducking under another wide hook before burying her fist into the Emily’s lean body. They clinch and wrap up for the final seconds, before roughly shoving off of each other when the referee comes in to separate. 

More punches exchanged to the body and chest as Hailey goes on a one-woman rampage when she flies out of her corner hoping to overwhelm the other girl in front of her. Emily with a solid guard, however, both arms locked over the face and crucially covering the chest as well, taking the first few volleys from Baldwin before BLASTING her right back with a straight cross that lands hard on the blonde’s nose! Hailey lets out a sharp gasp of pain, immediately looks punch-drunk as she wobbles backwards! Ratajkowski keeps up the assault, landing a couple more shots into the chin and chest, before FLOORING the poor girl with a nasty hook that sent her flying off her feet! OUCH! Hailey Baldwin did not see that one coming! 

Baldwin suddenly finding herself flat on her tummy, shaking the cobwebs from her head as she wonders where the hell she is! Emily with a roar of her own towards the crowd, a raised hand already celebrating her win despite the referee’s slow-count all the way to ten. For a moment, it looks like Hailey’s about to recover back up to her feet, making it up to one knee and clinging onto the ropes for dear life. But despite the chorus of cheers and the large television screens showing Justin Bieber himself screaming support and on his feet, Hailey doesn’t make it back up in time! Referee waves her valiant efforts off and it’s all over!

Official Decision: Emily Ratajkowski defeats Hailey Baldwin via KO4!


Gleeful Ratajkowski sauntering about all four corners of the ring, moving like she’s barely broken a sweat in these four rounds. She gingerly removes her gloves, that smile only growing more sly as she eyes her former foe still recovering at the other corner 

Hailey seated with her back to turnbuckle, hair frizzled, slicked with sweat and framing her shocked expression, barely registering her husband standing by the apron and asking her if she’s alright. Before she knows it, Emily’s standing in front of her, her shadow towering over, hands on her hips. 

“Who’s the better woman now?” Emily coos, before reaching down like a lady at a discount lingerie sale, grabbing two fistfuls of blonde hair and roughly tugging the disheveled woman up to her feet, towards the middle of the ring. Justin powerless to stop this humiliating walk of shame as Emily leads his wide across the ring. He gulps down his own embarrassment when Emily slyly winks at him all of a sudden, somewhat pleased that the young pop star is watching her every move.

The jug smother is your standard affair, at least for Emily Ratajkowski, who body slams Hailey to the ground and then launches herself after her. Their two bodies writhe and locked in each other’s arms as Emily bears down on her defeated foe, thereafter wrapping the blonde up tightly below with her own weight pinning her opponent down, Hailey’s muffled protests amplified by the cameras as her face disappears completely into Emily’s chest up top, and Ratajkowski pursing her lips as she presses her assets firmly down in a secure hold on Hailey Baldwin, with both arms wrapped around the back of the blonde’s head, the Vixen gently rocking her chest back-and-forth over her rapidly declining form. 

It’s another explosive start to tonight’s festivities, as Emily registers herself back in the JMD race! 



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